May 16, 2006

Woo hoo! Stash loot!

Yarn looooooooooooooot!
[Runs madly around the room in circles.]

My knitting agenda for spring is quickly filling up, because I got some great stash goods from Germany in the mail [thank you, Rike's Wollmaus]: GGH Bali in red and white, GGH Samoa in black and GGH apart in (surprise!) more black. All that destined for a couple of cute warm-weather tops. I also got the latest Lang Fatto a Mano mag, and there are some cute tanks/sleeveless cardis in there in the style of my teeny camisole. Very nice. [I got the mag in English from Rike's Wollmaus, but there are photos of the projects at Lang Yarns.]

I also received the latest Rowan mag in the mail, and after my husband and I chuckled over the Pirates of the Caribbean-esque styling of the mag (dude with the kohl eyeliner looks like Johnny Depp in his pirate garb), I decided that I've got my heart set on knitting Crinkle along with Miss Claudia. I'm a sucker for lacy cardis lately.

With all this new yarn coming in, I've decided to lay to rest a project that has fizzled out on the back burner: The Whisper Tuck Cardigan I started last summer.

R.I.P., Whisper Tuck Cardigan

Yes, yes. I know it's a gorgeous jacket. Yes, yes. I know some people would love to see it finished. Heck, I'd like to see it finished. But not here, because what intrigued me the most about that jacket were the TUCKS, and after I completed the back piece and got my ration of the TUCKS, my interest for the jacket waned. I can't motivate myself to even start knitting the other pieces, much less finish the jacket, so I say: Adieu, Whisper Tuck Cardigan! Thanks for the memories.

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I like Crinkle from Rowan too- I will be interested to see what yarn you choose for it! I have yto say, though, that it is sadly un-piratey given the pirate theme of the mag!
Oh ... such a pity for Whisper! But you can have new plan for those calmer now. ;)
Crinkle is a cutey! (Sorry, could resist)! Bye, bye Whisper Tuck, Hello Calmer in the stash!!
Much drooling over the Lang Fatto o Mano - European styles are soooo fashion-forward!
Oh what a would have been a beautiful jacket on you. I guess I need to learn to cut my losses too, huh? :D
Goodbye, Whisper. You managed to incorporate the shorty cardi patterns last year with the lacy cardi patterns this year. Nice.
Love black yarn!!! Sweaters look so classy in black! I plan on making a black sweater for myself once I get better at it sweaters and don't have to frog the whole thing. Oh wow, I have that Rowan Calmer pattern book and love the look of the Whisper Tuck Cardi.
Ooh, nice patterns. Those will be fun. Too bad about poor Whisper, but if it's not gonna work or you lack the motivation, sometimes you just have to say goodbye.
Gosh that photo shows off the tucks SO nicely! They are lovely....but I can see why you can't be bothered with the rest, all that st st. Now I'll have to make one myself to see it finished! Crinkle is definitely one of the best patterns in that mag, I was pretty underwhelmed with the pirate section!
don't you mean "Tucks" for the memories...oh forgive me, it's hot outside.
Nice loot and the colors - yum. Crinkle looks like fun, and knitting w/ Claudia would just have to be a blast.
I have to admit I had to smile a very pleased smile when you included where you got your pattern book in English-love love love- thank you! BTW, I also love the red,black, and white yarn you got going on there. I have read and seen where blck/wht will be "in" this summer. I already started my blog about knitting a tank in those colors!
Lovely new yarns!!! Some sweaters are not ment to be sometimes. When the knitting starts to get boring, it's better to admit defeat and move on... You're supposed to have fun after all...
Stash! Yeah! There are some very cute patterns in that Lang mag.(I especially like #6, 9, & 14.) Poor Whisper wasn't meant to be. I'm sure you'll find another project for that calmer that will be more motivating for you!
I feel bad for Whisper, but on the other hand, you got lots of Calmer reclaimed! That can never be bad.
We had a good laugh over Rowan as well. A wee bit over the top wasn't it? Bye bye whisper tuck! (I sooo cannot blame you).
I love the way you get down to brass tacks and just rip a project that you don't love anymore. No muss, no fuss! Sa-LUTE! xox Kay
Oh man, I'm sad about Whisper. But I totally understand. Much better to frog than to never finish something. BTW - have you seen Project Runway? (Reality TV show about fashion designers). I just finished watching season one on DVD and I LOVED IT. I know you would too - in fact, I thought of you while I was watching it and thought you would be a great contestant.
Yeah, Crinkle is lovely!!! I belive that BlueBlog is making it aswell. I'd consider getting it if I could just by that one pattern and not the whole catalog. Rowen tends to be pricey.
Oh, I'll miss the Calmer jacket. I remember those tucks so well... Ick. I just had a flashback of my bathroom shelf, post-baby-having. I remember those Tucks so well, too. was going to be so beautiful though :(
Sorry to see the end of Whisper. I really wanted to see that one worked up and complete. But you do have some nice projects ahead of you. Poor Whisper.
I love Bali. I made a tank for Alexis with it last year and really enjoyed working with it. Enjoy your reclaimed Calmer!
Too much stockinette, although the tucks *were* cool. I'm shooting for it to be a Crinkle weekend.
Whisper -- at least you tucked! I bought the pattern, bought the yarn, let it marinate a good long time in the stash, thought about along-ing with you when you started yours...finally pulled it out a couple of weeks ago and...and... I'm using the yarn to make a baby blanket.
Awwww. I loved the whisper cardigan. I think it would have looked great on you. But, hey I just tossed a poncho like the one worn by Gwenyth Paltrow in "Possession". Tossing can be liberating and it makes way for new things. J'adore the color of you teeny camisole. I really like Fall-like colors on summer knits. It's unexpected. Thanks for your blog - I've been enjoying it for over a year now and I appreciate that you keep it to knitting and don't go on about politics, etc. Did you ever see "Possession"? It's one of my very favorite films. Gwynnie wears a cream poncho in one of the scenes - it looks like it's boiled wool but I tried to replicate it with knitting. Just too many boring rounds and I couldn't take it anymore! Now I'm knitting a short sleeve lace tee.
Drooling drooling drooling over the light blue jumper (sweater to you) with the tassles. Oh it is just gorgeous. I am thinking that your Spring wardrobe will be stunning!
Love the new "acquisitions"! So inspiring to see your yarn buys - and, hee-hee, dangerous to the credit card :)
Well.. I just boarded the cruise to Frog Pond too! :P
Oh, that's so sad, to see a WIP go. Whisper is indeed a lovely sweater--I loved Siow Chin's finished Whisper. But that yarn can become something else wonderful. After all, it's Calmer!
Ooooo... fun new stash!! And it's almost like you're getting some new Calmer in your stash too, since Whisper is headed for the Frog Pond!
too bad you don't want to finish it, because knitting the collar is very cool & it made the project for me. I gave it as a present to my niece & sure hope she enjoys it! but i realize you're a busy mom and there's only so much one can do!

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