May 18, 2006

I think it's about time I started Captain Destructo's linen jacket, eh?

Oh dear Linen, how crisp and cool you are!
[Starts yodeling. Rather badly, but we're YODELING, by jove.]

We've kicked into full-time spring knitting chez Skinny Rabbit. Out with the wool, in with the cotton and linen. Now on the needles: The back piece [click to see it] of this linen jacket, which my Captain Destructo picked out from the latest Pitchoun catalog. I think he is intrigued by the horizontal stripes on the sleeves and the vertical stripes on the front of the jacket, which do make for a very interesting design element. (And they should be fun to knit, too. I love a wee dose of intarsia now and then.) Overall, I think it's a snappy jacket. If I say so myself, my boy has a sense of style.

As for the sizing, I'm knitting two sizes together. My son is five years old and tall for his age, but he's thin. In other words, he's got the weight of a five year old and the height of a six and a half year old. (I don't even want to go into the size of his feet - he'll probably be able to fit into my shoes next year.) I usually just knit his size and add on a few extra centimeters, but for this jacket we've got the vertical stripes placement. Plus, the jacket is divided horizontally into stockinette stitch and rib. So I decided to combine sizes by knitting the widths for the six year old size coupled with the lengths of the seven year old size. And doesn't this whole paragraph sound a bit like some basic algebra equation for knitters? "If Captain Destructo is stretchy like a mini basketball player and Mommy wants to knit him a linen jacket that fits him nicely without his wrists poking out of the sleeves like Herman Munster, which sizes of the jacket should Mommy combine without ruining the feng shui of the vertical stripe placement and stockinette stitch/rib pattern?"

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Surely he has some good taste ... the jacket is cool.
He'll look adorable in that jacket! Best of luck with the equation...math is not my strong suit.
Can't wait to see you progressing with this project Becky. Captain Destructo is going to look trés suave in that!!
I also have a tall/skinny 5-yr-old. My problem is everything is too big around the waist and to short around the ankles! I love the jacket pattern.
What a lucky Captain to have a mom like you! And such good taste that boy has. Perhaps he'll be a fashion designer one day... Tanya
That's a cool looking jacket! He sure has great taste!
Aww! So cute! Is it wrong that I want to have kids just so I can knit for them : )?
The Captain does indeed have v. good taste! Looking forward to seeing the finished product. long to the calmer jacket. will i miss hearing about it? NOPE!! BUT, the Kimono Jacket, that I miss hearing about every day. I heart Phildar Laine.
A toast to you for being fearless with the math. I just hope I can follow your competent example as I sit down to reconfigure last summer's IK Viennese Shrug for some Noro Cash Iroha that's been lurking in the stash since last birthday... Must knit the birthday yarn or the hubby might not buy me more this year!
Whew, the math prospects for knitting that way are making my head spin...
That looks like a really nice linen yarn your are knitting the his jacket in! You mad me laugh out loud when you said the bit about his feet.
The captain always chooses such fashionable items for you to knit for him! I love watching your WIPs.
Your algebra problem cracks me up. lol! Wow, I can't believe how much the Captain has grown! Of course he gets his sense of style from Mommy.
That jacket is super cute and I'm guess we get "inspired" by that nice stripe detail. Hmmm.
Your boy has style! Quick question...a while ago I dunno 6 months maybe you had a link to a clothing store that had some cute knitting patterns...I am in the process of trying to recreate on of those patterns but I've lost the link to the you remember what it is?
The whole rabbit family has excellent taste! I sympathise with you having a child who isn't pattern size. Em is 13 now, a girls size 10 around and a lades 8 - 10 (Aussie sizes) in length. Buying her jeans is a nightmare!
Herman Munster... Feng Shui... *giggle*
Very cute jacket and that boy has his mom's taste. The math - well, I'm gonna need some scratch paper.
If I had math question like that and knitting when I was in HS maybe I would have had better grades.
Oh, that is cute! I love the vertical stripes! Is this your first time using linen? I haven't tried linen yet but have been craving it like chocolate ever since I read about how soft it gets after washing it.
he has such cool guy taste! everything you're working on is looking so good...all of your projects are making me itch to knit something sweet and summery! hmmmmm....
Wow - maybe I should have a fashion consult with Captain Destructo - he has impeccable taste. I may just use your size combination ideas for my long torsoed (is that a word) girls! Love the linen. Jen
That jacket is sooooooo cute. Can't wait to see the finished product.
oh now that is way cool - he's so going to be the little man on the playground!
That boy has good taste in clothing, just like his mom ;)
Yay summer! The Captain will look tres chic, no doubt. Although a five year old might really appreciate the Herman Munster look... what five year old boy doesn't want to look like a giant green man (ok, I am guessing on the green part, since the show was in black & white) with a head shaped like a big old can of V8?
Je lis ce blog avec beaucoup de plaisir mais c'est la premières fois que je laisse un message... Tu choisis toujours les modèles Phildar les plus interessants, et je vois que ton fils suis les traces de sa maman...
That is going to be one sharp jacket. Can't wait to see the Captain's wack (whack?) dancing. (Won't it be a sad day when he's too old to want to pose for Mommy's blog?) Hmmm...linen knits would have the advantage, I'm guessing, of not looking like one giant wrinkle five minutes after being put on, right?
That jacket is totally awesome - he definitely has his mom's great taste when picking out the knits! And the last sentence in your post. Hilarious. Algebra, indeed!
The captain is just like Hbomb. Little string beans with giant feet. I have a hard time getting pants to fit. They waist and lenght are way out of wack so, he usually looks like he's waiting for a flood or he's holding up his pants when he runs. LOL
It's going to be a very stylish jacket on the Captain. Having four thin and long kids makes me know a lot about resizing kids patterns, and the nightmare of buying them clothes, especially jeans. That jacket looked short even on the model, so I think changing the lenght would have been a good choice even for a normal sized kid.
another great pattern. I'm curious to see what colour you chose for the intarsia or is it exact to the pattern?
I have a niece who is built the same way... we all pity her deeply. What's a girl to do when she is a blue-eyed blonde with legs for miles?? Such a shame for her.
You crack me up...I guess with all the designing you are doing, it is easy enough to combine two sizes for boy-o. I really like the yarn you are using too- it looks really smooth. I haven't tried linen yarn....yet......:)
I cannot wait to see his jacket. I too have length problems with Isabelle as she is very tall for a 4 yr old, so I usually add about 10 extra rows for length.
Your kid is SO stylish. He's more stylish then I have ever been. And he's stretchy, too!

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