May 25, 2006

I have the day off from school today... I thought I'd spend the morning lounging in my jammies and working a picot crochet border on my Teeny Camisole, bay-bee!

Finished cami, here I come.

In addition to the picot edging, the straps and buttonhole loops are worked in crochet. It uses up a lot of yarn, but boy is it fast. The picot edging is almost done so I will definitely have a finished cami today, which is good because we're taking the train up to PARIS this Saturday for a weekend visit (meeting my little sister there) and I want to give my cami a Paris debut. Oh la laaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Incidentally, my mother doesn't knit (or anyone else in my family, for that matter), but if there's one thing that my mother does is CROCHET, and I am so thankful that she taught me the basics of crochet when I was about eight or nine. Thank you, Mom! And especially for getting me that yellow yarn so I could crochet my Curious George plushie a little sweater, complete with lopsided buttonhole. [Awwwwww!] Knowing the basics of crochet has come in handy for my knitting, let me tell you.

I've also been working here and there on Captain Destructo's Linen Jacket. This thing FLIES on the needles. I'm really enjoying knitting it and have already completed the back, shown here while still on the needles.

I was past the armhole shaping here.
Once you pass that point, it's aaaaaall downhill. Woot!

I've got some homework to do before I leave for Paris this weekend - textile research and design croquis for six finalized fashion figure drawings rendered in color with accompanying flats and specs...not my first design collection portfolio done in the school year but one that I will have to present before a jury in a couple of weeks [AAAAACK!] - but even with that looming over my head I am determined to finish the back piece of the linen jacket this evening. Which, I'll admit, no one will have to twist my arm to get me to do because I really enjoying knitting linen yarn. So fresh! So crisp! So easy to knit while watching a DVD! Anyone want to come over and do my homework for me?

Just kidding. About someone else doing my homework, that is. But I WILL finish the back of this jacket today. And I'll watch a DVD at the same time. While wearing my jammies, of course. I love having the day off.

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wowza what a quick knit! have a fabby time in ol Paris! :)
What is that next to the Cap's jacket back? It looks like a toy truck tape measure. I know your portfolio is going to be amazing. Can I stay in my jammies and call in sick? Please? We can pretend we're transcontinentally working together (though you're about 8 hours ahead of me). No, just two more workdays till a three-day weekend and I just realized today's payday. :) How can I buy fabric and yarn w/o work? Wish there were a better way!
If you promise to hurry up with the crochet and start dancing, I'll come and help you :) (as if that would be a good idea...)
Have a great day off and a fun weekend...don't forget the slideshows when you come back! Good luck with the homework. Sounds like a dauntingly task.
A truly gorgeous colour - it's gonna look amazing! Thankfully I have time to browse "yarn porn" today from here in the UK because, like you, our European clients are enjoying a lovely bank holiday! At least we get a day off on Monday instead so may get some knitting of my own done then :) Happy knitting!
I love the little truck holding down the end of the needle. Tres authentic! Happy knitting!
It's like having a snow day, isn't it!
Hey, such a cute cami and I'm rather jealous it's going to Paree. Will anxiously await wack rabbit shots--Parisian style puhlease. Have fun.
Yeeeah, day off school blogging. The idea of a Paris debut is perfect for the Teeny Camisole. Hee, so fun. I wouldn't mind a cute camisole or two around here, the temperature has been climbing. You asked about my current projects via e-mail, but I never got around to responding, so I'll respond here. I'm sewing a plain sundress from a Butterick pattern in plain blue linen cloth. It's my practice dress because I'm relearning to sew. I also plan on embroidering details on it to spice it up--I don't actually know how to embroider right now, but I will! As for knitting, it's socks, socks, socks. I can't seem to concentrate on anything larger. =)
I still need to learn the finer points of crochet. I don't know why I'm so resistant.... I love the color of that cami!
You had a Curious George? I had a stuff monkey too, but I don't think it was CG, but I insisted on dressing him up. When my mother taught me how to embroider, I embroidered a design on the monkey's little vest. Who would have known all these creative skills our mothers and grandmothers taught us would be on a blog one day?
Yay for having the day off ! That camisole looks divine. I need to learn some crochet just for the same reasons to be able to do a row of single crochet around a neckline or armholes, etc. Hmm, something to work on. Hope you enjoy the day off and get to finish the Captain's jacket!
Jammie days are essential! Hubby thinks I'm a bit daft but I do try and have a jammie day once a week -- even if I still have to do a load of laundry, feed the kids, etc. it still feels like I'm gettin' in a good day of lazy relaxation.
Despite the jealously over your day off, I'm happy to see some serious knitting, and crochet going on. Can't wait to see the dance cami shots. I guess we'll have to wait until after Paris? :-(
You know...I can tell you I am going to fall in love with this Teeny Cami. You have the life!!
The border is a very pretty touch. I should really work on my crochet skills. I look forward to seeing the finished cami! Enjoy your day off and have fun in Paris!
ahhhh I love days off too! Jammies and knitting all the way! Can't wait for Cami in Paris pics!
hooray- you deserved a day off. I like the crocheted picot edging on your cami. I did a picot edging (knitted) on my green gable- I just have one sleeve to go.....
Cute cami - and it should be just perfect for Paris. The linen jacket is so cute and just so much better for being a quick knit. I hope you enjoyed your day off.
I would totally offer to do your homework for you, but I want you to get an A+++ rather than an F----. I've never knit with linen before...this may be something I have to do before summer's out!
Aaaaahhh, the days of knitting while lounging in your jammies. Those days are long gone for me, but glad I can live vicariously through you! Can't wait to see Pah-ree pics of the fabulous cami!
Days off are gooooood! And that cami looks simply gorgeous. Bring on the photos, rabbit!
Knit, knit, knit! I hope the weather is nice in Paris for the camisole debut - if it were mine I'd have to debut it under a cardigan and a rain slicker these days. That cami looks like an eyebrow-wriggler!
Fun projects!!! Have a great weekend!!
It's been rainy over here, unfortunately. But I'll still debut my cami, oh yes I will. And you know I'll have some photos for ya :-) For those who'd like to try some basic crochet (which is easy, promise), there are some instructions for crochet borders in a lot of knitting books, like Nancie Wiseman's Book of Finishing Techniques and Katharine Buss's Big Book of Knitting. There are also some instructions online; there's one linked on my links page.
Looking great, Becky! My crochet is slow and uneven. And I have to look up the directions every few stitches or so. PJ's days are the best days :)
Hoo boy, a crocheted edge? That would take forever for me. I'm glad you're speeding through it!
The Phil Lin is a blend, right? I just can't bring myself to knit with 100% linen, no matter what Kay and Ann say. I pick it up in the store, but then I drop it really fast in horror at the thought of knitting with twine... Sounds like a great day. I'm home at the moment too, but only to wait for an equipment delivery. I fantasized about spending those hours ("we'll be there sometime between 10 and 2") knitting, but instead it's just working from home, and then back to the office. Ah well, thanks for the "study break" and I'm glad to live vicariously. P.S. Le Petrelle -- one of the restaurants we really liked on our Paris trip. (Reportedly a favorite of Christian Louboutin.) Whatever, it's worth seeking out!
oh, a day in paris in a new, teeny cami! sounds like bliss.
I heart the teeny cami! So pretty. such a nice color too! I hope doing your portfolio isn't too stressful ... I just know it's going to ROCK!
Please, please, please post the finished cami as soon as possible. I'm dying to see it. I started my own (from an 80's Pengouin pattern book for expectant mothers - this pattern is for after the birth - it is a sweet book I bought 21 years ago (the baby's 20 now)filled with mom and baby sweaters). I just love the color you chose. You're so dedicated to the craft - you inspire me Becky!
Thank you! :-) I promise I will show pictures of the cami as soon as I can; I'm already thinking about what I'm going to wear with it. [Crosses fingers hoping there are good light conditions for nice photos.]
I love picot crochet...both doing it and the look. I was also very little when I learned to knit and crochet. My mom taught me how to knit (I got one of those "learn to knit" kits with a huge hank of pink yarn and needles the size of telephone poles...I knit that pink yarn over and over and over again! lol) but because she was left handed, she got my great grandmother to teach me how to crochet. I love how these crafts are passed down from generation to generation! I hope you had a great visit with your sister. Any train knitting pictures?
Lovely, lovely cami!! The color is just luscious....makes me think of an over-ripe raspberry....yum! I'm very jealous of your day off...I can hardly find the time to knit a row every couple days, it seems. Lucky Captain! I can tell ya, it'll be a cold day you know where before I'd get a linen jacket done for my almost 6 year old! lol Inspiring as always!
Lucky you hope you had a good one. Mia
That teeny camisole is lovely. Hope the weather was warmer in Paris than here in the east last week-end! Or that you had a big warm shawl to wear over the camisole!
Can't wait to see the finished product - that cami looks gorgeous! I think your sketch of the sporty red/white knit top is fantastic too!

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