May 22, 2007

Silk Top Goes for a Ride.

We headed out for a 45 minute car ride to the town of Cremieux to spend the day with a friend of mine and you know what that means: Car knitting, bay-bee! And when I was in the car I totally waved my Silk Top around like it was a banner while I yelled out the car window, "knitter's rule, duuuuuuuude!"

Okay, I'm kidding about the yelling part. But not about the waving part.

"Mommy, why is that lady waving around a sweater on needles?"

may_cremieux_thumb.jpgI got to finish up another lace repeat, so it was a productive car ride. (I was too tired on the way back home to do any knitting. Wine + Sun = Rabbit Snoozing in Car.) But! I did take out my camera and took a few extra scenic shots to put in a slideshow. Come on, you knew I would. Skinny Rabbit loves to share photos with her readers. Click here to see the slideshow.

Okay, I'm off catch up on a few blogs before I pick up Captain Destructo from school, and then I've got some work to do offline. In the words of Miranda Priestly, "that's all". (Love, love, love Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestly.)

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I love that Miranda Priestly rold Meryl Streep played. Thoroughly enjoyed the book, too. I never would have lasted, that is, unless I got a Prada bag or two...
Wine+Sun = anyone snoozing! Looks like it was a fun little trip.
Beautiful sweater and beau-tee-ful scenery!! You are so lucky to live in such a cultured locale! Cannot wait to see the finished knitting! You go girl!
What a lovely trip! The silk top looks beautiful.
I so so so wish that I could knit more in the car. I'm fine with anything that I don't have to look at (stockinette, ribbing, simple patterns) but if I have to concentrate, I start to feel pretty icky. It does not help that both our dogs have a propensity to get car sick too. Oh boy, when does the fun start? The piece is going to be absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see the final product.
Oooh, Le Petit Prince on top of a map of Europe. That's great. What a gorgeous trip! Makes me wanna go on some small road trips to some of the wineries around here (although people would make me drive, bleh).
Hmmm, probably I will watch Miranda Priestly again while knitting tonight. I also love love her. Btw, i also love love your silk top. Can't wait to see it finish.
i love car knitting! (or crocheting as the case often is for me...) that top is going to be fabulous, i can't wait to see it. and i loved the picture of the Little Prince! that's one of my absolute favorite books!
Love the lacey silk. :) The slideshow makes me long for Germany where I lived, gosh, almost 20 years ago now, for a couple of years.
Live car trips so I can get some serious knitting done. With such beautiful it would be hard to knit all the entire time!
I love the flowers! It seems like the top is moving right along lately. My warm weather ran away, I am envious of yours.
I like the picture of the tunnel, very cute. I love car trips too. Must remind M to take me on one soon!
Love the slideshow. It really brought back memories of driving in southern France on our honeymoon three years ago. :) Looking forward to seeing the silk top!
I hope you weren't driving with the other hand that wasn't waving your knitting around! The silk looks good! ====================================== Note by Becky: Dude! I ain't that whack. Hubby was driving.
tres jolie! it was one of those made ya looks! with the tunnel shot!!heh
Totally missed the skinny rabbit while she was busy. I'm having contests over the next few weeks though, so do pop in and enter. :)
Love those knitting in the car pictures! So inspiring!! What is the best time to visit your part of the world? I saw a travel special that showed Lyon and the murals as well as some silk weaving studios...I wanted to pack up and go go go go!!!! I hope Captain Destructo is doing well! My Destructo turned 25 recently so I am enjoying watching your little guy...I miss that age!
Wine+sun always = snoozing. I found that out the hard way on vacation in Italy recently.....Not that it was hard to nap, but you get the idea!
Love your blog. I linked from Grumperina's. Your son is too cute and your knits for him as well. Enjoy this time as my son (12 yrs) only wears sweaters for "dressing up" which is rare so I can't see knitting him something he'll wear once before he outgrows it. So its hats, scarves, and possibly socks, for him!
Nice to see that you can squeeze in some more knitting time. Looks as though you had a nice trip too.
Looks like you are doing such a beautiful job on the Silk Top Becky. I really enjoyed the photos. France seems to be so lovely. Were you born there?
I love me a vicarious trip through the French countryside ala Rabbit. Thanks for the eye candy! P.S. I took Marly to dinner at the favorite Thai place tonight, and she coordinated beautifully with my freshly finished Glee. Pictures tomorrow!
Mmm, wine and sun in the French countryside... if it weren't spring in Seattle after midnight, I'd feel like I was there. It's definitely snoozing time for me though.
I'm on sleeve island right all my commute knitting is dedicated to two sleeves for my Queen and Country cardi for Gil.
I love your countryside pictures! It makes me feel like I am there! I have been trying to be a bit more "French" here in the US--you know, more enjoyment of loveliness, wine, chocolate, simple delicious meals...mmm! Can't wait to see the silkiness modeled on you--you look great in that style!
sigh. If only my husband let me knit in the car... he's convinced I'd poke my eye out :p Beautiful photography, comme toujours!

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