May 14, 2006

Camisole got back:

I'm lovin' it.
[ here to zoom out.]

All week long I've been sneaking rows here and there on my teeny buttoned camisole, and I've now got a back piece to show for it. I wish I had more knitting time, because I am having so much darn fun knitting this top! This lace pattern in Tahki Cotton Classic using Inox bamboos is like a box of truffles, let me tell you. You knit one row (or, eat a truffle), and then say to yourself, "I've got to get back to work so this is the last row I'll knit. Promise. I will reach the end of this row and that will be it." But then, like the naughty gourmande that you are, you go ahead and knit another row (or, eat another truffle) while you say to yourself, "Okay, this is DEFINITELY the last row. Just this last row and I'll get to work." Of course, you repeat this until you have about 10 cm on the back of the camisole (or, until you have eaten half the box of truffles). Good thing knitting 10 cm on the back of a camisole won't go straight to your butt and thighs, eh?

On another note, I'd like to introduce you to a part of "Sally":

Hello! My name is Sally, and I'm a time hog.

Sally is a shirt dress project for pattern drafting, and what you see hanging on my mannequin is her unfinished shirt. She's got a muslin collar pinned to her neckline (poor thing!) because I wanted to make sure that the neckband and collar pattern I had constructed for her looked like my flat drawing of the dress. I'm introducing you to Sally - even though she's looking all crazy rumpled with her straggly thread ends hanging down and she's got that wacky looking muslin collar pinned to her neckline - because it's mainly thanks to her (and, I admit, to another project we are working on in fashion design and drawing) that I COULDN'T KNIT ON MY TEENY CAMISOLE ALL LAST WEEK. Bad girl, Sally.

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great to see some sewing again, and the colour of the carmisole is soooo lovely!
I love that camisole. I know what you mean. You think, at the end of this row I will stop, but then you can't put it down. The camisole is looking great. I bet you can't wait to get it all done. Love Sally too, even if she is a time hog.
You said it! And I do the same thing with books sometimes. I can be reading a book right before bedtime and get so hooked on it I say to myself, "Just one more chapter, then I'll go to sleep." Before I know it, it's three in the morning and I've finished half the book.
MMmmmmm truffles. That bad Sally- at least you'll get a sparkly new shirt to wear out of the deal, though, right? Happy Mother's Day!
That camisole is darn cute. And I am sure it is hard to be mad at Sally when she is so cute too! That will be a sweet top for sure!
Oh yes. Books and knitting... such time-eaters! The shirt dress--I mean, Sally--is beautiful so far. I love the floral accents. LOVE them. I also happen to love shirt dresses but many commercial designs are so staid. I revert to vintage patterns for these.
Sally might be a bad girl but she's a pretty one! And by the look of it the camisole won't take long. Go easy on the truffles... or you might wait for next summer to wear it...
Nice bodice baby! What's the plan for the skirt--straight, a-line, full?
The camisole is coming a long just lovely. Sally is looking great too.
Sally looks like she will be a cutey, but I have to say, it's the cami that has stolen my heart! Ooh la la!!
The sewing looks great, even if she takes away your knitting time. I really like the contrasting are one cool bunny!
Poor Sally and Teeny Cami...having to fight for your attention! Glad to see that you are finding time for both :)
The back looks great...that lace looks like a lot of fun to knit. Wow...pattern drafting. I would watch my sister drape and make patterns...that takes a lot of skill!
Sally is fantastic. I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine *sigh* But then ... I am getting addicted to spinning ... oh the drama!! And darn those Frenchie's for not putting the pattern for the cami in English! Its beautiful!!
That shirtdress is going to be so cute! I'd be mad at her too for keeping all knitting at an arm's length. Bummer.
hello "bad girl sally"...great name (and looks really awesome!), but take it easy on fluffa's time, will ya? love how the cami looks!
I can't wait to see the finished cami. Such a pretty stitch and color. And Happy Mother's Day to you, Becky!
That floral fabric looks so FRENCH (I say as I eat just ONE more tiny bite of the huge dark chocolate peanut butter cup I got for Mother's Day!)
Bad Sally. BAD! But, she is good, really. Such pretty blues. I WONDER who that'd look good on... (looks askance... innocently whistles... drags toe on the floor back and forth...)
I wish I knew French as I would run out and buy the pattern for the's just LOVELY. I wanted it from the very first second you showed it to us. What an awesome color too.
You may be guilty of truffling that camisole but it was well worth it. Its going to be fantastic!
Well love that camisole. Sally looks like a lot of hard work also. But I am sure it will be worth it all. Mia
Sally may be a bad girl, but she's a pretty girl! The camisole is gorgeous -- love that deep wine color!
camisole is divine! and bad sally indeed.. perhaps you can bribe her with real truffles? or maybe just inhale a few boxes to numb the pain. and as for the swingin twisty sweater i missed posting on - yummy mummy or what!? go rabbit go!
I really like the shape of that collar.
Bamboo needles, cotton yarn & thoughts of truffles ....yep, I'd say that's addictive alright! It's so nice to see your latest project from class!!
Love the colour of the camisole, and the pattern is beautiful. I'm not a camisole person myself, like I don't wear this type of tops, but I love the look of this one.
ooh...spiffy! bad sally's still a pretty girl, which makes it all ok.
Bad Sally... taking you away from the wonderfully feminine camisole. It is going to be so pretty!! Happy belated Mother's Day - I hope yours was wonderful!!
ooh la la! that cami is tres sexy! and sally, she's a looker, too.
I can see exactly why you didn't put it down, and I don't even like knitting with cotton. The cami is gorgeous! So is Sally. I've been inspired to sew too--sales at the fabric stores and a friend that has a properly working sewing machine! Although the selection is nothing like what you've got, judging from your previous pictures.
Looks like you've got a start to a beautiful summer wardrobe here : )!
Hello Sally. Nice to meet you. Now stop sucking up all Fluffa's time so she can work on her cami!
Sally's a beautiful girl! We'll forgive her, if you will :o)

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