May 31, 2004

We've got a finished ribby!

My husband has been on vacation for the past two weeks. He's a busy worker bee by nature, so vacation time for him means that he gets to do busy worker bee things around the apartment. Namely, the room where I have the computer. This room, previously known as "The Catastrophe Room", was my own little personal cave where I played on the computer, stored a good part of my yarn stash, and kept some folding tables on which I blocked knitted pieces. Thanks to the previous occupants of this apartment, the room was also home to the tackiest striped wallpaper on this side of the pond. Well, the hideous striped wallpaper is no longer! Monsieur Le Hubby has spent the last few days repainting and rewallpapering the room. The only downside to this is that I haven't been able to play on the computer, have fun looking at my yarn stash or block knitted pieces. Soon, soon. And sans that hideous wallpaper. Woot!

Meanwhile, my husband has taken a few moments to model the finished ribbed sweater I knit for him:

I call this the "Almost Michelangelo's David" pose.
My husband calls it the "Hurry Up and Take Picture" pose.
(And here's the "show us the back" photo.)

Again, pattern is from Phildar's Les Modes Essentiels 2002/2003, and yarn is acrylic/wool Pegase in Aviateur. I seamed the sweater using mattress stitch for the side and sleeve seams and backstitch for the shoulders. Stitches were picked up for the neckband, which was knit in the round. In order to keep the cast-off edge of the neckband from flaring out, I evenly decreased two purl stitches at the back as I bound off. We're very happy with the way the sweater came out and the fit is great. (The original pattern called for the body of the sweater to be really long. I removed six cms from the body length, but left the sleeves as are.)

As always, there are action shots. Monsieur Le Hubby sports some major vacation stubble and my son makes a cameo appearance.

P.S. The action shots were taken a few days ago on the grounds of our apartment complex and both my husband and I are positive that the neighbors think that we are a couple of whack dancers who get a kick from wearing hand-knitted garments while busting a move in public.

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Reading your webpage always makes me happy! I like to see all the happy dance moves. The sweater came out wonderful! Great Job!
The Ribbed Sweater looks great - love the action shots! :)
Freshly painted computer/stash room, lovely knits, and handsome painter guys/knitwear models with fetching vacation stubble. What more could a woman want?
That sweater looks great and the blue is fab. Btw. he´sgot nice hands too :)
That ribby sweater looks great! You definitely have gotten me into the color blue many ribby upcoming knits I have in own personal knitting queue. And as usual love that family photo shoot! Your neighbors are always in for treat if they catch that out their windows. The dancing is just too funny. Love it!
Those are two *very* cute painter guys. I am completely impressed (and somewhat envious) that your husband (1) wears knitted items, (2) poses for pictures and (3) consents to said pictures appearing on the blog. No such luck over here. No matter. More knitted items for me!
The sweater looks great! And as always, I love your photo sessions. You guys always have such fun.
You are so clever...Michelangelo pose... Your husband looks perfect in his sweater. The sleeve length is fabulous. What talent!
Hubby's new sweater is fabby! Glad to hear that your stash room is going to be beautiful!
LOVE those action shots! They definitely put a smile on my face! The sweater looks amazing! I'm thinking a ribby sweater is on the horizon for me this year. You're so lucky to have such burly men to do work like painting around the house! Unfortunately, my hubby likes goofing off as much as I do and can play computer games for hours.
The sweater is beautemous!! The guy in it is pretty dishy too!! :) I love the pic with Captain D and Dad playing handy men ......pricless! Enjoy your *new* space, Becky!
the sweater looks great, although I mostly have to comment on the fact that there is *no way* that your wallpaper is worse than ours. Our computer room spots some yellowed 70s paper with huge blue flowers with olive green stems. And, as a plus, even the ceiling is wallpapered! Talk about classy!
as always..I wanna have becky's finishing skillz. I have a pregunta, when you sewed the sleeves in did you use backstitch or matress? I'm still a newbie at set in sleeves
my hubby could learn a few thing actually I showed him the sweater and told him "look how beautifully 'you' knit" and he agreed, it really is a smashing looking sweater. I like the picture of the painters, your kid is so cute and you have a great view from your window. Love the egyptian dance! also have the cd at home =) I'm getting my pay check tomorrow, so I'm going to get my self the bottoms up pattern.
What a cool guy. All my guys (Dad & Bro) would just stand there with arms crossed like, "You want me to *dance* for the camera?? Not happening. Nope).
Are you suggesting that your neighbors are wrong? ;0) The sweater looks awesome. Hooray for hubby! And woo hoo for your new computer/yarn room!
Love the sweater, it's a gorgeous color - looks great on Monsieur, too.
Hub sweater looks grand and he's a prize for doing whack dance in public!
What a sexy guy you have there. And the sweater looks great! Congrats on another job well done!
The pic of the finished sweater looks awesome! Your hubby looks like a model with that pose.... You may not want to tell him how much everyone approves, though. It might go to his head. :) Maybe he'll even start charging a "modelling" fee!
The ribby sweater turned out great! Love the action shots.
Those pictures made me laugh more than usual. The sweater looks so nice on him too, not many men can pull off so much ribbing (and look decent in it). Oh, and if your neighbors do think that, would they really be so wrong??? ;)
Fab sweater ! Handsome husband,even with stubble ! Cute painter's assistant. :0)
LOL!!! I LOVE IT! You always make me giggle. Love the picture. What a good sport your husband is. Don't you just love it when the little ones want to help. I just keep thinking, one day they won't, take advantage now! Thanks again for sharing.
Great looking sweater. Your husband is a good sport for modeling like that. What's next?
It must be a relief to have finished that sweater and have it look so great on the model. I love the Walk Like an Egyptian shot -- it's obviously not the first time he's done that move, is it?
That sweater looks awesome, what a great fit! Your painter guys picture made me smile. Is that your son's handiwork on the wall across from the computer? He is so cute!
Great sweater, cute painter guys indeed, and a gorgeous view from your window!
Great sweater! I may have curly hair, but you have a way-cute husband and son so I think you win. ;-)
The sweater is fab as ever Becky. I'm looking forward to a shot of the whole family dancing in ribby sweaters!!! I think you might be maligning your neighbours' imagination. I mean if you periodically see people dancing outdoors for no apparent reason, wearing new knitwear... some strange new cult perhaps....
Your husband is a real sport. He acts daft for our amusement and paints your den for you. His egyptian dance is just brilliant. Go on, knit something else for him.
I wish I understood French so I could make Phildar creations too. Especially that chocolate poncho you did awhile back. :( *sniff* Not fair at all.
Oh, lol. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! The egyptian dance will have me laughing for days! :-) The sweater looks great, and so does your family. And YAY for no more yucky wallpaper!
So, Mr. Gorilla Arms wields a paint roller *and* strikes a pose, eh? This is the secret weapon you've been hiding, I guess? We all wondered the key to your Super Rabbit Powers. Hope the Rabbit Lair meets the usual Fluffa! standards. Is it pink, suave, and retro? I would expect nothing less.
Love the sweater. Love the dancing...tee hee... I have been thinking about knitting something similar for my main squeeze. You have inspired me.
The spouse's sweater is fabulous, Becky! Everything you do is so professional. Really inspiring. My husband even liked the look of it - you really can do magic! Think your painters guys can be hired for when I move? Oh well, maybe not all the way from France... ;-)
*in awe* the sweater is a perfect fit! ... and I love your PS. LoL!
Great sweater. The finishing looks really good on it too.
Thank you very much for the kind comments and encouragement! Leya: I backstitched the shoulders and then sewed the sleeves into the sleeve cap using invisible, or mattress stitch. (I used to do it with backstitch but I found that it created a really thick seam.) I've always found Katharina Buss's Big Book of Knitting and Nancie Wiseman's Book of Finishing Techniques to have the best photos and descriptions of this. Marlena: Hee! That is my son's handiwork. Later, my husband had to scrape it off so he could put on the new wallpaper.
The sweater is just so beautiful, and those painters are so hunky! Send them over stateside if they're looking for more work...
Wow, that sweater turned out perfectly. You are such a knitting goddess!! With a perfectly adorable family. You know the neighbors are going to start asking for knitted items soon...the whack dancing and modeling is impossible to resist!
Oh, thanks, now I can't get 'Walk Like an Egyptian' out of my head. It's a Bangles kinda day! (Oh-way-oh!) Great sweater on tres beau mec! Quelle barbe sauvage! Rawr! xox Kay
Holy crapola!!! Fan-TAS-tic fit to the man-sweater, becky!! (waving hi)
The hubby has a head! The hubby has a head! Yay!And the sweater looks great: much better than the one in the book, which was, indeed, too long by far.
SO NICE. LOVE it! Great job - what a lucky guy!! :)
As usual Becky, you have created a beautiful thing! I bow to your knitting prowess. You. Are. The. Master!!

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