November 02, 2006

Short Coat!

I have my sewing machine out because I'm making a toile for the trousers of the tailored suit I'm currently constructing in pattern-making (I know; I'm supposed to be on vacation, but I still gotta do some work at home) and I decided to just go ahead and make my Short Coat, already. I cut the fabric on Tuesday night and sewed it up yesterday afternoon:

This is the REAL stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.

Project details: This coat is based on the Simplicity Built by You 4109 pattern, because I love the sleeves used in it (they're flared manches talon cut on the biais). I used the pattern just to cut out the main pieces - which I modified, so the cut isn't exactly the same - and then I went my own way when it came to assembly. [Note: I changed the pattern pieces and did not follow the pattern instructions AT ALL so the result may be a little different for those who use the pattern as is; I used the pattern only to cut out some of the pieces.] The patch pockets and flaps are my own; they're the same ones I made for this jacket because I like their shape. I modified the collar and sewed it on the way I've been shown to do it in the industry here. I also completely lined the jacket, including the sleeves. (The lining is not a part of the Simplicity pattern.)

Here are some gratuitous finishing shots for you:

fall2006_shortcoat_closeup_thumb.jpg fall2006_shortcoat_closeup_thumb2.jpg

If you're wondering how this thing looks on me, we've got my Captain Destructo to thank because he's also on vacation from school, and he took a few minutes to snap some shots* of me wearing my Short Coat:

*Not a bad photographer for a six-year-old, eh?
I may have to have him take my shots all the time now.
[Hey! Click here for the rest of the show-off shots.]

I'm looking forward to wearing this; I love how it looks like a little cape with sleeves. We're currently having the best kind of weather for this kind of coat so I'll be debuting it today as we're heading out this afternoon. And here's a secret: I didn't have to buy anything new to make it! The main fabric - a wool blend - was already in my stash. For the lining I used a satin print I had gotten from the fashion design studio where I worked this summer and the buttons, well, let's just say that my Willow has four buttons less than before. I was too eager to finish this puppy and as yesterday was a national holiday the notions shop was closed so I couldn't buy new buttons. Willow had its share of wear, anyway. It's time to bring on the Short Coat, bay-bee!

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Ohhh! This jacket is just great and looks great on you too! I want one...
Oh my God, I love it. Too good! Please go on Project Runway already, you don't need to be a student, run out and make your own cool threads for the masses.
I have got to get my hands on this Project Runway series; we don't get it here and the only bits I see of it are what I find on the internet. It looks like it's an interesting show.
OMG, this is too fabulous. I started a sewing class last night!! So now your prowess REALLY amazes me.....:)
Why did I think of Sherlock Holmes the moment I saw this coat? Love it!
Very fashion-y! I don't think I could pull it off (first I'd need an entirely new wardrobe...) but it looks great on you.
Gorgeous! I love the floral lining too, nice touch, Becky. So is Willow going to get new buttons or has it been retired?
Love the lining! The jacket reminds me of the swing jackets that my chic aunt used to wear.
I love the changes you've made to the pattern. I've been working on a jacket with that pattern, too. Wish I had thought of making the body looser fitting. LOVE it!
Becky, the Short Coat is perfect! It fits your shape just beautifully! Everyone will want one! I know I do!!
Way cute short coat, Becky!
That looks amazing!! Oh my goodness..Captain is a really good photographer, too.
LOVE the short coat! I really like the fabric you used for the lining!
I love love love your short coat! And yes, my first thought of the photo of you wearing it was that it looked like a cape with sleeves. Love it!
Fantastic jacket Becky! I love the flowery lining and those flared sleeves. You certainly have productive vacations!
Love it! You almost make me want to get back to sewing, almost! I did it for about 20+ years and since learning to knit 6 years ago I can't imagine doing anything else.
Its fabulous and well done to your photographer.
C'est fantastique! So very talented. Plus you know what fits your style.
I love the classy drama of the coat.
Very nice work!
Wow. That's stunning! It looks amazing! I love those sleeves!
Tres chic! Very Audrey Hepburn. It looks fabulous on you!
Wow, great jacket! I love the way you killed that pattern, your's looks so much better. And what a lovely lining :)
Great the sleeves and the lining!!!
The short coat is fabulous. Kudos to your budding photographer, too!
That is absolutely perfect! I love the vintagy look coats are taking on currently. And yours is just adorable!
Love it. Especially the choice in fabrics. I'm a puppy for floral satin linings. ;) Oh, and CeCe looks good even without blocking!
That is one cute short coat!
tres chic! Cappy D sure does know how to take a pic!
Becky, that coat is waaay cool. I LOVE the lining. You are so fast. BTW, Project Runway is a lot of fun to watch. I have been hooked on it--did a marathon weekend of shows recently. Great photographer :)
LOVE it! Super work. That lining is adorable - I'm a sucker for unexpected linings. Such a wearable style...imagine it with a pencil skirt. I'm practically fainting here.
THAT is so stylish! What a great look for you! Ok, you're hired. ;-)
Very nice short coat! I noticed the sleeves right away, even before you said anything about them. I like them too!
Oh la la, that was a fabulous jacket! So fashionable! The bias cut looks like giving a beautiful drape. Will poor Willow get new buttons, or has it gone to knitted jacket's heaven? (I know that my Willow, in black and red, has to be refreshed quite often, the unspun yarn makes thick heaps of wool everywhere the yarn gets more wear)
oooo, I have to say I really love the jacket the way u did it!
I was *just* about to say the thing about how it looks like a cape when your arms are by your side, and then you wrote it! I love how it looks so sober in colour - until you flash the lining!
looks fabulous, and what a great lining choice. I've noted of late many sweaters and coats with the swing line coming back. So European and stylish. On the downside, poor execution/design can also give the unfortunate batwings effect too. Your coat is perfect!
very beautiful & stylish. i also love the lining!
Wow! That coat is just fantastic. I love the drape and flow of it. Mass produce those -- please!
i LOVE LOVE L.o.v.e. this jacket! wonderful job. :))
I love it! A cape with sleeves. So chic. It looks great. That's the first one like that, that I really like. Good thing that's a sewing project and I don't sew! :-)
Some of these comments make your coat (which looks excelente, mija) seem so.. old-y. I don't think it looks vintage, just plain cool-beans-a-liscious. Now, I gather up my dignity and suggest you knit something FLASHDANCE-y!!! Check out the first picture on this sight. It's 5 years before I was born, but oh-so-snazzy. I can sooo see the top knit.. or sweatpants being reconstructed into this shirt! : ================================ Note by Becky: Oooh...I like that sweatpants idea. (Have to try that!) And you know what works really well? Getting your father's XXL sweatshirts and cutting off the neck. Then you roll up the cuffs past your elbow, and strap a double belt around the waist. Not that I ever did that when I was in highschool and Flashdance came out. No, not me. Uh-uh. (Okay, maybe I did. It helped that my father was into powerlifting and had a lot of XXL sweatshirts for me to ruin. Hee hee!)
oohlaaa, I love it! You paired it together perfectly too. Great photo shots he took. He's a natural for sure!
Poor Willow! Still Willow's demise was for a very good cause.
That really came out awesome! I just love the sleeves....and the lining is so pretty!
Wow, once again I'm very impressed with your skillz. Your work is always so well-thought out and beautifully constructed.
and i thought i didn't like built by your alterations! nice work with the camera from the captain. hee -- cappy d!
Poor Willow. But I gotta say that those buttons look great on your Short Coat. The lining is a great touch--it just makes it look more finished and it's just fun to get peeks of it.
I sooooooooooooooooo love that short coat. You are soooooooooooooo talented!
Oh so beautiful! I can't wait until you open your own label. I want a Fluffa original I just hope I can afford your creations. :)
One Word: OMG. I'm sorry. I meant: GORGEOUS!!
Its gorgeous.
it looks lovely on you. in the 1st photo almost like a poncho. what vacation is going on in France that allows Captain Destructo to take such lovely photos? I also love the effect of the pink backdrop.
That jacket is adorable! I hope you're not afraid to wear it with a skirt as well as pants. It's so pretty. You should start selling tickets to your closet!
What mad sewing skills you have, Becky! The short coat looks like it's just alighted from the runway. Kudos to the Captain for his talents as a shutterbug, too.
ohhh. dude. Stop. it. I want everything you make. Beautiful. I can see that with a fur collar and trim, and a tiny little cloche. You are too talented. Seriously.
The jacket is awesome, Becky! Very stylish! Definitely looks great on you. I love the lining fabric too. And well done to the Captain too on such a great photo shoot!
That is a seriously cool jacket! I badly want one that shape, I keep not buying one because I know I could make it, but then never getting round to it! I love the lining on yours as well - so pretty!
Becky, it's just gorgeous! You are just awe-inspiring with your designs!
what can i say that hasn't been said? it's beautiful. i love that shape... i have a vintage cape-jacket thing (no sleeves, 2 slits for arms to come through) with that type of collar and i just love it. next sewing step: learn to put in a lining!
Very Jackie O! (to me, anyway, or should I say early 60's Oleg Cassini?). Snazzy!
You are such a mega inspiration for me. My mom is a seamstress and she's always made great stuff, but I never wanted to learn to sew until I found your site. I have a question...should I, (a novice seamstress), shell out a lot of money for a machine to begin learning or should I start out with a really inexpensive one?
Becky--EVERYTHING looks good on you! What a wonderful jacket.....I am constantly amazed at your prowess in knitting AND sewing! Joy
That is so cute I'm beside myself. Hello self.

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