May 28, 2002

Piecing together.

I'm now piecing together my sweater, and you know what that means. Procrastination. It always takes me days to piece together a garment and weave in loose ends because I dawdle too much. However, from what is put together so far, my sweater looks pretty good. If I want to pretend that I'm Britney, that is. I know it's supposed to be a spring style, but I fear it may be just a tad short in the front. If I pick up my arms, hello belly button! It could do with one or two additional centimeters, I think. Let's see what happens when it's completely sewn together and blocked, as this type of cotton stretches when it's washed, which is why I was hesitant about making it too long in the first place. If it does turn out short, I'll just get a belly button blinking light. Or something.

No matter what, thank heavens for blocking.

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