November 04, 2004

"Ich Liebe Tweedgarn"

This is the "trying to sit still" shot.
[For Daddy, here's the Mini Man pose!]
[BONUS: The silly behind-the-scenes snapshots.]

My son's tweedy sweater is finished! And just because I'm happy with the way the sweater came out and my son really loves wearing it, there are more finished sweater and scenic photos than you can shake a US13 double-pointed needle at. Here is the sweater making its debut in La Place des Terreaux*:

[Don't forget to take the scooter tour!]

Captain Destructo loves to ride his scooter around the mini fountains and ruin his shoes by sliding them through the water when he thinks Mommy and Daddy aren't paying attention. Funny guy. [BONUS: It's a virtual scooter slideshow tour! Shots of La Place des Terreaux, the fountain, the town hall and the museum featuring Captain Destructo racing around on his scooter like he's got rocket jets attached to his feet.] Oh, but that's not all. As Mommy likes to snap photos like a camera-happy tourist, here is a photo of the sweater at the big fountain:

This is right before he spontaneously kicked into dance mode**.
[As customary, here are the whack dance shots!]

Project details: Pattern is from Rebecca 24 [thanks, Janet C], using GGH Sierra in shade #2 [thanks, Carolyn] and honkin' big 9mm (US13) bamboo needles. I used 9 skeins and knit a larger size (chest size 56/58), lengthening the torso by about 4 centimeters so that my son can grow into it for next year. It's just a basic drop-shoulder turtleneck, but it has small interesting details that make it a little distinctive: Knitting sleeves from the top down, ribbing at the tops of the sleeve caps, and a wide neck. Plus, it's quick to knit, has lots of ease and is so thick it's warmer than a polar fleece jacket. I give it a big thumbs up!

*I love this area and come here often. Le Musée des Beaux Arts (which always has excellent exhibitions) and L'Opéra are nearby. Another plus is that my favorite YARN haunts [La Droguerie! Phildar on Rue Grenette!] are a short walk away.

**After he looked at the fountain, he turned around and started dancing in front of it. (I had taken dancing shots of him before we headed out, but I couldn't resist showing the spontaneous fountain dancing shots instead.) He's done this before [photos linked in third paragraph], so I'm starting to think that he gets a kick from dancing at fountains.

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Those are by far the cutest photos I've seen on your site. Very nice sweater. Looks great on your son.
Vicarious living through the Captain. I higly recommend rubber boots. I got some and love stomping in puddles, cause, with them, I can!
Oh my goodness! Your son is sooo adorable!
Who thought the Captain could get any cuter? His new sweater is excellent, and it's easy to tell he loves it. Yay, S.R.!! Another success!!
Wonderful sweater!! I just love the Captain.
LOVE the pics! Hey, does your whole family dance? Captain is so funny! He looks awesome in his sweater. In fact, he's got a pretty cool outfit the shoes! I'm a big shoe person. That's a pretty cool fountain, both big & small. Lyon looks like a lovely place. Why I did not visit there while I lived in France I will never know! Plain stupidity I guess!
Oh. Wow. I think I just OD'ed on cuteness.
AWww. Cute boy, lovely sweater, beautiful setting. Really. Thanks for lightening up my post-election blues!
Great sweater, cuter guy! LOVE the dancing at the fountain shots - look slike he has his own stage.
Great sweater!!! And I really liked the scooter tour; what a super idea. Kind of Where's Waldo-ish, but with a better-dressed, better-looking subject. Sure hope he knows what a lucky kid he is ;)
That jumper looks gorgeous on the Captain. You are going to have trouble on you hands when he gets older!
Most Excellent. Sweater and Boy. Mom too!
Crikey, he's cute. And looking so grown-up! Love the sweater. Perfect fall colors!
Ahh man, it's so awful to read all the blogs with the cutest kids in the world because then I think OH I WANT ONE! Not yet, self, not yet.
What an adorable little guy! Your pictures and captions are always the best. Very nice sweater. :)
Soooo cute! Great pics. The sweater looks great. I've been on the lookout for Sierra yarn on ebay for 2 years.
C.D. looks good. France looks good. Right about now I'd seriously consider moving -- except for the language thingy.
Awwww - that is so very cute! I love the sweater! I've got that pattern and you've convinced me I should give it a go. Your guy is always just so cute - and growing up so fast! Yikes!
What a handsome man! The sweater looks just great and your model is priceless. Thanks for all the great pictures.
Too freakin' adorable. Wonderul sweater too!
What a cute and funny little man! And great looking sweater too, mom. Enjoy the playing and of course the dancing.
You've got the cutest little guy to knit for! What a sweetie!
What a sweet little guy! So photogenic! Must be in the genes... =)
Wow!! The sweater looks amazing, and your little Captain looks so cute and grown up in that sweater. I love it with the puffy vest... what a stylish guy! Could it be that his mom is a stylish knitter... ?? :) congrats on a great sweater and the cutest family EVER.
Ton fils est absolument génial ! Il a le sens du spectacle : imiter les breakdancers du parvis de l'Opéra... Et le pull est parfait, comme d'habitude
Awww, he's such a big boy now - beautiful sweater, he looks wonderful and warm in it!
Mein Ihr Sohn ist gewachsen!!! He looks very handsome in his tweedy, the colours suit him well... he looks like a ball of energy!!
Oh my God, those are the cutest pictures I've ever seen!! The Captain is growing up quickly and looks so mature in the sweater! And the sweater is just MAGNIFICENT! Becky, your projects are just lovely and you are really great with the photos have a great eye! And do I see a future in modelling for the Captain? With that cuteness...he should be modelling now! Oh, he'll make the little girls' hearts pitter patter for sure!
Beautiful sweater on an even more beautiful boy! Hmmm... Next time we go to Lyon, I must remember to take my kids to Place des Terreaux. Especially my boy, who turned 3 yesterday, and who would LOVE those fountains!
The captain rules! He is gorgeous and bags of FUN! Those photos totally make me grin, and he looks ace in his new sweater. I hope when I have kids they want me to knit for them!
HBomb has been so excited that his friend has been in the blog alot lately. He is so cute. I love the photos of him zooming around the fountains. HBomb thinks that putting your feet in the water sounds like a no brainer.
A no brainer as in he wouldn't have even thought twice about putting his feet in them also.(-:
Such a handsome boy.A gorgeous sweater too.Bet you're a very proud mama !
Way to go, Becky - your son is so so so cute that I am going to have the "when should we start a family" conversation with the hubby. Um, I think the answer will STILL be...silence, uh, not yet? And I will wholeheartedly agree - but you did make me think about it, for a second!
The Captain always makes me smile, but these pix are way cute!!! What a doll!
Good Lord, that child is adorable. And so stylish! This is the first time I could really see you in him, too. Fantastic job on the sweater--and the camera snaps! (Yes, I can see the pop ups now! And good thing, too--I would've hated to have missed those dancing shots.)
Your dancing fountain boy looks absolutely adorable in his new sweater. Becky...he his soooo cute. The sweater is fabuloso!
Adorable! He looks so comfortable in that fun sweater! Looks like he had a wonderful day! What fun! To be young again!
Beautiful sweater! Captain will be dangerous when he grows up :)
He's such a cutie! As always, I love the dancing shots and he's such a darling in that sweater :-)
Captain is rockin' that sweater! What wonderful fun pics!
The Captain is looking quite swanky in his new threads. He's going to give you fits in the teenage years with all the girls after that sweet smile. Oh yeah, the sweater's great too.
Beautiful pictures! The Captain is so cute, and the sweater great. It looks very soft, in spite of the thickness.
Man that kid is cute! What fun you all must have! The sweater fit is perfect.
Love the Captain's sweater. The colors are terrific. Zara, Gracie has an outfit from Zara that she just loves and is outgrowing. Fab photos! He sure is a cutie.
Cap'n D is totally snaz-o-riffic in his scooter sweater...he really is a gorgeous boy. I love the mini-man shot... That sweater is really a terrific color as well. I haven't done a chunky knit or a sweater for ms. pixie...I need to get hot on it! Thanks for the inspiration!! whack dancing is in the genes!
Cutest. Boy. Ever. And I know where he gets it. [Dream o'mine: You're in town and we go to a bar in downtown SF to have my first kir royal ever. I don't think I'll enjoy it if you're not there. Get out here!]
Your boy is handsome as ever! I love looking at a man in a turtleneck! Dancing, too - cute doesn't begin to describe it. :-)
Thanks for the scooter ride!!! They are wonderful.
He rides a scooter, he breakdances -- what a great kid. In a great sweater! Looks very cozy.
Aw, he is just beautiful, Becky! Such a cozy sweater for him. Thank you for the tour, even though it did *not* help me get over my current desire to move to France...
A little dancin' chip off the block! What a sweetie! Zooooom
Your little Captain is such a handsome fella, especially in his snazzy new sweater! He looks like a very sweet, very happy little boy. Your sweater photos have inspired me to finish the few things I already have on the needles to make room for a new sweater for my LilMan!
I literally squealed at those pictures. The sweater is beautiful, I was lusting after it the second I saw the first pictures. And by the way, you have great genes. Your son is adorable! And he always looks wonderful in the sweaters you make him. Mad Props.
Your son is adorable and I love that sweater. You knit the best stuff!
Thank you all so much for the kind words and compliments! I was hoping you'd enjoy the scenic photos. I have fun taking them and sharing them. The sweater is very cozy. The Captain reminds me of a little sheep when he wears it. Very huggable. And I gave the sweater a quick wash in the gentle cycle, and it held up very well. Sierra yarn is great! I'd definitely knit the same sweater again, using the same yarn in a different colorway.
OOOhhhh, That little Captain Destructo is just the cutest thing. You can see how much enjoys that new sweater. A package of spoilings was put in the mail yesterday!!!!!
What a handsome boy! Boys are great. His playfulness reminds me of my own 5 year old boy. :) Love the sweater!
It looks lovely but do tell us how it wears. The big yarns, can be very heavy and poor wearing. The colours are wonderful and it looks so fashionable. I mean that in a good way :-)
The sweater looks great! ^_^ I adore those photos of your son - they're so cute! Great job.
Awesome sweater and pictures! I like the idea of a really warm sweater. I'm thinking maybe the boys would get more wear out of something that would really be like outerwear. I feel like light sweaters won't get worn inside and aren't necessary outside when you're wearing a jacket anyway. But I like the warm sweater and puffy vest combo Captain Destructo has got going there. :)
That sweater is adorable! The colors are beautiful on him. :)
I can't believe that I haven't wandered over here before now to see Captain Destructo and his fabulous new sweater. He looks great and you picked a wonderful colorway for him. What a nice outfit for fall and for school!
Awwww! he is sucha cute kid and very good looking also. I've been camera happy with my son eating...but haven't uploaded them yet (story of my life). Love the sweater. I really like the ribbing detail at the join of top of the sleeves.
I get stuck in the land of library school and emerge from project overload to find this entry with this beautiful sweater and such a cute model! Oolala! It's terrific. By the way, I sent the skinny rabbit an email and I don't know if she ever replied because my email went haywire and died. If she did, I never replied back for that reason; if she didn't, no worries.
I love all the photos! Your son is absolutely adorable, as is his new sweater!

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