November 06, 2006

No, I'm not knitting dreadlocks.

Even though it looks like I am.

Look at all those ends I'll have to weave in!
Don't you feel just awful for me?

Don't those dangly things look craaaazy? They're the belt loops for my shexy Ultra Femme top. Totally forgot that I had that project in the works, until I found it in a bag in my room. Oops! Poor, neglected shexy top. I figured I'd better get some progress on it, so I worked the belt loops (pictured) and joined in the mohair yarn for the upper part of the top. The mohair portion is worked in a needle two sizes smaller than the ribbing, so all I'm gonna say is: Don't expect this thing tomorrow. Knitting speed just slowed down a bit.

That's basically all I'm working on right now. I may start something else soon...I'm not sure what although I think I'd like it to be a small project. (But not socks thankyouverymuch.)

In non-knitting news my vacation is now over and school let back in today. Yippee. We're beginning a new design project and as I'm typing this entry my printer is printing out a slew of images I gathered for this project. So...let's have some fun with them. I've placed a few of those images in a popup window, and I'd like to know which one of the designs in those images you like. That's it! Just: Tell me which design you like. And have a good Monday :-)

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Just had to say that I would definetly have to choose #3 from your pictures. I am in love with the top that you are knitting right now too.
I think I love all those designs. But, being a trouser kind of person, I think I like number one the best. Love the slacks and the blousy sort of jacket. Looks very Kate Hepburn. Though I also like the fourth the button details. But no, my vote is for #1.
Number 4 looks really cool! Good luck with those ends :)
Numero Dos. Hey I like the accent even though I don't know what it is on the first lady in that shot. And I love the jacket on the third lady too.
I like number 3 best.
Looks like I'll be rounding out the first four votes to a nice even tie. . .#2 is my favey! Aside from the great suits, I always love photos taken from the back...
Number one! I'm all about menswear on women that looks elegant, and not butch! Though I gotta say that the nipped waists on 3 and 4 are also very very cool!!
Number 4 is my favorite. It's the collar and button detail that caught my eye.
I heart #3! I love when you give us fun choices like this.
Definitely 3! Who has a waist like that?!
I really like the last photo, so elegant! And I love the buttons. :-)
love #3. very audrey!
Number 4! Or number 3! It depends on your feelings about foundation garments. 3 won't require as many.
I like #1, but I LOVE #4. I really like how there is a wrappy sort of look to that skirt if you look at the back side of it. And that nipped in waist- but she still looks comfortable, to me.
I like #2.
I love, love, love number 3! I like the tall look with the thin waist.
Definitely 3 but I do want a waist that size.
This is getting boring, but I do also like number three best! And number 4 on second place. What are going to do with the images? Nice worms on your top ;-)
toss up between 3 and 4 - but I think I like the slimmer skirt is 4.....
#3- maybe that's what I want to look like... Number 1 definitely has it's appeal, though.
I really like #3. It's attractive without being too overdone and I like the 'basket' hat. It is funky and in the right colors/finishes could be really modern or retro.
I would only ever wear outfit no1, but I love outfit no3. And you could totally get away with it, being the skinny rabbit!
I pick #4. The jacket is so beautiful. Love the buttons.
Becky, I would try number 3. I think it is classic and would be great with your figure!
Definitely #3 - I've always been a fan of the New Look.
I like number four because it's just a teensy bit exaggerated. Skirt just below the knee, collar just a bit large, double breasted, yet tight at the waist.
#3. Is that Dior's "New Look"? ================================= Note by Becky: That's right! The third one is what initiated Dior's "New Look"; specifically, it's his famous Bar Suit from 1947.
#3 is fantabulous!
Has to be #3. I am a sucker for basket hats and black gloves. Plus, she looks very daring standing there on that cobblestone street in those glorious high heels!
It's a hard call, I love those silouettes, but I think #4 has the most oppportunity for adding one's own flair. I love that little train like effect on the skirt. I could just see it being lined with something that is picked up on the covered buttons and maybe the collar facing and cuffs, to give a little contrast. I'm thinking something silky and colorful against a really formal tweed.
Number 2. I love the little hats and the old fashioned stockings. Yeah, you have to look pretty hard, but you can see the lines on the backs of the legs if you look. Anyway, I vote number 2.
I totally forgot about Ultra Femme. Oh, that is such a smoking top! My choice is definitely #3 as well. I couldn't see the details as well on #4, but I adore #3. I like trousers as well, so #1 is a close second.
Well, my vote would be 4. I really love 3 and 4 both, but 3 has been done so many times. Both are fun classics.
Three. Fluffa has a waist like that!
The last one is my favorite, followed by the first one in the picture with the three ladies. Does that make any sense?
Well, all of them to be honest! But I like 4 best.
Three! Makes me dream about my pre-baby waist. At least you don't have intarsia ends to deal with... :)
I love #2 - it makes me smile!
Number Four!
That is a lot of ends to weave in! I like no. 4. But I think no. 3 is going to win.
Number 1. That's the only one I could actually see myself wearing.
#4, but #3 is pretty as well. I think that shexy top is going to be great!
I like 3 the best.
I vote for #3!
#4 has amazing detail!
Hey everybody! A clarification: I am not going to make any of these designs as shown. I'm compiling these images for research purposes only. I just want to know which you like.
I really have to say that number 3 is great! Although number 4 also makes me wonder why wasn't my fashion-self born in the 20's, so I could use those pretty darn clothes in the 40's... That and Gary Cooper. But anyhoo, I have this "Fashion History" book that reminded me of you a few days ago (now I know why lol)... One o' these days I'll splash some pics in my blog so you can take a peek... Kusjes/Beijinhos/Kisses
ooh! I love the shape of the jackets in 3 and 4! I love the buttons on the jacket on 4, though. Love the general style of all, though! how fun!
Oh it must be the Dior! My favorite of all time!
Gosh such wonderful things you've been doing! Me? I like nos. three and four ( I think I aspire to have a waist like that!) The angular look/cut is cool. Hmm, I have read in blogs, some people do like finishing things like this, no one I can remember thoo".
#3--seems very Audrey to me! And my daughter wore her Ultra Femme just this past Sunday! You'd be surprised how fast the straight stockinette goes even on those tiny needles--I think it took me 2 days of in-between knitting!
I like number 4
Number 4! Number 4!
Interesting choices - somehow I'm drawn to #3.
I love #3!
I love the suits in #2 best. The slight, playful puffed sleeves, the sexy (or should I say, shexy) sway of the skirt. It's casual, yet also can go to work.
i like #3
Fashion Revolution! Isn't #3 the Christian Dior look that set the fashion world crazy, when people were trying to conserve and be minimalist due to the war, and he came out with this full, skirt look? Is it? I love that one.
OH! you already said it was... sorry, did not read all the comments :)
#3 - love the Dior!
I will throw in my vote for #4
I love the suits!! #3 it is!!
#3, I love the details. It's Vintage with a current feel to it....
I vote for #4!!!
It's all #3 for me!
Three, bay-bee. How does the skirt remain stuck out like that? Petticoats?
My vote is for 4. The Ultra Femme is gonna be super-sexy! Woo, woo! (Have you thought about what color ribbon to put in there?
I'm a sucker for Katherine Hepburn style so I have to pick #1. Besides, it would be the one outfit I'd wear. If it were total fantasy land then I'd go for #4.
Oh, #3 flattering on you!
oh gosh... um... all of the above? Particularly #2. But then, I think I resemble the ladies in #2 most (least pinched waists, "healthy" hips), so that would be why. #3 actually reminds me of the Rowan mag with the Italian theme. I have officially decided that end-weaving is my least favorite part of the knitting process--however, I love seaming.
4 is my favorite. I like the fit of the jacket and the length of the skirt. =) By the way, every time I pass by a shop display of women's jackets here in Hong Kong, I think of you. And that's often. Wish you were here to check out all the independent shops' wares. Interesting jacket designs (well, interesting to my untrained eye)
I really like the jacket on 3. I was going to choose that look until I saw the skirt on 4. But if I have to choose one, I vote for 3.
Number Three! Number Three! (although the dietrich-uber-cool of one is awesome, I love the lines of three).
#4 for me. So you're doing some research in vintage pattern?
Oh, I had almsot forgotten about your Ultra Femme! And I have to say: j'adore Dior... Especially the New Look.
#3 for me too. Love your blog, been reading it for a while.
I like 4...though 1 is pretty smart! Those dreds are crackin' me up!
I like numbers 1 and 4 equally, for different reasons.
I'll go for number 3. Dior's 'New Look' is hard to beat. Just seen an interview with John Galliano on the BBC. He's really passionate about the whole craft of haute couture.
#3. Very Audrey Hepburn
#3(her waist looks like the size of my little finger)
gotta go with #3, though the hat on #4 is *fabulous*. are you going to get into millinery? :)
Those fashion photos are the dramatic silouhettes! I like #1 and #4. #1 has that cool menswear thing going, and #4 has such great detail...the gather in the back of the skirt, the lapel, the buttons.....
I like number 4 - nice details, very flattering with the high wide lapel and the flare at the waist, and the beaver tail thing behind the skirt. the hat and gloves are ultra elegant.
Well, I know I'm late to the voting booth, but I really like #4.
Hmmm, tough call because I like them all. I guess #2 is my favorite.
I like #3.
oh lovely! I think I like #4 the best for the overall outfit but the jacket style in #3 is quite special!
I like #1. But then, I like pants. And I like that shexy top! Belt loops! Who knew?
I like #4 because of the buttons, the slim skirt, and the bustle/train look on the back on the skirt.
I love the bottom of the jacket (well, the whole thing, already!) in photo #3. Pairing it with more of an A-line skirt looks great - that swayed me to choose #3 when #4 was looking fab overall, too.
love image 1
2 and 4, bay-bee
I love #3! I agree you would look fab in this. I love pants suits though myself. Weaving party!!
I love the second photo, and the fourth outfit. So for clothing design, the fourth. But the second photo is just great photography, I think. Ultrafemme looks really nice. I have wanted to knit this, but I'm a little worried about making a summer top with mohair and ever being able to wear it in my warm climate. Can't wait to see yours completed!
I'm torn between 4 and 2. I love the asymmetry of the jacket in 4 and the skirt length. 2 is the closest to anything that I would actually wear, though.
I like number 3 as well.
I like number three. So elegant!
I love Dior, so it must be #3!!
Ooh, #3! Ultra Femme is going to be fun, looks like. I'm excited to see the finished item!
Oh the retro chick...LOVE IT...okay I pick those gorgeous 3 suties on the 3 ladies...CHARMING. I feel sorry for you with all those loose ends...sheesh. I'd like tomake warm socks for my self, because once again my feet are cold in the office...HOWEVER, once again it will wait a year because I don't time to knit stuff for my self. I've got hats to finish and a cardigan/sweater for the boy to make to beat my Mother In Law to it ;-)
[Sorry if I just posted something blank - doh!] I am a sucker for tweed, so I'd say the woman on the right in #2 and #4. The jacket in #4 is so retro and would be ultra-runway-but-wearable now, I think. It's so princessy that it may be fun with pants, actually! Hmm...must I learn to sew now, too? :)
my favorite is #3, hat included please:)
i've always loved number 3. i wish i had a body able to wear something similar!
De-lurking to say No.3! I'm a sucker for that whole New Look/ grace Kelly thang.
I like 2 and 3. Can I vote for two??
I love number 1 Becky! Your shexy Ultra Femme top is going to be gorgeous, but then I so admire everything you make. I love the cap sleeves!
My favourite one is number 3 !!! :-)
You mean I can only pick one??? Oh, okay, how about #4...
#1 Although I do like the others too. They knew how to dress didn't they?
#3 hands down!
I like #3 the best. I also lurve the jacket you just finished would be so neat to go to fashion school!
i like the no nonsense of 2. would look great with a fur wrap. very alexander mcqueen.
#1! What Gorgeous wide-legged pants and a nice trim blazer on top. Considering the styles you lean towards in knitting and sewing (what I can glean from reading your posts and checking the archives) is that would look stupendous on you. Just sayin' ============================== Note by Becky: Again, I'm not making any of these designs or designing for myself. This is fashion history research :-)
I love no 3.
Very close - it's a toss up between #2 & #3. Leaning more towards #3 with ribbon tie closures - why? Because I saw it in an unidentified B&W movie on Jet Blue. Very similar top but with ribbon ties - very chic!
I love #3 and #4. Four is just a wee bit in the lead of 3.
#4 is my pick. It looks like something we'd see the Rabbit sporting about in gay Paree.
All lovely photos, but definately no. 3 for me. It looks very classy, I think.
#4 then #3. Love that silhouette, the collar and the skirt, especially #4's skirt.
Thanks for your participation! But some are going a bit beyond what I asked. Just let me know what design you like, if there is one you like. Please: 1) don't mix and match pieces from different images in order to compile a new design 2) don't modify any of the designs in the images by proposing changes 3) don't take into account whether or not any of them are wearable today I'm not reproducing any of these designs as they are or even with a few modifications. This is fashion history research only. Thanks again!
#4 is my pick.
I prefer number one, Kathrine Hepburny and you can actually move in it.
#3 is definitely my favorite
Definitely pretty!!!
I vote three but like them all.
Definately #3! I have always loved that representation of Dior's New Look. So classic, so sophisticated and so decadent compared to the fabric sparse designs of the war years. Although nothing beats the 1940s for the most amazing suits that were feminine and serious at the same time.
Love, love, love #3!
I like number 3 because of the cute skirt. Have fun - can't wait to see the project!
I like them all, particularly #3, but I'd actually *wear* #1. :)
Is it too late to comment? My vote is for #4. It looks like that skirt has a formal bustle-type back that appeals to me. Even though all these models are thin, these styles also look good on the full-figured woman. Although I am so far from being high maintenance (OK, I may not even qualify for medium maintenance), I really like the crisp lines and dressy-yet-flirty look of all these options.
3, 1, 4, 2 They're all gorgeous so I put them in order from most favorite to just favorite. Thanks for the slideshow.
i'm late, but i can't decide between 3 and 4...both chic to the extreme!
Be still my beating heart... it's number three. Just beautiful.

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