May 21, 2004

Back to Audrey, skippy.

You see a Piaggio scooter.
I see a message from the knitting gods.
[Please, click here to zoom out.]

The heat wave of the past few days appears to be over, and we're back to cloudy weather for a while. The other day, while walking through La Croix Rousse, what do I see? A Piaggio scooter*. It's a message from the knitting gods, I tell you. They're calling out to me, "Finish your Audrey...NOW."

Oh, alright. Now bring us back the nice weather, already. And don't go over 25 degrees celsius, thanks.

In case you were wondering, this is where I am with Audrey right now:

Block us, already.

Both sleeves finished. No blocking, but they could sure use it. Knitting the second sleeve was enjoyable and uneventful, except for when my skein of yarn ran out before I was able to bind off the sleeve cap. See the ends where I joined new yarn? Argh. There is nothing that annoys me more than having to join new yarn just to bind off a row. Grumble, grumble.

The sleeves have been completed, but neither the front nor back have been started. Maybe tonight or tomorrow evening. I still haven't decided if I'm going to work the shaping of the front and the back pieces as instructed in the pattern, which is probably why I'm being pokey about starting them.

*That Piaggio scooter is always parked there, so I'm sure that whoever owns it lives or works in the vicinity. When my Audrey is finished, I feel like leaving a little note taped to the scooter that reads, "Hello, dear owner of the fabby Piaggio Vespa! I will be sitting on your scooter on [insert date] at [insert time] so that I can take pictures of myself wearing my finished Audrey sweater. Please don't call the cops on me. Thank you. Much obliged."

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Definitely a message from the knitting goddesses! I think you should leave notes and then, once you've taken the pic, a pic of you on the scooter, with head cut off, of course, a la Amelie! I am now trying (and losing) to get some calmer b/c of how much everyone raves. Wish me luck.
Hee hee! I dare you to do it :)
I double-dare you! ;-) And oui, then you must follow through by leaving a picture!!
You simply have to.... no choice really!!!
Seeing Audry modeled on the Vespa made me want to knit it. Who care what the sweater looks like, it was modeled on a Vespa! I covet the Piaggio Vespa greatly. I'm thinking you get together with the owner of the Piaggio and go all Roman Holiday for these pictures. :)
You make me smile! :o)
Audrey is calling out to be finished! What a gorgeous color for Audrey too! I'm sure the Vespa is looking for a gorgeous woman in a lovely red hot sweater to sit on her. Are scooters a "her"? Interesting....why sleeves first? I always leave my sleeves last probably because I'm so anal about following directions. But then again, I'm pretty bored by the sleeves. Maybe sleeveless is the way to go for me!
I've been getting the same message, but trying to push it back just a little longer until I can determine whether to use the Jaeger Extra Fine DK Merino in cream (a lovely springy yarn) or the Rowan Calmer in zeal, which is purple. The purple is a little overwhelming to me, but I think it is a color I'd look alright in. I bought it off the internet on the cheap - it appeared blue in the pictures! Any thoughts on color? I think my true color is either Drift or Slosh (white and blue, respectively), but alas, they aren't an option. Any help, oh goddess of the Audreys? I'm still awaiting a picture of myself on a scooter from the weekend in La Jolla (my sister in law took it). It's not nearly so glamorous as the Vespa pictured, nor am I in Audrey form - but its cute in a goofy way. I will do my real Audrey photo shoot at the Santa Monica Vespa store in style! (And I'm all for you leaving the note - I have visions of doing the same on our honeymoon in Italy!)
Cute scooter and sleeves. Aww go ahead, they won't mind, LOL!
I five-tuple dare you. BUT, you must get the curling iron out to Audrey up the do to the nth degree. Also, if you don't have Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses, I saved mine from the 80s...I can't help you with Gregory Peck though...
I am picturing you and the scooter owner whizzing along with Monsieur le Hubby following along in the car, snapping pictures! Hee hee! The ultimate in whack rabbit action shots. :-)
It's an absolute given that anyone cool enough to own such a fab scooter will be totally cool about you borrowing it for a photoshoot. I'll be interested to see your dancing rabbit shot though ..... in my experience, rabbits and motor vehicles (even gorgeous scooters !) don't always mix too well !
Of course you have to do that. Once they find out that you knitted the fabulous sweater you're wearing, the owner of fabby Vespa will be so awed that he won't be able to say no. Distract him with your knitting! Like a knitting-whack-rabbit-superhero! P.S. Your sleeves sure look pretty. And I can't believe that's before blocking. Mine don't look that good AFTER blocking!
Now look what you've done! You _have_ to pose with the Piaggio now! Yes, and with scarf and sunglasses. Perfetto!
Hey, the worst part for you is over! Done! Now you have no excuses, just to finish it! And, dooon't forget the vespa picture!
Oh my god, when I first got to this site I thought you BOUGHT THAT THING. (And I can totally see you on it, girlfriend)
Yeh I hear ya! I've been there with the ball of yarn clean run dry on you before you finish...just a little further oh please. But oh no the ball she shrinks a bit too fast! GRRRR!!!! Oh the nostalgia! You will definitely cut the "la bella figura" on the Piaggia! Ciao baby!
You would sure look good on that scooter, with Audrey! I agree with the others : leave a note, than when the picture is taken, leave it too! You will make the day of the owner (someone owning such a vehicle MUST be cool!) :-D
You know, the guy who owns the scooter (and its gotta be a guy) might be a hottie-G. Peck look-a-like. Even married girls can look. ;-)
Oh, they have the hard shell case! That is a cool accessory, but the color of the bike is not my fave. When I got my Vespa at the Vespa Atlanta store, they had a custom-made pink one with a zebra striped seat cover. Rrrrroooowwr! However, not brave enough to drive it. Somewhere between Hot Pink and Pearly White am I. My Drago Rosso model suits me fine. You should definitely take your picture on their bike, though. I personally would not mind if I came down into my garage one day to find some strange lady sitting on my bike in a handknitted vintage sweater taking her own picture, scarf tied jauntily around her neck. Then again, most people might say, "Hey, lady, what are you doing on my bike?!!" Or maybe "Hey, lady, what are you doing inside my garage?!!" However, I'd probably come out with, "Hey, lady, great sweater!!"
Hehe! I love Tamara's chase scenario! Let me be the skabilionth to say that you must take that pic. If the owner of the Piaggio is in fact male, well, what's a FRENCH male going to say to a foxy lady such a yourself? Non? Pas de chance! Go on, write that note! And go on, please cast on for the rest of Audrey!
Then you'd be the next Audrey, admiring audience and all!
He, he, t'es pas cap' sure have to do it, and we want to see the picture ;-). The sleeves are beautifull, by the way. See you soon!
Oh, I hear you, I had to join new year on the bind off row for the cardigan I made baby “s”, I still haven’t posted pictures of the finished garment as I have not had ANY time to work on my blog this weekend. I’m rather stressed and sleep deprived these days and I fear I always have housework to do. LOL about the scooter msg. I’d might consider making Audrey if it looked different, it could make a really nice cardigan for a twin set.
Covet that Audrey. Covet that Piaggio. Covet the idea of scooting around in Audrey on Piaggio. You MUST do it!

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