November 07, 2005

Woo hoo!

Look where I am with my Butterfly camisole:

[P.S. Don't forget it's got beads. Wanna see the beads?]

I'm on my way to a completed front for my Butterfly camisole. Oh, yeah! And look what I finished up after my English [!] test* today:

[Oh, but there's more. Click to see it!]

It's the completed right front piece of my son's Letterman Jacket. Once you get past that ribbing on 3.5mm needles and change to size 6mm needles for knitting the stockinette stitch in the main yarn, the piece practically flies off the needles. ZOOOOOOM! Frankly, I love knitting on small needles but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't get a decadent little knitter's rush when I hit that armhole shaping so quickly thanks to those 6mms. So go right ahead and give me a big knit every once in a while, skippy.

*I love that I have to take English as a course. Gee...I sure hope that I passed the test I had today. [Har, har.]

Before I head off, it's a meme! (I don't usually post memes, but Whispering Pine asked and it's a knitter's meme):

What is your all time favorite yarn to knit with?

Right now, KSH. But I'm so fickle I'll probably have a new favorite next month.

Your favorite needles?
Addis and Clover bamboo. Circulars, bay-bee!

The worst thing you've ever knit?

Frankly, I can't think of one. I currently like everything I've knit and if there has been a project I didn't like I usually ripped it out before it was even finished. I always frog things I am not enjoying or that are not coming along because I am a proud member of the Rip Out The Crappy Knits Club.

Your most favorite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it...but it was the most fun to knit)

Up to now, the Flowery Cardigan and matching culotte I knit for my niece. Working that flower intarsia was waaaaaaaaay fun.

Most valuable knitting technique?

Tubular cast-on. Mattress stitch. Free-loop backstitch on the right side of the work.

Best knit book or magazine?

Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook.

Your favorite knit-a-long?

I rarely join knitalongs and I'm gonna be partial: My Bucket Hat Knitalong. Fab design by a fab designer and everyone who joined knit great hats and shared some excellent pictures.

Your favorite knitblogs?

The blogs you see me commenting on frequently/those by my friends are my absolute faves. Even at my busiest I'll stop by and see what they're up to. (I also tend to visit blogs by knitters who regularly comment on my own blog and I enjoy reading them, too.)

Your favorite knitwear designer?

The entire Phildar design team, Kim Hargreaves and Bonne Marie Burns.

The knit item you wear the most?

My Elfin, my Bobbly Cotton Jacket, my Debbie Bliss Fiery Bolero and my Hagrid Beard scarf.

And that is all for today as dinner is a-calling!

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48 comments to this entry:

Letterman jacket still looking good! :)
Ooo! That's gonna be some subtle shine on the cami. I can't wait to see it blocked.
HA! Love it! Rip Out The Crappy Knits Club! I too am a member... although being a card carrying GuiltyKnitter as well... I'm not terribly sure when it's crap enough to rip! Good thing I got you babe! Lookin good cookie! x/o to cap'n.
I think I will join your ROTCK club! I ripping out knits you don't like is a good idea. why keep them around? Butterfly is sooo pretty!
Your Butterfly is so pretty! And oh boy, is Captain D gonna look handsome in his letterman jacket. His sleeves are getting longer... growing boy :-)
Yay for fellow members of the ROTCK club! We'll have jackets. (Knitted ones, of course :-))
Butterfly looks divine!
Rip Out the Crappy Knits Club? Hmm, explains why I never get any of the projects I start finished... Butterfly is looking gorgeous!
Definitely the Phildar design team. I'm always impressed with the mags when I see them.
LOL...your so funny...tonight as i'm feeling up to task i'm editing my gallery. How I envy your will be years before I can knit this well.
Bah, English! Who needs it anyways?! We all know the language of the future is going to be netspeak, lyke, omg!11!eleventyone. Heh. I hope not. In any case, Butterfly and Letterman look like they're coming along marvelously. I'm always in some odd mixture of envy and awe of your knitwear :)
thanks for answering, becky!! i'm ready to start my butterfly again (with KSH's smoke!!) i am going to use beads, too. what kind/size did you use? i'm also into ripping anything that is not going to make it (like my first butterfly!! ha!!)
Butterfly looks really nice! Somehow I stumbled from this page to the one with the kitty hat you made for your niece - I love that pattern! I've made 3 cats and 2 devils for myself and friends, but I guess I'll have to find a new yarn if I want to make any more since Mission Falls "1824" is being discontinued. *sob* I loved that stuff.
Gee, I hope you aren't too stressed by your English test! (*JK*) Butterfly is going to be so beautiful! I can't wait to see her finished. She looks so classy. Captain is going to look sooooo handsome in his jacket. There's alot to be said for 6 mm needles sometimes, isn't there??? Have a great week! Breathe a sigh a relief your English test is over!
Butterfly is looking awfully svelte! She's going to be a stunner. And I vote for frog pins on our ROTCK jackets.
So glad to have you posting again. I'd gone into Fluffa withdrawal. Not pretty. Great progress on your projects! I am still digesting the little tidbit you dropped last entry wherein you mentioned working on one certain project during an free hour once a week. The idea of scheduling knitting projects in a fair and balanced rotational system seems a bit wacky, but that's why I like you. And I am inspired that even when very busy, one can still manage to juggle multiple projects. You go.
Your butterfly is looking gorgeous--and the beads are just the right touch! I'm a little jealous that Elfin is one of the items you wear the most--I started that, but conked out halfway up the fronts of the sweater--never even got near the dreaded ruffles. It's such a gorgeous one, and yours is fabulous. I'm just a little bit jealous, though I have only myself to blame. And, gosh, I hope you do okay on your English test!!
Oooh, your Butterfly will soon be finished. Can't wait to see that. Will you wear it during the holiday season? It will be divine! 6 mm will definitely knock a sweater out! Soon Capt. Destructo will have his Letterman jacket! How fun, it looks very cute!
Butterfly is lovely, Letterman is sooo cute. I know what you mean about big needles... once in a while it's pretty satisfying (i just try not to think of the pain, the PAIN). i can't believe you had to take an english test! thats hilarious! hee hee hee, good luck i hope you pass.. hee hee hee
Butterfly is beautiful...and those beads will just add that little something extra. Love it!
Becky, I love Butterfly and those beads are stunning! Also the shaping on the sleeve of Mr. Capt.'s sweater looks really cool. Hugs and kisses to my little buddy . . .Oh, and his Mom and Dad too. ;)
when i did this survey I also said phildar (learned all about them watching you're blog even!) and I'm just so frustrated they still arn't widley availible in the us!! I wish someone would cash in on that!
Back on commenting after a way to busy month. I admire the tension on the letterman jacket, beautifully even. And the Butterfly is coming along nicely. It's going to be gorgeous.
That Butterfly is going to look spectacular! Worth every minute of missed sleep 8)
Your butterfly is coming along so fast! I'm barely finished with my bottom lace edging LOL.
Thanks for doing the meme! It's fun to read your answers. Butterfly is looking so pretty, and that jacket will be so cute on Destructo. It LOOKS like a letterman's jacket! I lettered in band. I was such a geek. ;-)
Butterfly is looking georgeous. Looking forward to seeing the finished article!
whoa -- butterfly is going to be spectacular! and how collegiate will the captain be in that adorable jacket!? too cute. english test! :-)
Butterfly looks great. I know several friends at my LYS who made it. I love KSH. My son loves the Letterman Jacket. Do you know what size it goes up to? I may have to hunt it down for him.
More fabulous project - your butterfly is going to be so nice - can't wait to see it!
Butterfly looks great!! You are almost there - once that second piece is complete, it's just a bit of grafting, seaming, and then some picots. (But picots in KSH are not like any other picot... because they are KSH picots. Anything with KSH is better.) I think I must find my local chapter of the rip out the crappy knits club and get me a membership. I have way too many that just stare at me, wondering if I am ever going to either finish them or wear them... and I am NOT. I should put them out of their misery.
I'm bit. I started Butterfly for my daughter's X-mas present. After seeing today's photo of yours I can't wait to get home from work-sit down and just knittttttttttttttt. ( I may make one for myself when I'm finished!) Good luck with your English I have every confidence you'll get a passing grade!!! Ha
English as a class? Well, at least you have one that isn't stressful. Butterfly looks fabulous and that Letterman sweater is so cute.
Your Butterfly is coming along so nicely. I can't wait to see it finished. I'm definitely adding that to my list of things to knit.
The Captain will have a great time in English class too, no? I come from a "bilingual" country and, sadly, I did not end up so. You can knit in French, you are *truly* bilingual. :)
Butterfly is so pretty! Letterman Jacket will be a hit with the Captain.
Oh, Butterfly is so pretty and the teeny beads are gorgeous! I loved that you linked to some of your most-worn handknits, I got to be all knit-stalkery and go back into your archives. Which reminded me... do you think you might ever write out the pattern for your lovely opera-length arm warmers? They're so pretty!
That English she is a tricky language of the must carefully of her complexities study so to get an alpha on examination. Butterfly is gorgeous. The beads are just so pretty but I'd bet they were a pain to string on the yarn. And I can't wait to see the Captain modeling his Letter Jacket. (When I see Letterman Jacket I just keep thinking, "What's Dave got to do with it?..........Oh, d'oh.")
You really have to take an English class--as in learn the language? Well I guess an easy A is an easy A, non? I love the sexpot cami! Ooh lala.
I love the flower cardi. Just so cute...I showed the pictures to my daughter and told her that if she wasn't 16 years old, I would try to pack her into one of those.
Your Butterfly camisole is so gorgeous Becky! And with beading! I love the way you have shaped the sleeve for your son's Letterman Jacket. You really are an exceptional knitter. I love all of your projects. So what did you have for dinner?
je craque sur les perles !! quel bijou ce Papillon ;o) ! test d' rigole ;o)
I can't believe your talent! I am really in awe. I have wanted to learn to knit for some time, myself and I have a few books and needles and so on. I also found a couple great online it is going to take the discipline it requires to sit and try and try and try again. We have a few unfinished projects in the house but I imagine I would be something like you taking on your son's full body suit as a second project. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to learning to knit so I can even begin to empathize!
I can't wait to see your finished butterfly! That will look so beautiful on you :) English test? You go girl :)
Does the sleeve really curve in and out that way? I love sleeves that look just like that when worn! The Butterfly's looking pretty!
your butterfly is looking fabulous! I love the beads! They add such a classy touch. I like the armhole shaping on the leterman jacket sleeve. : )
Hey Becky! Your Butterfly is lovely--can't wait to see the finished pics--with dancing, of course ;) That is too funny about the English class... Take care!
Hello Becky I found out about your website in the Stitch'n'Bitch book. I think your site is lovely and very useful. It's quite funny too that you live in Lyon - I used to live there too. I now live in Manchester, UK. The other funny thing is I studied law but now I am a potter - although I seem to spend more time knitting than potting at the moment. Congratulations on being able to read patterns in French - I can't!

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