November 02, 2004

It's, like, a TOTALLY excellent finishing party, dude.

Why, it's a seaming party! [Breaks open a piņata.]
[And don't miss the rest of the finishing photos.]

Lots of finishing going on Chez Skinny Rabbit! Mostly on my son's "tweedy sweater" from Rebecca 24. All pieces have been blocked, the sleeves and neckband have been worked, and seams have been joined. Here are some finishing notes for you:

1) Stitches were picked up along the armholes and the sleeves* were worked from the top down, which means that shaping was done via decreases instead of increases. I loved doing this! Watching the rows get shorter instead of longer as the sleeves progressed makes a stay on Sleeve Island more enjoyable. Send a kir royal.

2) When I finished the sleeves, I decided to work the neckband before joining the side and sleeves seams. I thought I'd just pick up stitches and work in the round but then I discovered that the English version of the pattern instructions for the neckband reads like a cryptic spy note: "...Turn work to front, [x] sts below right shoulder, divide between [x] sts and cont in rib patt in open rows..."

Open rows? Divide between? Turn work to front? For a second I thought I was going to have to write that into my own personal algebraic expression. ["Skinny Rabbit has 12 sts below the right shoulder. How many sts does she need in order to complete a rib pattern in open rows?"] But after looking closely at the photos of the sweater in an attempt to decipher the instructions (story of my life with Rebecca patterns), I saw that the neckband is OPEN at one side. (At first glance, it looks like a closed neckband worked in the round.) So the quasi-algebraic expression simply means that after working a few rounds of the neckband ribbing, one must separate the work into two at the right shoulder and continue in rows. That's it. And funnily enough, even after I deciphered the text, I decided to work the neckband entirely in the round because I like it better that way.

3) After the neckband, I closed the sleeve and side seams. The yarn is bulky, and after joining the shoulders using a three-needle bind-off and picking up stitches for the sleeves, both which left very little bulk in the seams, I decided that I wanted to do away with thick seams entirely. So I looked in the stash and came up with some leftover fingering yarn in a wool/acrylic blend comparable in composition to GGH Sierra. [Look, Ma! No bulky seams!]

End of incredibly blabby finishing notes. And you know that I documented all of this for you in a slideshow, right?

*I saw Girl with a Pearl Earring while knitting the sleeves. Provided nice sleeve entertainment and definitely gets a thumbs-up, in spite of the hideous wig that Colin had to wear. (I mean, it's COLIN. He could wear a bag of roving on his head and still look appealing.)

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Very neat pick up of stitches! You do it with a crochet hook, don't you? I'm looking forward to see the Captain model the sweater. I have used the same method of seaming with Phildar Eponge - a totally inseamable yarn in it's fluffyness.
Great finishing there, missy! And I love the colorway!
I *love* blabby finishing notes! Can't wait to see it on the Captain!
Surely that WAS a bag of roving on his head.... But as you say, it's still Colin and he's still beautiful! Your sweater is beautiful too - I hope the captain likes it.
oh what a treat to see your finishing party! i just took some balls ggh sierra out of stash. i just love that yarn and am reminded of my stash everytime i see you post about it. that is a very cute pattern. i think you chose the best color (unfortunately not the one i have in stash) and can't wait to see the captain sportin his new tweedy sweater. gorgeous seams and i definitely prefer the neck as you knitted it.
I second the love for long posts. The more info the better, I say. I'm also glad to hear you closed the neckband. It's an interesting detail to leave it open but does have a bit of an unfinished look. Is there any chance that El Capitan won't be able to get his melon through the neck hole if the collar is closed?
What seam? You need to point a big fat red arrow at the seam because I can't see one! How beautiful! Can't wait to see the captain scooting around in his new sweater!
Lovely sweater for the Cap -- did he pick out the color? Marnie, I aksed the same question. I've got a big-meloned nephew myself -- I re-knit one neckband three times, each time looking at it in amazement. How big can a toddler's head be? The answer: As big as Colin's nasty ol' bag of roving. I finally gave up & added buttons to one shoulder & up the side of the neck. Rebecca has a sort of casual approach to written instructions -- thank the Teutonic knitting goddesses that the pictures are really big!
You are the Finishing Queen! Can't wait to see the Captain wearing it.
Fab pics of superb finishing ! The Captain will look gorgeous in his new sweater.
That's a terrific finishing party and with Colin Firth too. The yarn is so yummy looking and I'll bet the Captain will look dashing in his latest knit. Nice!
Thanks for the kind words! And I'm glad to see that I have some fellow Colin admirers...even when he's got a bag of roving on his head. Hee! Marnie and Beverlee make a good point re my closing the neckband. Kids do have big noggins, so I take into account neckband widths and neckband bind-offs when I knit sweaters for my son. The neck on this sweater is 22 cms in width and the neckband is in 2x2 ribbing worked on the same size needles as the rest of the sweater, so I figured that the neckband would have enough ease even if I didn't leave it open. (When I finished the neckband I tried it on my son and it fit over his head easily. Whew! I breathed a sigh of relief.)
Ditto on the Cap'n photos- can't wait! If he picked out the colour he has great taste. Of course, he loves his mum's knits, so we know he has great taste! I like how quickly the sweater went together. Makes me think maybe I can get a chunky sweater knit for my boy in time for Christmas... Fingers crossed!
Mes compliments Madame! Once again, I'm in awe. Your work looks so neat (perfect ?) that I already copied/pasted the different technics you used for my son's next sweater. Don't you want to organize knitting classes in Lyon ? I'm in, I'm in *raises hand frantically* !
That is a cute sweater, I am still plucking up courage to have another go at the apricot cardi from Rebecca 27
It's so cuddly, yet manly (boyly?). Love it. Well done from the Queen of Mattress Stitch (North America), Kay
Captain will look so handsome in his sweater! Cant wait to see him model! Everytime you post a finishing note blog, I learn something! bravo! With Roving, without Roving...Wig or no wig (that thing had a life of it's own...I mean I thought it was going to slither off his head!!) Colin is my favorite leading man...I mean he's so worth dropping stitches for! rowr!
Definitely chunky-yarn-goodness.
Great finishing pics! That'll be such a cute sweater. Mmmmm, Colin Firth. Must watch Pride & Prejudice again....
Wonderful finishing party Becky! I wonder why they left the side of the neck open? It looks so much more polished closed like you did it! Love that change! And why do they write patterns in such a cryptic way? Is it a special code only certain alien knitters can decode? Like they are trying to rule the knitting world and we don't know it because we can't read their codes? LOL Can't wait to see it on Captain! He'll look great!
lovely always make me actually want to make the "unseen" details look good.
Love the tweedy goodness but just can't get the Colin thing. I know. I'm weird. But he just leaves me cold - kind of reminds me of my cousin actually, maybe that's it ??
love the long posts becky! and glad to know i'm not the only person that can't grasp the rebecca patterns! i thought maybe my brain cells were giving out on me because what they write just doesn't compute.
I love that feeling of relief when a sweater fits over a kid's big head, LOL. And I love your blabby posts, too! That's some beautiful seaming - I'm gonna have to take a finishing course; I always make my sweaters and cardigans without side seams, because I can't sew ribbing neatly.
I'm inspired! I've just finished the pieces of a cardigan I've made for my nephew, and I wish I had thought of the sleeve idea. Makes SO MUCH SENSE!! Thanks!
Super cute sweater! We are requesting, here in writing, a picture of it being worn by said kid. And also, regarding algebra, if skinny rabbit leaves France on a plane traveling west at 550 mph, and jenny leaves Calfornia travelling east at 525 mph, how much knitting will they get done between them? (10 pts. 5 extra credit if yarn content is discussed.) ;-)
WooHoo...Another finishing party that we were all invited to! Can't wait to the Captain in his cool sweater!
I hope you'll send us Americans some photos of Destructo, to keep us laughing during the stress of this election!
Oh, the Captain will be most fabulous in his multi color sweater. I think a round collar is indeed better for his age bracket, less to mess with...
Your photos are such a great learning tool. And I can't wait to see the Captain modeling his sweater!!
Hi Becky, What kind of bind-off did you use for the 2x2 rib neck-band? It looks so neat.
Yes indeedy - you are the finishing queen!
Colin Firth looks particulary yummy (imho) in Brigit Jones Diary I (have not seen the sequel yet.) I love your sense of humor. Broomsticks indeed =) LOL The description of making the sleevs sounds wonderful. yes, decreasing is so much more fun than increasing.
I LOVE the sweater! It makes me want to drop all my other projects & make an attempt... well, maybe when I have a few more skills... I must comment on Colin. He looks like a great guy, & I've enjoyed many of his movies, but "rowr," as my sister, Heather M puts it? I just don't see it. [chuckles & shrugs shoulders] Can't wait to see photos of Captain in the sweater!
You're finishing is amazing. I strive for that kind of invisiblity in seaming. I just had to let you know that I a FINISHED my Apricot cardi. Just need to pick up some lovely little buttons. Thanks again for the inspiration. And I totally agree with you about the English translations for Rebecca patterns. Knit on!
I really appreciate your narratives through the technical side of knitting. It encourages me to try new things because, heck, it could be fun! Lovely sweater, I was hoping for a Captain picture too. (If you need help deciphering Deutsch, let me know)
I love looking at your finishing photos - your stuff always looks really nicely finished, and so it's interesting to see what's going on. Hooray for finishing parties! His tweedy sweater is going to look fab on him!
Hi ! I think it is a great idea to use a thinner yarn for sew up. I will try this method in my next bulky yarn project. Thanks for your tip ! Eva
Thanks, everyone! I'm really pleased that you enjoy the blabby entries. I'll be sure to continue to share finishing notes for all my projects. Felicia: I bound off the neckband in pattern (2x2 rib). I always bind off in pattern, because I feel that it looks nicer.
Long time lurker, first time commentator..[ooh ooh it makes me sound sporty! - Is that a good thing?] Just wanted to say I love the site, and I admire your knitting talent, and your humourous writing style. Blabby finishing parties rock as does Colin, especially as Mr Darcy in P&P [oh the wet shirt]

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