May 19, 2005

Check out my crazy Popcorn Jacket!

Take me to Paris, bay-bee!

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot.]
[Wanna see some other VIEWS? Oh, go on!]
[ some CLOSEUPS, too.]

Project details: "Popcorn Jacket", otherwise known as "Veste" pattern 8 from Phildar Tendances Automne 04/05. I knit the 34/36 size, and used less than 5 skeins of Oxygene in Noir, 3 skeins of Oxygene in Blanc and 6 skeins of Phil Pompom in Pie. And let me say this: It is one WILD and FUNKY jacket. Six years ago I wouldn't have even thought of wearing something like this, but you know what? The beauty of being able to knit my own stuff while living in France, the place where people basically wear whatever tickles their fancy, has liberated me and my wardrobe. Bring on the tufts and fringe!

I've been working on finishing this jacket all week during my free time, and had woven in the very last end right before pulling it on and taking the shot you see above. I have not been able to debut it yet, but I'm taking this jacket with me to PARIS so I can wear it over there during a chilly evening. But before I go, I must do some whack dancing 'cause it's a rule around here:


Things I did when I knit this jacket: Hmm...long-tail cast-on for hem and cuffs. Shoulders were not short-rowed this time, because there was a color change and short-rowing would have looked wonky. (I know, I always gotta try even if you think it won't work!) So I did regular bind-offs for shoulder shaping, but slipped the first stitch of each bind-off row. Shoulders were joined using backstitch. Sleeve and side seams were joined using mattress stitch. Prior to seaming I steam-blocked all pieces with WRONG SIDE facing down. [Slideshow of how I block here.] After I attached all the fringe* I decided that the neck looked a little unfinished (I saw this jacket knitted up as a sample in the store, and there was no fringe or edging around the neck) so I picked up stitches around the neck using Oxygene in black, and simply bound-off the first row. I then attached hook and eye fasteners to the front edges of the jacket. [NOTE: I've already washed the jacket as a means to give it a final blocking session, and the tufts in the Phil Pompom held up wonderfully as did the fasteners. No snags, no disasters. Man, I love me a well-behavin' jacket, don't you?]

*Before I head off to Paris with this jacket, I need to dedicate a little paragraph to the fringe. At first I considered not putting ANY fringe at all, but working a border around the jacket instead. I did that, and it looked bare. So then I decided to put only black fringe instead of black and white fringe, and that looked really weird. It was then that I realized that pattern designers really do know what the heck they're doing, and that black and white fringe was used for a reason. And you know what? I found the reason. I finally tried the black and white fringe and it's what looked best on the jacket. I cut the fringe at the length called for in the pattern and the only way to wear it is all wild and flying about. Trying to make the fringe look neat (yep, I tried that, too) looks a little strange on this jacket. Wild is the way to go when you've got a jacket with popcorn-looking tufts all over it, believe me.

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I've been checking all day to see if that jacket would come up! Yay! It looks great! I really like it. I may have to copy you. AGAIN. Anyway, have fun in Paris!
Fringelicious, baby! That jacket is GROOVIN'! And it's going to look especially great in Paris. Be sure to take pictures for us!
Thanks! Of course, I couldn't leave without showing it. And I promise to take pictures :-)
Score!!!!!! Have a great time in Paris. Have a drink on a sidewalk cafe/bar for me.
Looking great, and fab pics as usual! What's next in line at the fluffa knitting factory??
I think I saw too many of your whacky dance shots ... it got contagious and I had to do it myself! woooo ...
C'est adorable! I hope y'all have a BLAST in Paris ~
That is some dangerous-looking fringing there! It looks classic but fun at the same time. How do Phildar do it?
Oh, my gosh. That's so gorgeous! Not for those of us with love handles, but on you. . . beautiful.
Great jacket!!! It's wild! I love it :D
Ooh, I've been looking forward to seeing how that turned out. I really love it.
jacket looks great! I love the shout-out to the French who wear whatever tickles their fancy! I do that here, but I get weird looks sometimes (I swear, leg warmers worn right look fun-kay!).
That is WILD! Looks great, as usual... Somehow it pulls off looking classic while it's being all crazy and fun. Have a great time in Paris!
Sweet! You totally pull that off, you wild child! I would ever wear it to work - I think it's that cute. Hope you have loads of fun in Paris, and don't forget your camera!
I think it's absolutely perfect. Nice job! Bon voyage and I want to see lots of pictures when you get back! :-)
Wow, Becky, that's one terrrrrrific jacket. It looks like so much fun! I can tell you're gonna put it to good use. Thanks for the great photos, and for furthering my knitcrush on all things Phildar!
OH man! That jacket is the cutest little thing ever and you look amazing in it! It honestly looks like some designer made it and that it could sell for thousands.. Love your work, like usual :)
Woohoo! Finis! Excellent. I love the stripes, and the no-hands shot shows how the surface texture is super cool by the way the near edge (your right side) looks black and the far edge looks white. Well, basically I love that shot and the sweater. Say hello to Paris for me!
what a fun jacket. i love how you knit "outside the box" and always end up with another fab knit and you work that disco hair. love those pics.
Love the jacket, love the fringe...marvelous!
That's really freakin' gorgeous. Oh, you and B-M are gonna put me to shame as I am bringing only ONE handknit. The horror. SEE YOU SATURDAY!!
Take that hottie jacket out and buy it a drink, bay-bee! That looks very chic, and so very right for what I perceive Paris is (never having been, ya know). I really find that my natural tendency towards a low-key fashion style is only exacerbated by my staid New England environment. Silvia makes fun of me.
Fabulous! I'm so impressed that you brave the fringe. Just thinking about fringing all those projects (poncho, popcorn, brumes jacket) makes me tired. =)
Oh my! That is a funkylicious jacket. Definitely Paris. Have lots of fun!
Haut mama! Popcorn Jacket looks so cute on you, it looks as if it were designed just for you. How fun! You inspire me to try new things and wish that I lived in France. :)
Enjoy Paris in your way cool Popcorn Jacket!
the divine mme becky does it again. another fab project from the style queen! just gorgeous!
Ah, I've been waiting ever so breathlessly to see the Popcorn Jacket finished. Very FaBu. You look just great in it, good job going out on the fashion limb!! I'm with Felicia, fringing makes me tired, so I doubly admire you, because it finishes off the looke perfectly. Look out, Paris!
Very sharp! Very Chanel! Very well executed. You have inspired me to try some Phildar patterns and I have some on the way. Good thing the Useful Husband speaks French.
Fashion freedom means being able to wear fringe? You liberate the rest of us, if only vicariously, from fashion prison. We should all be cheering 'Fringe Fringe Fringe" and we should only look as lovely as you do in our jackets.
i really like the lines going horizontal - they add a really sophisticated look to the jacket, very kewl. ;) have fun in paris!
Brilliant!!! How do you manage to make it look better than the original ?
Too cute jacket!! Have fun wearing it!
Rabbit Fringes!!! It looks stunning!!! I'm definitely having to make that one now!! Albeit I don't have the model fluff body to go with as you do!! Looking forward to reading all about great Paris!!!
Major major major MAJOR jacket envy going on down here. Just as well we live 20,000 miles apart, otherwise I might sneak into your apartment and steal it! Faboo job, as always. Long live disco hair!
Lovely. You've perfected the style--Chanel cardi jacket with trim. Tout Paris will want this!
Love that popcorn, and it'll be the talk of Paree. Maybe you should wear it to the movies too, you know--popcorn and movies go together like nutella and crepes.
Fabulous! I'm so glad you did the fringe -- it's perfect.
That Jacket is fab and funky!! Love it!
Je l'adore absolument!!! It's perfect for Paris - refined, yet cutting edge. I'm looking forward to your pictures and reports because I'm planning a trip for this fall. Need to check out all the Phildar stores. Felicitations.
I love your Popcorn jacket! I can't imagine it minus the fringe either. It totally lookd like something I'd wear.
I think that wild fringe makes the whole jacket - I love it! I'm sure Paris will, too.
Your jacket is just awesome. Looking forward to seeing pics of you & your jacket romping about gay Paree having a fabulous time!
Another gorgeous skinny rabbit creation! You are da woman :)
Love the jacket on you! Have fun in Paris!
Oh my God! That has got to be the coolest knitted thing I have seen in a long time. It looks fabulous on you, and I bet you get lots of nice comments from even the snootiest of Parisians. Très beau!
Ah what a perfect timing to finish your Popcorn! Now you can wear it in Paris... It fits really well on you! Looks the same as in the model.
It's AMAZING! It's sorta wild and crazy, but the basic colors tone it down somewhat. So cool! :)
I love the jacket. Hope it has fun in Paris.
Lovely! Have a great time in Paris.
Wow! That is so sweet! I want to make Salina--but I want to live a life where I could wear the Popcorn Jacket! Thanks for letting us share the fun.
Looks fantastic and very cool, as usual. Hope you are having a fab time in Paris with your lovely new jacket.
I'm pretty sure the ONLY person in blogland who could pull off a popcorn jacket is you! It looks fantastic (and believe me, I wasn't sold when you first told us about it!)!
It is very beautiful on you !! Great work !
the jacket looks so cool! i feel inspired to try again on mine now... i gave it up for awhile and got distracted by some other knitting but no more distractions now.. yours is way nicer than i thought mine would turn out, so maybe i can do it after all!
You are the best promotion Phildar can get! The jacket is wonderfully wild. Love it!And have a great time in Paris.
The jacket looks like it was made just for you, classic & wild! It looks like a beautiful complicated designer wear. You've changed the world of black and white for me! :D
So Chanel and I like the color too!
A super fun jacket - I think the fringe really sets it off!
Wow ! Your jacket is unbelievably cool. Way better than the pink one on the book. Let me know how many people will ask where you bought it in Paris or Lyon ;)
cant wait to see the fringe-a-liscious here in town :) I wish the new knit lovely and safe travels!
Blimey! That is one funkalicious jacket! Totally amazing how you can knit something that ends up looking a but like a tweedy weave. I might be a bit too chicken to wear it but it's certainly lovely and really suits you. Time to hit Paris! Have a great time!
It's really lovely! It looks so... you. :-) Have a nice time in Paris!
Very cute jacket! The rabbit does it again! :)
pop pop POP! So cute, Becky! I loved your little synopsis on French fashion and how people wear whatever the hell they want. That must be nice... this jacket is really a great fit for you--funky and fun. I love the hook & eye closures. I was just thinking this week about putting some of those on a cardi. Have a lovely time in gay Paris! :)
Miam! I'll have to go and make some pop-corn, to celebrate this great jacket! Lucky we're having such a cold spring, so you can wear it on your trip to Paris. And if Phildar would have the (improbable) good idea to keep the Pom-pom yarn in their offer for next winter, maybe I'll knit some popcorns myself...
That's fantastic! That pompom yarn sounds ace, and good news that the pompoms hold up well too - I can see why you might think they wouldn't - fabbo. I love the fringe too, it's a really really fun jacket :)
Jacket is way cute and looks great on you. I am a sucker for fringe and to me it has that retro look I love. Have a fabulous trip next week!
Oh, so cute! That is a great looking jacket and the frigne just makes it. Man, that was a lot of fringe to attach, too! Did you have some helpful beverages while you fringed? Ah, Paris...I'd love to go to Paris. I was there for 5 days on a high-school trip but had the flu for most of the time. The best part though, was a wee-small-hours-of-the-morning walk from some night club on the Champs-Elysees (did I spell that right?), past l'Opera, ending up by Notre Dame just as the sun was coming up and the birds were singing. Unforgettable. (We had a great chaperon who walked with fact, it was probably his idea.)
oh my goodness, it looks GREAT! perfect for frolicking in Paris. the fringe is perfect. have a wonderful time with those lovely ladies!
Beautiful jacket! I love to read your blog- you seem to have lots of fans according to all the comments left on every entry. Phildar patterns are awesome- we don't have the yarn in Sweden but I am knitting some of the patterns in substitute yarns, starting any day now. Have fun in Paris!
Fabulous. I love that it's so fun and unique. And as always, you did a fabulous job.
gorgeous work becky! so cute and it looks great on you... and as always, it is very inspiring to the rest of us (okay, well definitely ME...) who hesitate before taking the knitting risk! this jacket is a true expression of style and i hope taht you & it have a lovely time in paris! :)
Okay I must admit, I didn't like this project one bit as you were showing pieces of it being knitted. I thought egads that's the most awful thing I've ever seen. Okay now that it's sewn together, I LOVE IT! It's so cute and flirty. Great job!
oh lala.... have fun in Paris!
Looks like the perfect sweater for strolling the champs elysee! have a wonderful time.
You certainly preservered on that fringing! And it looks damn good! It must be fun to debut your new knit in Paris. Have a great time!
WOW! That's a great jacket. I'm so envious of your trip to Paris. Let us know how the jackets holds up.
Cra-zee jacket! 1st-time for comments, although I've been reading fluffa! for a few months--but I didn't want to say anything until I read all of the archives--and all I can say is I'm Not Worthy! Your finishing and pursuit of perfection is inspiring--it took me 8 times to sew my latest sweater's shoulders to 'Becky-ness'! And I'm glad to find out your son's name is not really Captain . But it has been amazing watching him grow up through the pics. Have a great time in Paree!
shazz-zam! :) coco chanel herself would want one. way to go! enjoy paris- take lots of pictures. and don't get too far ahead of me on the fiery bolero. (listen to me, the girl who can't finish a darned thing.)
Totally coooool! Popcorn yummy! ;)
Fringe-a-licious! You worked so hard on the finishing, Becky! I couldn't have done the fringe once, let alone all the times you did! You are the queen of finishing. I dub thee so. ;-)
Wow that's an awesome jacket. Fringe and all. You girls have a great time in Paris and be sure to tell us about all of your exploits!
OMG! OMG!!! OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG!! I love it! Wishing I was in Paris with you guys...:(
Becky, You've got a great, poppin' jacket! Great job. If you run into a cute, blonde, young man in Paris, that would be my son. He is traveling around Europe for a while. Have fun!
THANK YOU all for the kind words and compliments! I'm heading off to the train station now, and will be replying to notes and returning the blog visits when I get back. (In the meanwhile my sweet husband will be making sure that comments get published.) Have a good week, everyone! :-)
Great Becky! I have been cheking Every day to see your picture wearing this jacket! I have alredy order a kit for me! Congratulation! Catharina from SP-Brazil
You do such wonderful work. Every time I come to visit, I am in awe. Have a good time in Paris!
Gorgeous! Wow, I'm so diggin it :] Have fun in Paris!
You not only have great style but great talent. Stunning and chic jacket.
Hi Becky, The popcorn jacket looks great on you. I wouldn't thought that I would knit or wear something like that, but I've changed my mind now! You always pick up the best. Have fun in Paris.
The jacket looks marvelous!
Hi! What's more chic than black and white!?! Perfect for Paris! Enjoy!
sigh you are so very lucky. Have a wonderful time in Paris, you will look stunning in your jacket. I can't wait for the Paris Popcorn Jacket slideshow :)
Becky...that is one very cool cardi. I LOVE it!!! If I come out to visit you, can I borrow some of your knits? I'll bribe you with some chocolate! ;-)
The jacket looks great and you look great in it! Have a great trip bay-bee!! Paris here she comes...
Ya know, I didn't think it was gonna be a big deal, I don't much like novelty yarn, but DANG! That is one extremely cute sweater/jacket! I may have to re-evaluate my prejudices.
Becky :: Wow-za!! LOVE it and I am sure all the Parisiennes will be riding on your fringe-tails!!
i'm glad you stuck with the fringe. it looks so good! i want to knit a big item too. soon soon!
I just started reading your website although I had seen your pattern in Stitch & Bitch 1 - I think I'm in love with all the sweaters you've made!! I'm working on the Rebecca lace/cable cardigan and am now contemplating ordering the Phildar Kid Mohair booklet for the fuzzy green cardigan...
as always...a perfect fit...I hope you are having a blast in paris!
What a crazy jacket... but so absolutely gorgeous and funky! Beautiful work, Becky!

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