May 23, 2009

[Taps microphone.] Is this thing on?

Well, hello there! Come on in. Have some of Captain Destructo's cake. He picked the recipe out of a dessert book, noted the ingredients, got them when we went grocery shopping and then made the cake himself (with some help from Monsieur Le Hubby).

All together now: Awwwwwww!

The boy is growing so fast I can't knit anything for him. He now fits into my shoes and the other day I mistook a pair of his jeans for my own. I had a mini heart attack when I couldn't pull them over my hips, thinking I had gained three sizes overnight (can chocolate cake really do that???) before I realized they were his. Phew.

In case you're wondering, I still knit things. Little things, that I can carry around with me easily. Like this lace in bamboo:

Don't ask me what it is, because I'm not quite sure yet what it wants to be. I loved the fiber so much that I just cast on and started knitting a lace pattern. It's getting hot over here so that's pretty much all I want to make in terms of knitting. Wool + my fingers on a hot day do not a happy couple make.

That's not all. Just because you're still reading this, I'm inviting you over to my other site for a chance to win something that I've made. Some of you might find it useful for carrying around all the things you're knitting and that I wish I had the time to knit. It's an original design of mine, a soft French lace tote. Head on over to to enter to win this tote!

Psst...I still have a load of yarn in my stash. I may have a giveaway here as well to kick off the summer. Dude! The party will never end chez skinnyrabbit.

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Welcome back! I was JUST checking on you yesterday here - I was one day early! Glad you are still tinkering a bit. Nice cake!
Bonjour, Becky! I thought of you last month when I passed through Lyon on the way south. It's good to see you're still blogging! Happy birthday to Captain Destructo, he *is* bigger!
Well, bonjour! Long time no see! That cake looks (looked?) lovely and I can't believe that the young man holding it is the Captain! I admire your ability to just cast on and knit any stitch pattern that takes your fancy, but agree with you about knitting with wool over the summer - ick!
hello hello! coucou! glad to see you here, and with that lovely tote to boot. i can't believe the captain is so big, and he is torturing me with that gorgeous cake. :)
Well, howdy, stranger! Good to see you again! The Captain is looking like he's sprung into a teenager overnight! How did that happen? And the bamboo project is looking very pretty and ethereal. I can't wait to see how it blossoms. Welcome back!
Wow. She lives! Great to hear from you.
Yay, nice to see you here. I did see your contest on the other site and am planning to enter. I love those french lace bags you make. They are so pretty! Can't believe the young man there is Captain Destructo. He's such a handsome fellow. The story about you picking up his pair of jeans is hilarious! I don't know if you know, but I recently noticed this on verypink's site and on your's that when I come to the page, an ad on the right hand of the screen advertising medical drugs shows up. I can close it by clicking the X, but just letting you know. ===================================== Note by Becky: I did notice that yesterday when I updated; it was very annoying. I figured it was caused by a javascript I'm using for a counter. I removed it and hopefully that'll fix it.
Look how much the Captain has grown. Good to see him and hear from you.
Bonjour Mme. Lapin! Good to see you back! I miss you and your chic, fitted knits.
The bamboo is a lovely colour! I have some in my stash. The sample I knit up has a lovely feel and drape to it, but I can't decide what it wants to be. Yet. So I'm curious what yours becomes....
OMG, she lives! And your sweet boy looks so grown up. The fact that he bakes will make him quite the catch one of these days... Have a wonderful summer!
Yay! A skinny rabbit fix. because that is the only appropriate response.
Yay! Although I've been following tortillagirl, I've really missed the skinnyrabbit! I hope you'll be dropping by more often with the knitting :)
I was afraid you'd gone forever! Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing some rabbit knits this summer.
Oh, that cake! It looks delish! Bravo, Destructo!
Becky the cake looks delicious! What a real fright you must've had about the trousers (that happened to me a few years ago - but I don't have a son - and they were My trousers!!) I'm going to enter your giveaway, thank you :)
Yay, you're back!! I hear you on the wool. I'm on a strict stash diet so I'm trying to finish up my wool projects before it gets too hot in my apt (no air conditioning). Also, I had the same ad floating around on the right hand side of the page. Just wanted to update you in case you thought it was fixed! ================================================ Note by Becky: It's fixed. It was old cgi scripts. If you see it again, please let me know by writing me at the email address found at the foot of the main page of this site. Thanks!
glad you're back, miss reading your blog and all the lovely projects that you post.
I need to add TortillaGirl to my list of blogs to follow, because I keep missing updates (always a day late and a dollar short). It's nice to just start making something without a defined plan!
well hi there! I was just wondering what ever happened to Skinny Rabbit, lol. I'm glad to see you're still knitting. I know that school has taken time away from my blogging and knitting too so i haven't had time to read blogs either. but when I do read them I always check in on the Rabbit :)
Wow, I haven't been here in forever. Your son has grown quite a bit.
Oh My Goodness!! Capitan Destructo isn't a baby anymore!! He is all grown up..sigh!!
yummmyyyyy ! the cake loooks so delicious ! would you mind sharing the recipe ?
Becky: I miss your blogging so much! You are the person who inspired me to learn how to knit. I hope one day you have time to continue your blog. Love ya! Nancy xoxo

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