November 03, 2003

Post-Halloween knitting.

Yep. Playing with the camera again.
[Click, make real big.]

Saturday was a gorgeous day. I woke bright and early in a revved-up yarn shopping mode. No need to psyche myself up over a cup of coffee, either. I was READY. As I whistled while I put on my boots, I was already imagining myself fondling the fluffy yarns I was going to buy. I even had my itinerary all planned out: Head to Phildar. From there, mosey on down to Anny Blatt. Show the husband the sewing machines in front of the Anny Blatt shop. Stop by La Droguerie for some notions. And, if time permitted before lunch, hop back into the car and head on down to Plassard for some serious dancing in the shop.

As I, my husband and my son zoomed down the main street of La Croix Rousse in our little Fiat, I commented to my husband, "Everything is so nice and quiet! It looks like everyone has taken a long weekend. Wait...long weekend? Oh no!" At that horrible moment, I remembered. Saturday is a national holiday. Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Ever-so-insistent, we still drove down to the le premier arrondissement where all my favorite fiber haunts are in the hopes that some greedy shop owner would be open. But no, nearly everything was CLOSED. I smudged the glass of the display windows of the unlit Phildar shop as I pressed my face and hands against it, looking for someone, anyone, to let me in. I nearly called out, "Please? Open up? I want yarn! I got a long list. And a carte bleue! Pretty please?" Alas, no one answered. Sob!

Oh well. I'll be going back this afternoon, and the trip wasn't entirely in vain. We were having exceptionally nice weather, and I got to snap this shot of the fountain in the Place des Terreaux.

all that RIBBING
Ribbing. All the way up.
It's like a valium, I tell you.

In knitting project news, I finished the back of my niece's pink tank! The back piece is not like the front piece. It is knit on even smaller needles (size US1, anyone?), and is entirely in ribbing in order to ensure a snug tank fit. Knitting the piece had the same effects as a valium. If I hadn't worked through most of it while watching Stephen King's Carrie, I probably would have fallen asleep.

Incidentally, the straps of the tank are also worked in ribbing, and the pattern requires for them to be sewn on. However, I decided to leave a few stitches on both sides of the back piece open at the top, and after the piece is blocked I will knit the straps on so that I only have to sew them to the front piece.

P.S. The movie Carrie came out when I was about 9 years old, and my mother wouldn't let me see it. This is the first time I got to watch the movie, and all I'm going to say is that I am sooooo thankful my mother didn't let me see it when I was a kid. It freaked me out even as an adult! But doesn't John Travolta with his Vinnie Barbarino haircut epitomize how a dude could wear a 70s feathered 'do? [The theme music to Welcome Back, Kotter will be running through your head all day now. Muwaahaaaaaa!]

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Ribbing the entire way? And you're sure it wasn't a mis-print?? - man you deserve an extra long visit to the wool shop after that (therapy!) Good thing it's such a cute top and such a good cause ;)
it was the weekend of the dead....or as Maman tells me: la toussaint , le jour des morst.
Yes, and hopefully this time the shops will be open! I sympathize. I have, on separate occasions, 1) forgotten my local yarn shop is closed on Mondays, 2) forgotten they close at 12, and 3) shown up only to find the shop is closed for a retreat. Such a bummer! But the tank is looking extra cute and pink. Can't wait to see it completed and on your niece; I know she'll be super cute too. :)
Foiled! You should've had your guy take the pic of you beating on the yarn shop doors. Wel-come Back. Welcome Back, Welcome Back. Welcome Back......
man i hate those damn holidays. they're always messing everything up. no mail, no yarn, NO LOVE.
Oh, I KNOW. Argh. If only it had fallen on a weekday, I would have remembered. Worst of all, the hub and I celebrate the holiday! Complete with day of the dead bread et al. P.S. I did just come back from the shops, and they were OPEN. Well, except for Anny Blatt. But I got yarn from Phildar. Whee! :-)
I feel your pain! Two of the lys where closed Sunday - I was like - man! Becky I was pressed up against the window dooling - I saw lights on and I was like a little kid LET ME IN!! - Sunday is like "knitting day" - why?? I went to Borders bookstore to find the SnB book - what a great book I must say - and there were like 20 knitters hovered around the bookself - we were all complaining that the shops were closed! Oh so unfair! Barb, Barb, Barb - Barbarino! PS - How funny last week I was knitting to the new version of Carrie re-make! It was playing on USA - just in time for Halloween. That momma was mean!!
i am leaving for paris tomorrow. :0) are there any shops you wouldn't miss? thanks. kathleen
I hate it when that happens! And when you're planning to buy things as well! Oh the disappointment! Hmmm I've not seen Carrie.....but the thought of ribbing an entire back is scary enough......
Yuck! Why do yarn stores have to close? Don't they know that when we want our yarn, we NEED it?? The tank top looks great, although I must say that US1 needles sound scary and tiny to me. I've never gone below a US 4. Carrie! That's my movie! Sometimes when I meet people, I say, "I'm Carrie, you know, like the Stephen King novel," and then they run away, but at least they know how to spell my name. :)
Is it bad to say that I keep the closing times of the LYS on the comment line on my cell phone? I do hate when they think, "Oh well, let's close early since we're slow today..." Open, open, open....... You're too funny girlfriend! I just watched Saturday Night Fever this weekend to annoy my hubby (he sooooo hates disco). He's a football nut (hogged the living room telly ALL DAY) and the Diva and I danced around the house like we never danced before!!!
Heehee! And I'm right there with you. I had three out of office meetings on one day last week, one of them just happened to be near the LYSWA (local yarn shop with attitude -- it's not my favorite, but hey, when you need a fix...) and we just happened to wrap up half an hour early (plenty of time for a kamikaze shopping run), but not open until NOON!! I actually considered hanging around for an hour but decided this was a sign that I really, truly, did not need more yarn at this particular moment, and trudged off to a coffee shop to review documents instead. But something in there wanted to come home with me. I know it did. So when do we get to hear about the new Phildar goodies?
Living in big American cities, I got really used to a 24-7 lifestyle. I remember when I lived in Europe, being quite puzzled by shops closing on the weekends and holidays. Love the pink sweater. I admire your patience. I can't knit anything larger than a sock on No. 1 needles. On an unrelated note, I'm starting to get a little worried b/c my Phildar yarn isn't here yet. It's been at least 10 business days, maybe more. Whaddya think?
I am totally laughing at what Evelyn wrote, because I've done that! Waited around for a yarn store to open. Once, I waited TWO HOURS. Talk about addicted. Hee hee. Sara, the package will get there; it's probably gotten slowed down in customs. But I think that you need to read my stash diving rules again: P.S. I miss 24-7 stores!
Beautiful shot of the fountain. I have fond memories of waiting for my friend there and getting coffee at one of the cafes. I miss Lyon! And I love the SnB book! I was so excited to see one of my heroes in there. With a face! Thanks for all you do.
What a coincidence! I just wanted the 2002 re-make of Carrie! You gotta see that one. Creepy but funny at the same time. [Darn yarn stores closed when you want to shop - ugh!]
wait - yarn stores close? Really? I didn't think that was allowed. If I were you I'd complain about that, how inconsiderate. Glad you made it this afternoon though! I still love that bubblegum pink tank top, the ribbing looks great. You have infinite amounts more patience than I do, in fact I think you have my share. Please send it back to me!
The November 1st in France story happened to me too. So sad... Well, at least we had the sun! Ribbing all the way? Quel courage! Bisou.
Such a sweet first project and the 2nd one is darling! OK, maybe I will just stay in my 80+ degree weather. Yours isn't what I was looking for. I really just want mid temps with a nice breeze. Know where I can find that?

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