May 15, 2002

The invisible increase rox.

I finished the back of the sweater, and am through a good portion of the front. Despite the constant color changes, I'm moving along quite quickly on this project, thanks to the swiftness that is the stockinette stitch. I feel like Speed Racer on the needles.

The sweater requires increases for shaping, so I decided to try the invisible increase instead of the horizontal increase, which used to be my preferred method of increasing. I'm really glad I changed! The horizontal increase was looking a wee bit funky (but not the good kinda funky) because of the different yarn colors. With the horizontal increase, the yarn from the previous row gets pulled up into the new row, which means that if an increase is made at the same time as a color change, please say hello to ugly apparent increases. So the invisible increase works out much nicer for this particular garment, although there is some pulling of the fabric. But I only increased once every 14 rows, so pulling is minimal. All in all, the invisible wins over the horizontal. And don't I sound fancy, with my knitting lingo!

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Maybe I can leave a message here. (mbh is not accepting my comments -- can't write something) Congrats on your speedy project. Nothing like near-instant gratification in knitting eh? I tried to post some of my thoughts on baguettes too. My husband buys these routinely - but of course they're only mediocre quality (ppl always look at him funny when he squeezes the bread too -- weirdos). Anyway - this pic sums up every morning of our trip to france: Miss it much!
oh, that turned out so beautifully! but what i want to know is how come it looks blocked already when it isn't? how do you DO that? and what's your advice on weaving in the ends? i could use a few tips.
And here I was thinking that it looked awful because it wasn't blocked. Hee hee. Actually, I never weave in ends because I feel that it makes the edges of the garment look bulky. So I usually leave the ends a bit long, and they're what I use to sew up the seams.
Could you explain how to do an invisible increase? Thanks!
That's one dynamite sweater! I love bright colors but hardly ever get to work with them. Are you going to try to match the stripes on the sleeves to the stripes on the back?
Julie, whenever I mention about trying something new, I'll usually link to a site that shows how to do it in the weblog. Larry! A knitting dad! How cool :-) Re the sleeves, they're raglan, so I'm going to make them a solid color (the same as the ribbing), and just keep the stripes in the body of the sweater.
Oh, yes, there's the link for the invisible increase! Missed it before! Thanks!

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