May 30, 2006

It's a finished Teeny Camisole!

This is the pose-like-a-mannequin shot.
(Alternatively titled, "A bra! A bra! My kingdom for a bra!")
[What's that? You want CLOSE-UPS?]
[P.S. Whack dancing shots are here. As always, I give you silliness.]

People! Temps are currently in the sixties in Paris, and THIS is the way I wear a Teeny Camisole. I laugh in the face of cold weather. Ha ha!

Just kidding. Actually, that's the way I'll be wearing it come summer. The weather is still just too crisp to wear Teeny Camisoles on their own so for now I'm going the layering route, just like I did with my Butterfly. When the weather is like this layering shirts and I are BFF's:

[Click here for the "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot.]
[Psst...wanna see the back? Sure, you do. Click here to see it.]

Quick project recap: Teeny Camisole, otherwise known as pattern 13 "le top ajouré" from Phildar's L'été 451 pattern book in French. I knit the size small and used a little over three hanks of Tahki Cotton Classic in a deep cranberry red, shade 3432. The pattern calls for Coton No. 4 (which I used to knit my son's Ribbed Jacket last spring...remember?) and even though I really like Coton No. 4 I used the Cotton Classic instead because:

a) They're close in gauge. (At least that's what my swatch told me.)

b) I had the Cotton Classic in my stash (it was a gift from Miss HEK Jenny) and I've been dying to use it. Teeny Camisole was the perfect opportunity. Plus, who doesn't love to stash bust? I know I do. It gives me an excuse to buy more yarn. Muwaahaaaaaaa!

Anyway. All in all, I really like this top. It's a perfect fit and the Cotton Classic makes it lightweight and airy. And that is why I took Teeny Camisole to Paree while I met up with my sister over the weekend.

Don't miss the Random Shots of Sunday in Paris Slideshow!

Monsieur Le Hubby, Captain Destructo and I were so busy catching up with my sis and her husband, and meeting my adorable baby niece that no time was available for taking shots of the Teeny Camisole (which my sister says reminds her of Amelie Poulain...isn't that cool?) in action. But I didn't want to leave you totally pictureless, so I did snap some shots for you on Sunday as we walked around after lunch. Come knew I'd have another Paris slideshow for you, right? Enjoy :-)

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love the cami! it looks great on you and the color is deeee-lish!
It is wonderful and Ooooh La La! I love it!
Oh, la la! How fancy! The eyelets! The fancy straps! The va va voom color! Yet it also looks comfortable. How do you do it? I also love how the buttons. They blend perfectly.
Really ... it's lovely! I like the little knots ... very cute! Par-eee is always so cultured! Did you do crazy shopping? :)
the cami looks divine and the tee is the perfect combo for these crisp days... well done. ps. I think you ought to wear that cranberry shade more often, it really suits you
Amelie?! Hmmm, you're awfully cute, but I can't be sure of the resemblance. Here, grab a garden gnome and run through the train station. Okay, now I see it.
what a great little top! so delicate looking, and i loooove the color - perfect for the almost-summer-but-not-quite season that's you've got going on. lovely!
It's beautiful...truely. The buttons are wonderful and so is the crochet edge. There is a new book coming out "Knitting Loves Crochet". You can check it out on Amazon. Don't know if you'll need it as you did a wonderful job. Cami is slightly shorter than I would knit (different figure) but I think yours would also look pretty with a lacey thing showing from the bottom as well. Very pretty - as always - you inspire my own knitting.
Finally! With dancing shots and all... It was worth the wait - you look great, as usual :) Lovely colour, and the little picot thingies are sooo cute!
You created another winner! It looks lovely!
Beauteous! I really love the color of this one, and the finishing details are incredible as always. And Paris looks so much more comfortable than when I was there in February. I'm bundled to the eyebrows in most of my pictures...
ahhh...nothing like taking a day off playin hookie by the pool and seeing your pally make fabulous beautiful as always and all that jazz. Captain D is so so so cute. sigh. he's going to be a heartbreaker!
It's a cool camisole you've made there! I love it.
Another winner - it looks wonderful! Your FOs always look so professional! :)
wish my French was better - that's well worth the knit. India
So great, as usual! Your Paris slideshow is great-I wanna go back. BTW, as a non-speaking French person, can you recommend a good place to get help with Phildar knitting instructions? Via online or otherwise. There is a pattern I would love to knit for my son, but......
So cute! Love it Love it Love it!!! And the color! Yep, yep yep.
Oh, so cute, and also very cha cha cha! Have fun wearing Teeny Cami. You look fabulous in it. :)
Oh my gosh- it looks AWESOME! It is so pretty and you look tres chic in it!! As usual, a fantastic job....
It's gorgeous! Tres magnifique!
So cute and perfect with a glass of delicious berry-esque red...
Gah! The buttons! The lace! The picots! The teeniness! Love it. And you make it look wonderful. Ah, someday I hope to visit Paree. =) Until then, I'll get by on slideshows.
Love the teeny camisole! So what's next?
That is so cute! I love the color. Great job, yet again...
Super cute! And now I totally have that classic "do the hustle" song in my head. Whee!
Wow, the cami is gorgeous! You knit that at warp speed... great job, as always.
Sooo cute! Love the little straps.
Just beautiful.
Ooh, that looks just beautiful. Everything about it is gorgeous! Love it.
Another fantastic knit. I love it even more with the tee.
Yowza Rabbit! That camisole is smokin' hot! You look great in it. Absolutely love it.
Too. Pretty. On. You. And, do you want to know something, mademoiselle? I think I like it best under the tee!!
Ok that is absolutely the cutest little cammi I have seen a while. Love the color on you!
Very sexy. I really like it layered too!
Another great knit by the rabbit! I love the color of the camisole and the fit couldn't be better. Hey what great genes run in your family!! Cute Capt. with adorable cousin!
the cami is gorgeous !!! Paris.. what fun , you lucky thing! Great pics and the Captain and cousin shot is sooo cute! Almost wish mine were little again..... almost :)
that is too gorgeous! i do believe that everytime i think you've created the most beautiful thing, you go and outdo yourself. what a talent!!!!!! and those dance moves... look out denny terrio!
The details on the camisole are fabulous - I think it would also look amazing under a fitted blazer.
I always love seeing what you choose to knit. You did a beautiful job on the cami. C'est tres formidable! Paris looks wonderful. Sounds like you had a nice time. So what's next on the needles???
That is such a cute cami!!
Teeny Camisole is beautiful AND cute! I love the colour. Nice new bob, too!
Where did you get yours; I want one too- your magic wand I mean! Really, your brilliant, as is your knitting, as always!
very cute cami...
Just back from windy Copenhagen, and my so active you've been! I think I never missed so many rabbit posts in a row before. Wonderful camisole! I like the layered version even more than the just the cami - the colours are great on you.
The cami is just gorgeous. No surprises there! Mia
Your camisole is beautiful and looks absolutely lovely on you.
I love it! I want it! Can I have it????? Oh I know I can't have it but it is really great!Another fab knit! Did you get your hair cut or is it just pulled back??
The teeny camisole looks fantastic Becky. I really enjoyed the Paris slideshow, but where is the Eifel Its been very hot and humid here. Not to worry though, my man bought me a new electronic air-conditioner for the snoring room window. Air-conditioning is a must on this side of Canada in the summertime (well almost summertime).
Oh, that's beautiful! Sigh. Oh to be young and thin in Paris. Or just young and thin. Or just in Paris. Oh heck, any of the above. Is the little cousin one of the ones you made a cute flowery knit set? If so, how fast they grow.
OOH LaLa! You wear it well, mon ami! How *homesick* I am looking at the faboo pix of Paris - Your cami is just the glorious feminine outfit for the season...
Oh, Becky, it really is cute. (I realize I am now the 51st person to say exactly that.....). Truly, it turned out great, LOOOVE those buttons, they are perfect!
faaahn-tastic, dahling! hope you have warmer weather soon so you can wow the drooling masses!
Absolutely gorgeous!
Oh wow!! I love, love, love it! Beautiful camisole, gorgeous yarn and it looks so fabulous on you. So jealous :)
This is just SO lovely!
Wow, that IS a teeny tiny cami! It looks great on a teeny tiny person like you! Can't wear that if your boobage is too endowed...unfortunately, I don't have that problem. But I've been kinda anti-knit-tanks lately because I can't seem to wear a bra under knit tanks without the bra straps showing. Layering was not something I thought of before....but I'll probably just look chunky! Lovely pics of Paris! Was it wonderful to see your sis & family? They don't live in France, do they?
Hyper chic! The detailing on the button band is esp. nice. Et merci pour les photos du Jardin de Luxembourg, un de mes endroits preferes a Paris.
Just to echo: Wow, that looks great! The yarn and the pattern are so complimentary to one another. The buttons are my favorite, though. :)
Wow!! That's probably the best looking cami I've ever seen! Love the shaping, and buttons that you chose.
smokin' HOT, i say! cami looks great and so does your hair! lord, a size up? nah...
stunning! lovely work.
Hi, any way to get the cami pattern in English? Once again I love your choices!!!
the little touches are gorgeous!! this cami is so pretty. so when can i come out there and be your little apprentice/intern. i'll block and everything. must get some of your skills!
I love the cami and the pictures of Paris! *am jealous of both*
J'adore cette camisole, avec ou sans tee shirt, et ce rouge est superbe, il te va très bien !! Tes "dancing shots" sont tellement plein d'humour, merci !!
It's gorgeous! The fit and the color are amazing. I love the picot border.
Wow! Teeny camisole looks fantastic on you! The t-shirt really shows off the lace. Lovely work, as always :)
I love the buttons, and you are HOT! Yeah, baby, Yeah!
Its a lovely and very interesting pattern. The colour is beautiful too.
Becky, it's gorgeous!! It looks great both over the tshirt and alone (and I love the "my kingdom for a bra" comment - priceless!). And hey - isn't that a fun and funky new hairdo? It's great!! :)
Oh don't you look sexy! It's really pretty Becky and the staps and the buttons are so perfect! Enjoy it!
Beautiful!!!!! I love it!!!!!
Thank you SO MUCH for the kind compliments! It's very motivating. I have a feeling this isn't the last teeny cami I'll be knitting this year. It was really fun and quick to knit. Kelly asks if my hair is pulled back. It isn't! I got it all cut off right before I left for Paris. I'll have to show a photo of the back because MAN, is it short. Just in time for summer. Sarah is one observant individual! (And that is why we love her.) My niece, shown in the photos, just turned ten months old and she is the one for whom I knit the flowery cardigan with matching culotte: (I guess I should knit her something for when she turns one, eh?)
I love the cami! I mean really, really love the cami! So cute! I have to find an English pattern that is similar. So cute!
Ooh la love... I knew knitting was hip, but I suppose I didn't really understand until I saw this cami.. Super chic. I'd love to see it over a gold Lurex wife beater instead of the white T.
Simply gorgeous, can't get anything like that in the stores...I wish I could read French.
your cami is gorgeous! and thanks for the paris slideshow! i totally know what you mean about the whole short hair feeling free thing....I just got an appointment to get mine chopped tomorrow! yay!
Great cami, and I like it better with the little tee - so cute! Let's see pics of your new 'do!
I am totally in love with your Cami, it's gorgeous and it fits you beautifully. xx
beautiful! and I love the colour
The cami is beautiful and I bet the lace made for fun knitting. I'm sure you'll get lots of wear out of it, whether layered or not! Great slide show!

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