May 14, 2008

I'd do some dancing...

...but I'm too busy keeping my neck warm and toasty.

It's a neckwarmer, dudes! I used no pattern but my own. I was inspired by tree roots when I made it, and I used a soft wool/alpaca/acrylic blend. No dancing shots, unfortunately. It's already on its way to someone in Ameeerica. (You have to read "America" out loud in a sing-song voice like Rita Moreno in West Side Story.)

Speaking of America, I'll be there this summer. Any good yarn stores in Austin?

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Wow, looks great! I love the casual cables. (That's what it is, right?)
Very stylish.
Wow wow wow. Beautiful.
that looks so runway to me! also, cozy. :)
Very nice!
Cool neckwarmer! Absolutely there are good yarn stores in Austin - I really recommend Hill Country Weavers, in the very cool South Congress neighborhood. There's also Gauge, a relatively new and quite nice smaller store in a pretty space. Austin is great - let me know if you need more tips!
You should check out Are you going to be anywhere else in TX?
The neckwarmer is gorgeous! Hill Country Weavers is amazing & is right on Congress St. Other than that, I'm not familiar with anything else - oh, but you MUST get some Gingerbread pancakes.
ooh pretty cowl! I dig it. last time I was in Austin, I stopped by Hill Country Weavers and they seemed to be a pretty good yarn shop. that was a couple of years ago... still missing the breakfast tacos and central market...
Very cozy-looking!
Wow- that is so pretty! I think you did an awesome job interpreting tree roots. Love it!!
I second Hill Country Weavers. Juan in a Million for breakfast tacos and Central Market, too.
The latest Interweave Crochet actually has a short (page or two page spread) on crafting in Austin. I can send you a magazine if you want to look at it. ======================================= Note by Becky: That is an incredibly sweet offer. Thank you, Seanna Lea!
no idea about the yarn stores, but it is nice to see things from you again.
So, so cute. I love how you gathered it in with the fancy stitches. It makes it so much more wearable than the traditional neckwarmer.
Ooh, those cables are gorgeous. I immediately felt the tree-ness. Hey, will you hit the East Coast at all? ======================================= Note by Becky: I wish I could! Not this time around, unfortunately. Maybe for the next one :-)
I like!
It's beautiful, Becky! I love the yarn and the shape. And now I can't stop singing America! ::clapclapclap::
Fabulous neckwarmer! Summer hasn't even started, and I'm already looking forward to winter again. My best friend just moved to Austin, and I'm going to be visiting her in September. I hope you have a chance to make a post about the city when you get back. My friend's not a knitter (crazy, right?), so while she's good about looking for places that sell yarn, she doesn't really get what kind of yarn I'm looking for. ====================================== Note by Becky: Will do! I won't be entirely on a yarn expedition but what I fit in while I'm there will definitely be blabbed about here :-)
Hi Becky, Will you be including this in your etsy shop?
I thought you'd knit it for yourself, seeing as the weather in France has been unusual... I love the generous neck--keeps out the wind! Have a good time in Austin! ======================================= Note by Becky: I wouldn't wear this now - it's far from being cold enough.
I happen to be in Austin, and besides Hill Country Weavers, there is Bluebonnet Yarn Shop on Parmer and 620 and Gauge Knit in Pflugerville. Give me a shout or email and I can provide more info for you! Would love to meet you in person. Been stalking your blog for a couple of years now!!
Lovely, organic shape.
some of your comments are so funny to me. I love the "America" said like Rita Moreno in West Side Story. I lauged out loud!
Very cute! I love it!
I love it! Being in the southern hemisphere winter I'm having serious neck warmer envy!
Great cowl! The tree root inspirationn is visible.
Beautiful cowl. I like the cables too. They are reminiscent of tree trunks to me. You may want to check either on Ravelry, if you've got a membership or with Staci of She recently moved to Austin and works at a yarn store there that isn't Hill Country Weavers, although I've heard nothing but good things about that store. ====================================== Note by Becky: I am at Ravelry but I log in only once in a great big while. (Yes, bad knitter! ;-)) Thanks for the info!
As mentioned above, Hill Country Weavers is a personal favorite. There is also the Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe ( up in Cedar Park. And if you want to go out into the Hill Country, Old Oaks Ranch ( has some adorable alpacas you can visit. It is not too far from the Salt Lick, where you can get some good barbecue. About 45 minutes south of Austin.
you're coming to texas? how fun! i live just a few hours from austin. i love the neckwarmer, it's just gorgeous. and i totally heard rita morena saying america before i read that that's how you meant it! = )
Whoever it is, is just going to love that beautiful neckwarmer Becky! Do you have family in the U.S.? I will be in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada this summer and there are more yarns stores than you can imagine there ;-)
HCW is the biggest and oldest yarn store in Austin with an excellent selection of yarns. Out of towners love it, many locals have there problems/pet peeves. If you'll be there on the 1st Thurs. of the month they always have a sale, and South Congress has festival going on then which is fun. Bluebonnet is in Cedar Park which is a northern suburb. The two newest stores opened last fall: Gauge is on Balcones Dr. just beyond 2222 and Mopac (Loop 1) just northwest of downtown and the yarn is organized by gauge. The Knitting Nest (where Staci works) is south on Slaughter Lane at I-35. They have every color of Cascade 220 and lots of other Cascade, as well as a nice selection of sock yarn and a new westie puppy dog. If you will be venturing outside of Austin, there are several other stores (Yarnorama in Paige, Yellow Door in Buda, Old Oaks Ranch in Wimberley - has alpacas!). Austin also has meetups and other gatherings almost everyday in some part of town. Feel free to contact me if you have any ?'s.
This is wonderful! It's like sculpture for your neck.
very nice!
Lovely! I could use a neck warmer about now - it's freezing here.
Wow, gorgeous! Would you mind sharing what yarn weight you used and how much? I'd totally buy this pattern (hint, hint).
missing your blog updates, but hope it means you're living a full and satisfying life. best wishes!
Can't seem to comment on your new post, but I just wanted to wish you a great and relaxing vacation :)
very creative and imaginative,if it weren't so hot here I'd get have inspired me to learn how to knit.

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