November 02, 2005

My first finished knit in fall:

Why, it's a Wrappy Blanket Jacket!

(And you know what? I really love it!)
This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[I got some CLOSE-UPS, too. Go!]

Loose, flowing, flapping in the desert wind like Clint Eastwood in the dollar trilogies [feel free to whistle the theme music from those films for ambiance]... I'm thinking a fistful of dollars, bay-bee! While I do love my wee cardis and fitted jackets*, wearing a big Wrappy Jacket with sides that gently billow as I walk make me feel like I'm making a fashion statement with each step. (It's like wearing my trench coat open...having it flap behind me as I walk gives me the same feeling I bet Mary Tyler Moore got when she tossed her hat in the air.) Wrappy Jacket means business when it walks:

[Hey! Click here to see all walking views.]

Wrappy Jacket wrapup (hehe...couldn't resist using the word "wrapup"): Size 34 of "Gilet" pattern 1 from Phildar's Automne Tendances 05, using Phildar Auteil and a really long bamboo 3.5mm [!] circular needle. That's right: 3.5mm. When I look at the back of the sweater [here, take a look at it] I can't believe that I knit all those loooooooooong rows of stockinette stitch using that size needle because it didn't seem at all tedious or long as I knit it. In summary: Mindless knitting. Thou shalt enjoy dvds and a book or two whilst knitting the Wrappy Jacket. (At least I did.) Now, how about a few gratuitous dancing shots?

Other finishing details: When I knit the jacket, I did not join new yarn at the edges, but joined ALWAYS in the middle of a row at the BACK of the sweater; that way, even when the flaps open, there won't be any ends peeking out. When all pieces were complete I steam-blocked the dickens out of all edges because the ACRYLIC [gasp! acrylic!] content makes the yarn a bit of a curler. The only seaming consisted of joining the sleeve seams and sewing the sleeves to the armholes. After the jacket was seamed and all ends were woven in, I gave it a final blocking session by throwing it in the washing machine and washing it in the delicate cycle using wool detergent. Then I placed it on a flat surface, closed the jacket flaps (left under right), and pinned them down. The jacket dried overnight and...voilą! The Wrappy Jacket, my first finished knit for fall.

*Links lead to the projects I wore to school already, because I love to show off the knits.

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Looks very good on you! Loved the dancing shots!
Stunning! If I were you, I'd be just as motivated as you to seam up that jacket in order to show it off at school. Will we get a peek at the skirt you made, too?
Wonderful! Something really different, yet beautiful.
That's pretty funky, actually! Love the "unstructured" look, kinda artsy too :-)
Oooh, the Wrappy Jacket looks so cool and unusual. I love the way it drapes and the flower enclosure is supercute. Way to go, Rabbit!
Fabulous! I particularly love the flower corsage. What a couture touch it is!
It is a lovely knit, and looks wonderful on you, Becky!
Hey, Becky. Wrappy Jacket looks FABULOUS. I can't wait to get myself into my own mindless knitting. It looks really good on you--you stylin' gal.
Great jacket. Looks great on you, too. Like the unstructured-ness of it.
HA-chachacha, that's a groovy coat. You have a knack for picking projects I would never in a million years have thought about making, but they always look FABulous on you. I think design school is definitely where you need to be. Great to have you back on the blog!
It looks fabulous, Becky! You are totally rockin' the fun shape of the sweater. And I know all the other students are loving your handknits!!
oh becky, the jacket is gorgeous!! fitted jackets are great, but not as great as the comfy and cozy wrapped jacket, not to mention you look equally fantastic in it!!
When I first saw the jacket in the magazine, I didn't really take notice (nice, but... wearable??). After seeing yours I say yes: very wearable and pretty cool too! Well done Becky!
You wear it very well! And you are a fashion statement girl ; ) Love the little flower.
LOVE the jacket, and LOVE clint eastwood!
Lovely! Not something I could wear though without looking frumpy...LOL Looks great on you!
LOVE it! It's very Sienna Miller-esque. Boho, but still classy. Nothing like wrappin up in yer hand knitted blanket er I mean jacket! That too! x/o! PS I'm totally up for flying in for the GoF premiere! Ha! I wish!
Becky, it's wonderful!! I love the construction - I'll bet it does look really great sort of billowing as you walk! I'm usually tend toward really structured cardigans - at least with some waist shaping - but I really love how this looks! Great, great job!!
Very cool! I have been debating the purchase of this magazine, but you have inspired me, as usual! Does this mean that the manic rabbit knitting we are used to is back? Sure hope so!
It's lovely and it looks like such a cozy, comfy thing to wear--and yet, with panache@
Fabulous, Becky! And no stinting on the photo shoot, either! Congratulations, madam, you've done it again.
That is so cute! I love it!
Fabulous! I love that it's different from what you usually make/wear, but is still very flattering and fashionable.
It looks great on you. Although I'm not sure anything could ever look bad on you! Great job - wear it with pride.
It's a very different style and one that I wouldn't normally choose, but you really do make it work. It looks great on you and I really like it. Great job. You will look so chic at design school!
Oh, super pretty! You'll start a whole new comfy chic movement.
So glad to read that you love acrylic ... because I love that too. You must be one stylish student in school!
I love it! What a great design and it really looks fab on you.
ooh, so cool! it's so nice to see such a visually-different knit, you know, all angles and such. very chic - and oh how i wish there were a phildar here in l.a.! ;)
Becky, that is the cutest thing ever. You look great in everything, of course. How is school going? Are you still superexcited to be there, or is monotony setting in?
I love it! It looks nice a cozy for fall!
Looks like a comfy yet stylish fall wrap! I love the flower. I couldn't see the back very well since it was a little darker but I was very curious about that back. OK, you show off! :-D Jackets are awesome, aren't they?
That sweater looks absolutely perfect on you. I think my favourite thing (besides how you describe your finishing techniques complete with photos), is that YOU wear your knits, they don't wear you! You and design school are a perfect fit! And you bought a serger! I knew you would! Mine's a Pfaff too, albeit an older one (I've had mine forever).
Ah, it's excellent! I especially like the pooling on the back and, oh, all of it. Your MTM attitude is totally showing in the slideshow, too!
What a cool jacket! Super-styling. And I adore the flower!
It looks great on you! As a matter of fact, all your knits look great on you!
Absolutely beautiful knitting! Yours look better than the Phildar model. Thanks for the tips on steaming your yarn too. Have fun wearing it (all over Lyon...)
I love it!!
Okay, that jacket is just too cool. I checked out your walking pictures, and in the background I could almost hear the music to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..." You know, that lonesome whistling music that Clint made famous?!
Whooops, maybe I did mean fistful of dollars.....:)
oh the jacket is gorgeous!! It looks so pretty and comfy! Great job.
Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad that there are others who also like the unstructured, loose look of the jacket. It's like a pashmina or stole, only with sleeves and a closure :-)
I love that design Becky!! Of course it helps when it is modeled by a slim, very pretty Becky though. I got my Debbie Bliss cotton cashmere yesterday and started the back of the classic jacket and Becky it is dreamy yarn. I love it. Debbie's pattern is very well written as well. Once again, I absolutely adore the Wrappy Jacket! What a gorgeous pattern and you did a smash-up job on it!!
Oooh, very chic you are! That's an unusual but very attractive cardi indeed. Nice.
ohmigosh, Wrappy came out even better than I imagined it would!! I just looooove it! I love the flow and the unstructured look. Fabulous!!!
The jacket looks great! I would say avant garde with a little retro. =) The flower is so cute!
Cest Magnifique . . . Guess who now also has a Lucet =)...I'm going to make my first felt project soon a back pack and I need and I-cord, so I invested in the Lucet...consider your self and enabler ;-)
Becky! I LOOOVE it. It's great! (of course)
Very cute, and fashion forward enough for school I'll bet. The back is especially cool.
That jacket's got it all. Humour. Style. Elegance. Coziness. Lightness. Warmth (I recon). Personality. Lovely, lovely. -looks fabulous on you!
Darn! But I'm catching up. Still nice here in California but definitely headed towards chilly (if 70 degrees is considered chilly in other parts of the world). Cache-coeur is on its last sleeve. Strangely enough I didn't have to do too much adjustments to the cap but it's still early yet. Love that wrappy. And you with a two week hiatus (almost) from knitting! Keep those updates coming! P.S.: Broke down and purchased said Lucet too!
too fabulous! it looks wonderful, i love seeing something different like that. you done good.
The wrappy jacket looks fabulous on you, just as every thing you make does. The things I've seen you show on your website are always so stylish without being too much! I know you'll do great in school and good luck in your new career.
oh becky that's lovely you must be so proud :) i must apologise in advance for what i am about to write.. but i'm wrapt! sorry sorry sorry :p
I love it. I love the swingy flappy edges, I love the flower, I love the color. I would so wear it ALL the time. I'd sleep in it. ;-)
The jacket looks wonderful. I wish I was as motivated as you are to finish objects... I think I just like to start them.
so so so so nice! i love it! and look GREAT - that's why we knit, right? because sometimes you can make something so cool that you know will look so great and that you would never ever find anything like it in the shops. yey!
What a sweater. It looks great. I hope you and your family are safe and sound, wrapped warmly in your beautiful knits.
WOWWWWwwwwwwwieeeeeeee.xoxo Kay
Once again, fabulous! But seriously, Becky, you could make wearing rags look cool. I've never paid much attention to where exactly in France you are, so I hope this isn't a dumb question, but are you safe? With the 14 nights of rioting in Paris? Or is this something my news station is blowing out of proportion? Either way, we prayed for you safety last night. Do take care....
That is a fun jacket! Enjoy it.
Oooooh, it's done, I can't belive how pretty it is!!! I love it and I want one, I gotta figure out how to get my hands on those phildar books, know of any sites that will send them my way...? Can't wait to hear how your english test went, I bet you did GREAT! Oh, I must just say once more how much I love the wrappy jacket... it's FABULOUS!!!!!
Now that is a fun jacket!! Great job! It has been awhile since I stopped by to visit. You sure are doing some pretty projects. Butterfly is looking fab too! Had fun catching up...ta ta
I love this jacket! You must tell me where you got this pattern. it looks wonderful and comfy!!!! *on knees*

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