May 24, 2002


I've finished one sleeve, and am halfway through with the second one. I decided to not knit both sleeves simultaneously on one circular needle because the sleeves are raglan, so they're not identical, but mirror images of each other. Besides, I figured that I'd work faster if I had only one sleeve on the needle at a time.

Meanwhile, I blocked the back and the front of the sweater and I nearly had to put on some shades when I saw how bright these colors really are. I'm going to shine like a beacon in the sun when I wear this stripey bright pink baby.

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You have totally inspired me. I'm going to my favorite yarn store right this minute.
It looks really good - pink is one of my favourite colours. Hey now you can be that mad foreign woman in that bright pink jumper who takes pictures of cars! Its good to be recognised!
Thanks! Let's hope it's wearable when I've got it pieced together. Hee hee.
Wow, I'm really glad you said that about raglan sleeves being mirror images of each next sweater is raglan and I was planning on doing the sleeves at the same time. Thank you! You saved me much headache, I'm sure.

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