May 15, 2007

Silk Top Image of the Day:

Another lace repeat Silk Top with Lacey Center Panel and Frilly Edges (that look like pie crust, a.k.a. picot). Woo hoo!

I watched "Love Actually" while knitting the last few rows shown here.
You know what that means, right?
I got my COLIN FIRTH and ALAN RICKMAN fix in one go.

In order to distract you from the fact that I've only got a couple more centimeters* to show since my last entry, I share with you five random songs currently playing on rotation in my iTunes as I sit here at the computer:

P!nk - Like a Pill
Pussycat Dolls - Buttons
Go-Go's - Skidmarks on my Heart
Pink Martini - Hey Eugene!
Alanis Morissette - Crazy

Now you tell me what you're listening to.

I just started the muslin for a trenchcoat AND I'm designing my end-of-the-school-year fashion collection (I'm reaching the end of my second year of fashion school...can you believe how time flies???), so knitting time is scarce this week. We got a long weekend coming up, though, so I'm looking forward to giving the Silk Top some attention.

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I'm currently listening to internet radio (radio nigel -- all kinds of great 80s punk and new wave). The song on now is Psychedelic Furs - Heartbeat
Last 5 random songs on my iPod: Candy -- Iggy Pop Like Ice in the Sun -- Status Quo Atlantis -- Donovan Nevermind -- Nirvana Suddenly You Love Me -- The Tremeloes What can I tell you? I'm old!
Sadly, I'm not listening to any music right now. I've been really into podcasts lately, especially movie podcasts like filmspotting and Watching the Directors. Good stuff.
I never thought I would like P!nk, but then I got a copy of Dear Mr. President from iTunes. It is just great!
NPR interviewed Pink Martini this morning! I'd never heard of them, but Hey Eugene sounds great and I'm curious to hear the rest of the album.
Becky, I am addicted to Hey Eugene. How awesome is it when all the girls wail for Eugene at the end?? Actually, mostly I listen to Wee Sing Silly Songs and a Sesame Street CD. My new favorite- I love Elmo's Song! ARGH!
Moonglow - Benny Goodman Orchestra Someday We'll Know - New Radicals Not a Pretty Girl - Ani DiFranco By Heart - Sylvie Lewis Surrender - The Devlins These are all from my "Neglected Favorites" list in ITunes - rated 3 stars or better, but not played recently...
hm. I will take the chance to embarrass myself in a public forum just for you. Obsession- Animotion Charlotte Sometimes - The Cure Do you believe in shame - DuranDuran Video Killed the Radio Star - The Buggles Orange Crush - R.E.M x/o ============================== Note by Becky: Dude! ALL of those songs are in my iTunes. Tee hee! (P.S. Remember the Obsession video with the girl wearing the bustier. Totally 80s fashion.)
When I read your blog title in my bloglines, I thought you had taken up spinning! :) I can't wait to see this piece finished. I think I'd probably forgo the ruffles on me but the overall piece is so cute. Alas, my listening selection is all talk radio. Probably not the most interesting selection to talk about unless you find the Ungar Report and This American Life interesting.
The lacy silk top is lookin' good! I'm listening to the Decemberists' new album, "The Crane Wife," in my car right now, and on my iPod Shuffle at the gym it's been mostly The Clash, The Ramones, Blondie, The New Pornographers, The Strokes, and Prince. All stuff designed to make me move my bum! ==================================== Note by Becky: Yeah! Some more musicians I like!
The new White Stripes single, "Icky Thump," from the album coming out next month of the same name. WILD! WILDWILDWILD!
There's a deathly silence at the office, but the song stuck in my head right now is "Hungry Heart" by the Boss. Oh, and the knitting is lovely, as usual! :D
The top looks so lovely! My parents bought the Pink Martini CD 'Hang on Little Tomato', so I've been listening to them every chance I get. And mmm, Colin Firth. So insanely sexy. ================================ Note by Becky: Hear, hear on Colin Firth and his insane sexiness. Rawr.
I'd never thought of Love Actually in the Firth/Rickman terms. Hmmm ... yummy! The top is looking great!
Well, since I have started running again I have "power" songs on my ipod. The theme from Rocky The Devil Went Down to Georgia- Charlie Daniels Jesus Walks- Kanye West Lord Give Me a Sign- DMX Eye of The Tiger- Survivor I also have buttons from the PCD
De-lurking! (I've been reading you forever, and figured it's about time I let you know that.) :) I'm currently procrastinating on some serious studying that needs to get done, and wanting to play with my yarn, so I'm listening to Gordon Lightfoot - perfect for trying to get into the right studying frame-of-mind. If not a little non-energizing. Calming, I think is what I'd call it?
I finally bought Love Actually last year - could not live without it, the opening credits make me cry - every, damn, time.
Girl power on that iPod!
I LOVE Skidmarks on my Heart! That one was in heavy rotation a few summers ago. 5 random: Los Angeles is Burning: Bad Religion Islands in the Stream: Dolly & Kenny Jolene: Dolly Parton Children's Story: Slick Rick Sister Golden Hair: America I love shuffle! I've been playing a lot of the Ettes and the Sounds by choice lately. LOVE the Sounds!
YES, Love Actually. I lent that to one of my knitting friends recently--gotta share the love! I can't remember song titles specifically because I mainly listen to CDs in my car, but some of the CD titles are: Rabbit Fur Coat - Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank - Modest Mouse The Crane Wife - The Decemberists Writer's Block - Peter, Bjorn, & John Satanic Panic in the Attic - Of Montreal
I am currently listening to Classic FM. I've also been watching 'The Lake House' a lot (and I mean a lot) because I love the soundtrack. Oh and the film is very good to!
The silk top is looking really great.
I'm listening to CSI and my next door neighbours arguing (again). Nice progress on the lacey top.
We're all about the Decemberists and Pink Martini with some Royksopp thrown in here... I'd love to see what you do with a trench coat. I've been enjoying the Sartorialist's trench coat posts.
I am addicted to anything off of gwen stefani's Sweetest Escape album right now. 4 in the morning Orange County girl Wind It Up All so annoyingly addictive but they make me want to dance in my chair.
Marilyn Manson's Greatest Fits has been getting heavy rotation...
Right now, the only music I hear is the happy babble of my children getting ready for the day. In a few minutes when we get into the car, it will be the second disc from "Old School Jams, Vol 5." The one with the long version of Genius of Love, Jamminí Big Guitar, and the classic Lovely Day by Bill Withers.
Such a pretty little topper! My current obsession is American Girl Posse by Tori Amos. 1. Yo, George 2. Big Wheel 3. Dragon 4. Girl Disappearing 5. Father's Son 6. Velvet Revolution All part of the cd. Girl liberating!
Well, at least it's moving. My knitting's been off for even longer than your's has. The discs I'm listening to right now, like incessantly in my car are: "Mi Sangre" - Juanes "Celia and Friends" - Celia Cruz *hearts beats madly* "Segundo" - Maria Rita (pronounced ^hackingsound^-ita)
TWO YEARS already!!! I remeber when you started - seems like yesterday... How much more to go?
love love love me some Pink Martini!!! I've got Hang on Little Tomato in constant rotation for the time being...
Blushing. Basic course in Japanese, episodes 1 to 9. Whispering: no music at all.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie! One of the few both the hubby and I can watch again and again. Love the opening, at the airport... Anyhoo, that looks like it's turning into quite the romantic top!
I just listened to Saint Etienne's album Tales from Turnpike House and am now onto Sarah Vaughan. Will listen to the Cast-On podcast later this afternoon when I take my dog for a walk. Happy knitting!
Sigh...Love, Actually is such a fun movie. And I looove Alan Rickman and Colin Firth. Did you see Truly, Madly, Deeply?? So good. Your sweater looks great.
Oooo, trenchcoat! I dearly love a trenchcoat. I'm crossing my fingers for a shexy photo shoot of it with a little black lace number underneath! I hope we'll get at least teaser shots of the end-of-year fashion collection.
I can't remember who ALAN RICKMAN is but I loved the movie. I also love watching movies with Hugh Grant, you've got to rent Music and Lyrics. I can't listen to music...i'm at work and I'm the main I can't have music. SUCKS. I like, Carpenters, Bon Jovi, Queen, 70's, 60's...
It's gray and wet today, so I'm listening to my Mellow playlist. Alison Krauss right now, Lisa Loeb, and a lot of mushy stuff. KT Tunstall is my current favorite. And the Beatles, as always. Lovely silk top!
I too, am about to start this GGH silk a beautiful aqua far as music, I recently saw Dickey Betts, live with his band in a down-at-the-heels venue in Orange County, NY so my CD player is being worn out with the incessant playing of Dickey and the Allmans.......
The top looks so cute it might just inspire a copycat! I'm really hoping we'll see some styling of the bustier soon - I'd like to see how you'll layer it. Will we also be able to see some of your school designs soon??? My ipod shuffle is feeling a bit schizophrenic - these all just passed through this morning: Fatal Mambo - Affaires Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body The Clash - Pressure Drop Albita - No Se Parece a Nada The Bodysnatchers - Easy Life (from the classic british ska album Dance Craze - just fabulous)
on my ipod right now: 1. Pearl jam- black 2. Pearl jam- better man 3. fergie- fergalicious 4. Omarion- Entourage 5. foo fighters- best of you my list is all over the place right now.
No ipod. but i am listening to old Elton john Yellowbrick road! Came to you from lings blog: musinganddoing. She lists you as a daily read. Her post today was so sweet and she is so tired and overwhelmed at this pregnancy's end. Wont you join me in an encouraging comment to ling?

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