May 14, 2002

Ollie is officially a stuffed toy. Hurrah!

My knitted ostrich is officially a stuffed toy! I stuffed him, sewed him together, blocked him (by steaming gently), and embroidered a pair of eyes on his face using black embroidery cotton and the point passť plat (which I think is the straight stitch). Eight stitches for each eye. The first toy I ever knitted! I feel like such a proud mama. I think I deserve a prize.

 I knit this!

I'm liking the idea of knitting more toys. I have loads of patterns from all the children's catalogues I've gotten from Phildar, so I think I'll flip through them and use up some more of that leftover yarn I have overflowing my closet.

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Knitting toys is definitely one of my favourite hobbies. I love the sense of achievement when you have completed a part (arm, leg etc) and I love seeing the toy come together as you are making it up! Here's my top tip for stuffing toys - I use washable duvets and rip the insides out of them. Its a cheap alternative to proper toy stuffing (IKEA sell single duvets for GBP 5) I do feel bad taking them apart though! I've never had any problems with this method. Not sure I'd have the patience to knit anything for myself although your pink project looks great. I like the quick fix of toys or children's clothes accessories myself.
I am loving that ostrich! He looks amazing! You do deserve a prize of some sort.
He's goofy and adorable! Have fun making more toys - I like making them because they're quick.
The ostrich looks fabulous! I've never knitted any toys before, but they would make great baby shower gifts and birthday presents.
you may want to check out "world of knitted toys" by kath dalmeny. has tons of animals, in themed sections (marine - with seals, octopus i think, fish; farm with pigs, cows; alaskan section with husky dogs). very cute stuff and kids would love i assume.

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