May 26, 2004

Bucket at the beach.

"The fish ain't bitin', Mommy!"
(Don't feel bad. He caught a crab later on.)

We just got back from the beach! We headed down to La Grande Motte for 3 days of fun and sun with Aunt Josephine and Uncle Pierre (where they have an apartment they visit a few times a year), and I - in spite of the glob of sunblock I slapped on my face - got a sunburn on my nose that would scare the red off of a lobster. The kid, protected by his beach bucket hat, did not. I need to knit myself a bucket hat, already.

Speaking of bucket hats, we've got lots of finished bucket hats to share in the Bottom's Up Bucket Hat Knitalong: Clever Allison knit stylish mother and daughter bucket hats! She used solid colors for the body of the hat and variegated yarns for the brim and matching flower. (The hat she knit for her mother was a Mother's Day gift, and she placed the hat in a matching hatbox.) Katy's son models a variegated Bottom's Up bucket hat in his sleep [Awww!]. Kathleen knit a "Bottom's Down" bucket hat, modeled here in a "zooming down the stairs" action shot. Amanda knit a wonderful red Bottom's Up bucket hat with neat contrasting stripes. Mindy knit mother and son bucket hats using Sugar 'n' Cream cotton yarn; hers is a gorgeous red and her son's is cream with flecks of turquoise, purple, red and yellow. Our vegan knitter Bev models her Bottom's Up bucket hat knit using a GGH cotton/acrylic blend. Sarah, also a vegan knitter, knit a fabulous striped bucket hat using Rowan DK Cotton, Jaeger cotton and Linen Print. Donna has knit three bucket hats; her latest bucket hat was knit using Blue Berry Cottontots, and her adorable daughter models the hat for us while wearing a matching ballerina tutu and dancing. Can you stand it? WOW. People, my socks are officially rocked.

I am now very much inspired to start another bucket hat. Tomorrow I head off to Paris to meet with some fellow knitters and online buds, and I think I'll take some Plassard variegated and some circs so I can cast on while riding the train. Woot!

How about you? Any updates, questions, tips, or anything at all you'd like to share with me and your fellow knitalongers?

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Those buckets are great and that ballerina bucket, wow is right. What a tribute to the fluffa bucket-along. Love them all. Great vacation shots. Beautiful fishing photo!
Welcome back Becky! My bucket is almost done...
Must . . . knit . . . another . . . bucket . . . But I don't have a cute little ballerina to model mine! Unless I can work out a deal with Lucy . . .
I want. To go. To the beach.
Fab beach photos. I want to go...the picture of your son in the truck gave me a good laugh. We survived many of our trips to Paris by bribing out daughter with another carousel ride. Thanks for sharing the bucket photos.
Great buckets! The ballerina shots really steal the show. I'm still swatching for mine....
My "Rosebucket" is done, I just have to crop the photo of my daughter wearing it for the contest. But in the mean time, here is a photo of it blocking:
I sooo need some fun and sun too! Your boy looks so cute in his little outfit! Buckets DO keep the sun off your face. Everyone's buckets are soooo awesome! The blue ballerina and tutu with matching bucket is over the top! What a beautiful costume, what beautiful dancing and what beautiful bucket!!! I'm all done with mine...the hard part is emailing you the photo since I'm blogless.
Your holiday looks grand, I have had lovely holidays in France :) SO many people are bucketing along! I finished my bucket today, but I still have to wash it before I take photos, so have a peek over the weekend. There's no way I can beat real ballerina photos though!
I finished my bucket!!! Now I just have to figure out how to send the photo off to you with my new camera!!! BTW, I have glasses very much like your aunt (minus the sparkly detail on the sides)!! Too cool...
Mmmmm...vacation...I want one of those! :) Great pics!
What a nice little beach holiday! And now Paris, man, I'd trade with you in a heartbeat. I've been glued to my computer for days on end. But, and I confess here first since I didn't even post on my *own* blog yet - I'm in the middle of a summer bucket.
cute cute cute! I finished my first bucket a few weeks ago but I've been swamped with end-of-the-semester chaos. Hopefully I can get a pic taken before I leave for vacation (Friday). Or maybe I will take a pic of me modeling it in front of the Roman Coliseum! Taking my second bucket hat (in progress) to work on during the plane ride. Exciting stuff!
Wow, cool buckets! I especially love the ballerina pics! I am making one, really I am! Just a bit slow.... hopefully I'll get it done next week - have I said this before????? hhhhmmmm...
Thanks for the comment in my blog. It's going to be a christening robe, I've been working at it for years, because it's a bit boring. I was thinking about frogging it, but I've reconsidered and decided to finish it. Can't wait to see someone use it for the first time.
cutie patootie!!! Your little guy is sooo adorable. Love all of the buckets, especially the sweet ballerina! Who can resist anything with a ballerina?
What amazing buckets! That ballerina shot is too, too cute. All very inspiring! Now I'm thinking about putting my mama in a bucket hat for her birthday coming up... :) One thing I've been trying to do is put together a mini-list for myself of what yarn people have used & how it has worked out for them. Are there any "absolutely yes!" or "absolutely no!" yarns for bucket hats in other folks' opinions, based on texture and density of fabric?
I'm so impressed with all these gorgeous bucket hats. Donna, your daughter looks absolutely stunning. I've finished my hat now (in Rowan DK cotton) and my son loves wearing it. I'll send a picture to Becky as I'm blogless...
My bucket is actually done, and in fact I've done two now, but I just haven't gotten pictures of them yet. :(
Hi Becky! I have no digital camera and therefore no blog, however I did make rather a tall felted bucket hat out of chocolate Alafoss Lopi, with a stripe of Oatmeal at the two "bendy places" in the hat (you understand what I mean). It came out looking ever so slightly like Tom Petty's Mad Hatter hat in the video for "Don't Come Around Here No More" but it keeps my head warm and dry in our soaking wet, freezing cold, yet rarely cold enough to snow and get it over with, winters. Miranda in Vancouver, BC
Becky, your son is adorable! And I love the photos, why is it the ocean looks so much more inviting (if possible) when you know it's off the coast of France? I've started my buckets anew, ended up with different yarn because I wasn't happy with how the first ones were turning out. The blue ballerina and her bucket poses were adorable, but I have to say that I loved Natalie's rose bucket - it's just too cute!
I can't believe you were at La Grande Motte! I thought you were going to Provence! LGM is practically next door. Next time....
Oh, the bucket o' ballerina is a show stopper, that's for certain! Wendy, I can SO see the look on Lucy's face if you ever get NEAR her with a cat-sized tutu.
Ooooh, I love that beach outfit! Nice hats. I really must make one and I even have cotton tots at home to use up. Love's the pic of Katy's son.
started my bucket on Saturday, frogged most of it, re-started on Sunday! I think I've got it this time :) This is my first non-square/rectangular knitted piece so it's all very exciting! Lovely pictures, looks like a great holiday!
I finished my bucket last week... Best summer hat ever! I couldn't find any of the recommended yarn, so I used Mission Falls 1824, and followed the 'S' instructions, which worked out to the finished 'M=20"' size. I knit the mid-section a bit longer than called for, (ripped back the crown after deciding it was too short), and it fits really well. No digital camera, but if I get my film back before the end of this, I'll scan a snap. What fun this has been-the buckets look great!