May 22, 2006

We got fronts!

Finished fronts of a Teeny Camisole, that is. Check iiiiiiiiiiiiiit:

(This is the sitting down view.)

These fronts were knit while riding in the car with Monsieur Le Hubby. Viva car knitting! (On the days I take the bus and metro I pull out a book. I like giving my hobbies their fair share of my time. I just finished re-reading Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress - this time in English - and I'm currently reading The Broker by John Grisham. Viva bus reading!)

thumb.jpgUp next: Seaming, and then crocheting borders and buttonholes. And I have no excuse to dawdle over those little tasks because I already bought some buttons on Saturday. They're tinted red and have flecks of pink in the center, but they're translucent so they take on the color of the yarn when placed against the camisole. Oh, how fancy!

Now that I've got a finished project on the horizon I'm already thinking about what I'd like to put on the needles next. Something along the lines of this should give you an idea of what I want to knit:

Please pardon my spontaneous rough sketch.

For my stylisme course (fashion design and illustration) we keep designer sketchbooks where we're encouraged to shoot off sketches whenever we get an idea or see something that inspires us. These books aren't graded, so most of the sketches in them are pretty rough (like the one above) because they're supposed to be spontaneous; we do the fancy drawing and color rendering for projects we turn in. I admit that even though I'm an avid knitter most of my spontaneous design ideas tend to NOT be hand-knitwear [gasp!], but every once in a while I get an idea for something I'd like to knit for myself. When that happens I sketch that idea on a bit of paper and then I stick it in my design sketchbook for later reference. My current knitting urge: Something sporty. Something stripey. Preferably, stripey of the RED and WHITE variety. Yep...I think it's time I swatched that GGH Bali.

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I hadn't even noticed it had buttons--and those look great! That neckline you sketched reminds me of the Audrey, which looks fabulous on you. Looking forward to the project.
Those teeny fronts look like sleeves, lol! Did you really frog the Calmer sweater? Re: The Broker, how do you like it so far? I read it last year and did you see the Da Vinci Code movie?
I like The Broker so far (don't tell me how it ends!) and I haven't seen the Da Vinci Code yet. I'm still iffy about it; I read the book three times and was really looking forward to the movie, but all the people I know offline who read the book said they hated the movie :-( I'm tempted to go see for myself but at this point I'm thinking about just waiting for the DVD.
I'm impressed with your "rough sketches". They are looking good.
Verrrry nice! Didn't you love Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress?! I read it for my book group. Right now I'm reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, also very good so far. Viva les livres (et tricoter dans la voiture)! (please pardon any gramatical errors(: )
That teeny cami color is just luscious! I mean it's down right juicy! And I love the buttons! Your "rough" sketches make me laugh. I don't mean that the ideas are funny, but your rough draft is my finished product!
I read about your responses about Da Vinci Code ... I only read it once and my husband is now reading it. I plan to read it again after he finishes. Nobody we know even slightly likes the movie ... I think we'll just catch it on cable (not even bother with the DVD!) I like the lovely buttons you got for the camisole ... looking forward to see the little number finished!
The camisole is of the most delicious colour! Ahhh! And your scetch is interesting indeed, I too think that that neck line would be great on you. Hubby (who hasn't read the book) and the sons (14, 16 yo, who both have read the book) went to see The DaVinci code, and they all liked it, as did my brother (who hasn't read the book) and his wife (who has). I heard so much negative about the film that I prefered to stay at home with the girls.
Those buttons are super awesome! And your sketches are really fun! Love the teeny camisole!
Ooh - I like that design to the right - sexy and sporty! Red and white stripes are so satisfying.
swwwwwweet. hey I need a red button.
I like the fronts, they are looking good. Those buttons are sweet! Like the rough sketch for the sweater. I think that would look great for a sporty-stripey number.
Yep those are teeny alright. Pretty but teeny. The fronts of Cutaway looked like that and I kept thinking there was no way they would fit. Blocking does amazing things. Your "rough" sketches look pretty darn nice to me. I have trouble drawing stick figures! ;)
cami looks wonderful, u must be the fastest knitter on the planet!!
Get those buttons on girl! The finished product is going to be saaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwweet!
The cami is going to be so cute! I like your sketched idea as well. Red and white stripes are very sporty and flirty. What did you think of Balzac? I liked it up until the very end.
Thanks! And I'm glad my rough sweater sketch is getting some thumbs up. (The general idea is there, but I would correct some things in a final drawing of it.)
This little sketch looks interesting! Red and White? Perfect!...
sorry to be off-topic, but i only recently found your site, and i love it! your projects and my seester (sister-in-law) have now inspired me to learn to knit. this means you need to make a pattern for the titania sweater so my learning won't be in vain!
I love the teeny camisole. Those buttons look perfect! Your sketching doesn't look rough to me---not even close to rough--I could show you a rough sketch! The sweater looks like a great design.
That cami looks adorable! I can't wait for the photoshoot!
Is "Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress" by the same author as the Red slippers one? I cannot find the complete name right now... Beautiful fronts to the camisole!
The camilooks lovely. I am very envious of you going to fashion school. Monsieur Le Hubby must be very supportive. Viva Monsieur Le Hubby. Mia
Your sketches are so amazing I'm sure you don't need any further inspiration, but there's a sweater that looks similar to what you're looking for (without the puffy sleeves, though), in Rebecca Magazine no. 29, the summer issue :)
That was really quick for the camisole. It looks great. The buttons are going to be so cute too. Of course you know I like the stripes and I love the red and white. Punchy. I like to call it. Punchy, punky, nautical--is that possible? hehe
Makes me think of the can can, for some reason. Moulin Rouge-y. Fun! And if those sketches are rough, I want to see the finished ones!!!!!
Love the cami color and shape.
Love the buttons!! And I agree that your rough sketch ain't so rough!!! I like the fronts for the cami. It will look so nice on you!! I thought of you yesterday "The patron saint of finishing" when I was seaming the hem of a sweater and actually ENJOYED it!!! Maybe I will become a duchess of finishing??
ohhhh, laaa, laaaa.
Viva le sporty sailor sweater! So very "now". Knit it up, knit it up!
Becky, I thought your drawing was fantastique! Not at all amateur. I keep a knitting log with drawings but I cannot draw or sketch and it would be embarrasing for someone else to see it - it's for my eyes only. How beautiful! Becky, is it your intention to become a full fledged fashion designer when you finish school? Do you think knitting will always be your first love?
Hope you're seaming right now - we wanna see the Teeny camisole dancing shots :)
Can't wait to see the "teeny" cami. Still slogging away on as yet "other" unfinished projects (one is unfortunately wool!). Yup, time again to do the clearing out of all unfinished business (knitting)! As per your stylisme course, do you need any previous drawing experience or does everyone do the best they can?
"Rough" sketch, *hein*? And I thought I had made progress with my drawing. Are the buttons from La Droguerie?
Cami fronts! Already?! All right! Let's see it! The spring/summer projects seem to knit up really quickly. It must be satisfying.
That sketch design is hot...I love it. Teeny cami is looking great!!
WOW, you sketch also...though I wish I had such skinny legs as in the sketch...that design reminds me of a music video from the 80's :-) > I like giving my hobbies their fair share of >my time Oh, you are so good. The key element here is time. I need to decide which hobbie i'll do in my minimal free time which is after DS goes to sleep...however, if I start driving I might have more of that, as his bed time will be earlier. Stripes are in this year. Your cammi is going to be so FAB.
Hi Becky, I'm loving the teeni cami. Looks gorgeous - you're so talented! And the 'rough' sketch is fantastic. That red and white colour combo is perfect for the summer. Can't wait to see the finished products!
Hi - I am a new reader to your blog. Your knitting is so beautiful. I am also reading Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress. How funny that we are reading the same book at the same time. I just checked it out from the library yesterday. In response to comment above, this book is written by Dai Sijie. The book cover has a pair of red slippers. His latest novel is Mr. Muo's traveling couch. Happy reading :)
Cute buttons. I can't wait to see this tank finished. I like your sketches. I think both would look adorable topped off with a beret! Tres Francais, non? I love John Grisham and have read every single one of his books. Have you read any others? I really liked The Broker. I'd love to be able to immerse myself into a different culture like that. (I'd choose France though. My french roots go back a kazzillion years, but my generation is the first that isn't fluent...probably one of my greatest regrets.)
=^-^= Wow! Haven't seen a design like that before, its unique and the buttons are cute. Nice sketches too, the finished piece of work looks just like ur sketches, or close of enough.

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