May 20, 2013

Whooooo are you, who who who who....

Wow! It's been a while. How about I play a little catch-up? Real quick-like. First of all, this is the city where I now live:


It ain't Lyon.

Bordeaux, baby! I took that photo with my mobile almost as soon as we moved here from Lyon, in August of 2011. (To see some more photos I took at that time, you can go to I do miss Lyon (a lot), but Bordeaux is a fabulous city and I've made lots of great friends.

Also, Captain Destructo is very big now. Taller than me, and is still as thin and lanky as ever. He no longer wears my hand knit sweaters because I have no time to knit and finish them before he grows out of them, but he does spend a lot of time taking part in competitions doing this:


(Among other things.)

[Sidenote: He recently took part in a competition where Sanson Boris, French gold medalist at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, gave out the medals and autographed Captain Destructo's glove. Suffice it to say that the Captain's day was made.]

And! He's no longer an only child. A little over a year ago, I had this view of my shoes:


No, that is not a helium balloon.

Which is why I made this:


This, too:


I wanted to make this for Captain Destructo in 2000, but didn't get the chance.
Twelve years later, I did. Yay.

And this:


Of which I think Leeloo the Bichon approves:


This was taken in April of 2012.
One. Whole. Year. Ago. Already!

More catching up soon, so that I can share more about the family and write individual entries for these projects (and others) including patterns and yarns I used. Isn't it awful of me to keep you hanging like that?

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18 comments to this entry:

Welcome back!!! Yay and hooray for all of your happenings ;o)
Aww! What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! And he or she has an awesome head of black hair. It is nice to hear about the Captain too. He was such a cutie, it would be nice to see him again - or was one of those figures in white the same Captain Destructo? I can understand that a near man-sized sweater is a lot of knitting and those cute patterns may not translate too well to his size, but it is nice that you are back here sharing your projects. I'm looking forward to reading more.
Congratulations! What a lovely surprise to see a new entry on your blog on my feed reader. I am very happy to read your news and see your new knits and all.
Hi! You're back! Yay!
It's lovely to see you blogging again. Very belated congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful new person. x
Oh, it's not awful of you at all. I'm just thrilled you're writing again: it's been lovely seeing you on twitter.
This is such a happymaking thing!!! Yay! Congratulations!! Huzzah!!! Hooray!!!! Wooooohoooooo! (and I have been wanting to jump back in to the olde blog, and now I'm super motivated!)
I was happily surprised to get my email notification this morning! So happy to see you back again. So many happy changes to your life. And I love Bordeaux. My hubby and I spent a few days there many moons ago!
How nice to see you posting again Becky! Beautiful knits!
welcome back so good to see all is well, cute baby sweaters !
Congratulations! And welcome back!!
Well, hey there, stranger! I can't believe Captain Destruction is that tall! And those are some adorable knits for an adorable baby :) or toddler now!
Congratulations! How lovely for you - now you get to knit baby clothes again. I knit a lot of baby clothes - because they are smaller and cute! CraftGraft on Ravelry
Yea! Glad you're dipping your toe back into blogging. I've been keeping up with the bits and pieces from & your Etsy shop; and it's nice to see more detail. Congratulations on all the life changes for your family!
Welcome back! :D Good thing I kept skinny rabbit in my RSS reader all this time. Imagine my surprise to see "skinny rabbit unread:1" in there today.
Terribly awful! I still pop in from time to time looking for sweater inspiration, and here you are with a new entry and a new baby and a new city! Congratulations!
So absolutely wonderful to see this post from you (late to the party about though!!) Just like the old days!! Hope little miss is doing well and that you continue to properly adorn her with handknits.xo .................................................................................................... So wonderful to see you here, Lis! Thanks for keeping in touch. My youngest is a boy, and there definitely are more knits I've got planned and that I'll be sharing here. xo - Becky
Happy to see you back! Congratulations!

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