May 11, 2004

I finished the sleeves. Alert Tita.

We got Gorilla Arm Sleeves!
[Cheers all around.]

This weekend I finished up the second sleeve for my husband's ribbed sweater! They look rather small in the photo, but each sleeve required over 3 skeins of yarn. (Look at all the ends I'll have to weave in! Don't you feel simply awful for me?) After working all that 4/2 rib on those looooooong sleeves, I cannot begin to describe how happy I was to bind off the last row on the second one. I'm so glad that I finished I feel like putting the sleeves on the ends of couple of long sticks and waving them around like they're banners while I run around the block. Okay, I'm kidding. Maybe I'll just walk very fast.

I'm now leisurely steam-blocking all the pieces to the sweater, and if I finish doing that by the end of the week I'll be having a seaming party during the weekend. Kir royal, anyone?

To further reward myself on completing all the pieces of Monsieur Le Hubby's sweater, I decided to go yarn shopping. My latest acquisitions:

I love me a good yarn expedition.

Clockwise from top right: Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or's latest pattern book for spring/summer 2004, Bouton d'Or Mango in Alouette, Phildar Coton Microfibres in white, and Phildar Phil Ruban in Cuivre. With the exception of the Phil Ruban, the yarns I got are pretty fine gauge, particularly the Mango. Earthy colors, some pinks, reds, and ocean colors seem to be in at the moment. Lots of lacy tops, too. Not pictured but also acquired because Phildar goes bonkers when it comes to issuing pattern books: Phildar's latest summer pattern book. Bright colors in that one, as well as a lot of white. Lacy is also in as well as some 80s-inspired designs. I think I'll pass on the 80s-inspired designs, though. I wore them once, back in the 80s where they belong, and...well, I don't think I want to go there again for fear it will encourage the comeback of poodle-permed hair which is, quite possibly, the worst thing I have ever done to my straight hair. Ever*.

*Oh, wait. I forgot about the Sun-In. [Enter scary music from shower scene in Psycho.] Remember Sun-In? Yikes. If you sprayed Sun-In on your dark brown hair while at the beach and gave it uneven streaks and patches of bright ORANGE instead of "natural highlights", raise your hand. [Raises hand.]

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My hand raised ... not just orange... but streaky, bright orange esp if you used *super* sun-in. What do you think of the Phil Ruban? I've been pondering whether I should acquire some but I've never used anything ribbon-y before. Well done on the new stash.. some lovely stuff. - Polly
Congrats with finished sleeves!
Running around with sleevy banners??? Sounds like spring-fever to me! But then again I feel like that just about everytime I cast off - LOL! No comments about the Sun-In (lemon juice is just as much fun!) but I will say I promised myself 15 years ago never NEVER again to tight-roll my jeans :) p.s. does this mean we'll get more dancing pictures soon?
Sleeves finished and yarn shopping.Does it get much better than this ? I think not !Have a happy flap around the block. :0)
Hi Becky These new yarns look lovely. I live in England and it's really hard to get Phildar yarns and patterns. The summer book is lovely, but no English translation. I'm trying to learn to read patterns in French. It doesn't look that difficult. (Falls about laughing in self-delusion.) My long suffering partner hates the word "Phildar" and dreads the post.
Congratulations for the sleeves and for your new yarn! You make me want to go back to the store to buy some more *sigh* (that is, more yarn, not gorilla sleeves, thank you!)
Becky! Yahoo on finishing the long sleeves...long ribbed sleeves. I am thinking of joining you on sleeve island, so don't leave until I get there, ok?
Yup...Sun In in my then-naturally blond hair, which only succeeding in making natural blond look an unnatural shade of streaky white yellow. You know, like dog pee on snow. Ahem. .
And I think I need to go to the LYS and buy ME some more yarn -- in celebration of YOUR finished sleeves. Ain't I a good friend? ;-)
My grandmother still has some of those pattern books from the 80's, so I could give you her number and you could save yourself some money. I'll just cut my head out of my senior picture and place it jauntily over the faces of the models in said pattern book pictures and voila! Instant retro look. If you haven't seen Thirteen Going on Thirty yet, it is tailor made for those of us who have painful but nostalgic memories of that tasteless decade. Jennifer Garner's 13 year old stand-in must have, like, gagged herself with a spoon when she had to put on those wretched sweaters she wears in that film. The movie itself rocked, though. Loved the Thriller choreography. I wondered if that many people really DID learn the dance in their basement. Anyone else relate to this? And Mark Ruffalo...rrrrroowwrrr! I've been carrying around the Esquire magazine with his picture on the cover in my bag for a week. Take it out occasionally, pet it, drool a bit, replace. Rinse. Repeat. Anywho, the gorilla arms are appropriately large, but not that hairy. I'm a bit disappointed. Couldn't you have woven in some fun fur to get the full effect? Then again, I suppose he's wanting to sheath the hair in some kind of covering so as not to give himself away that he possesses such simian features. The small children, they might be frightened. Poor Mr. Gorilla Arms. He's so lucky to have a wife who loves him this much.
Me too (sheepishly raising my hand). Boy, I thought I was sooo cool.
Congrats on the gorilla sleeves! I will join you mentally on the seaming party, all pieces for my daughter's Phildar cardigan (or is it sweater when it has a zipper, or still cardi?) nr 15 from Enfants 2004 in pink and white are ready. But I think a glass of white wine is what I will ask my hubby for. Or actually, after having finished all those Eponge pieces, I'll need two ;-)
[raises hand] Even worse, I had the whole 80s lopsided haircut thing, so only one side of my hair was awfully Sun-In orange. eek! I love the blue of the hubby sweater, by the way. Pleasant seaming to you!
Ha. Sleeve banners. I am giggling at my desk rignt now picturing that. They look great! And yum, the yarn. I am totally digging that mango color. As for hair : I was not allowed to have a perm when I was a kid. Thus, I still to this day have a secret desire to perm my hair. I mean, hasn't the technology improved by now?
Oh, *my* fave 1980s Sun-In story was lived by twins I went to college with, who wanted to be actresses and wanted their brown hair to be not just blonde but BLONDE. They sprayed on the Sun-In, then spent about six hours sunbathing (which, you may recall, the package SPECIFICALLY FORBADE). Well. Six hours later they stood up, ran their fingers through their hair....and watched it fall to the ground! About a two-inch deep section above their foreheads literally snapped off about 1/4" from their scalps! It was like the "Return of the Shag" but on some kind of scary hormones. We tried not to laugh, really we did, but was it funny!
Many congratulations on your sleeves. I am still reluctantly slogging my way through the sleeves of my husband's Neverending Moss Stitch Sweater. (Back is finished. Sleeves now because if I went to the front next as in the usual sequence, having to revisit this project on Sleeve Island at the bitter end would drive me straight around the bend!) I swear I knit and knit all evening and there is no discernible progress, so please let me know if you discovered any special tricks for passing the time on Sleeve Island. I keep spelling out "HELP" in Koigu on the sand in hopes of rescue...
Evelyn's comment made me laugh out loud! I want to be able to spell "HELP" in Koigu, too. Evelyn, If your sleeves seem neverending, it has to be the moss stitch. I believe that moss stitch, despite its beautiful texture and look, becomes monotonous after 8-10 rows. Now I feel bad that I whined about knitting 4/2 ribbing. I am a firm believer that sleeves knit in moss stitch merit about 10 more skeins of Koigu in the palette of your choice. Polly: Phil Ruban is among my favorite ribbon yarns. I thought it would be heavy, but it creates a wonderful drape. I fell in love with it while knitting my sister's poncho and I was looking for an excuse to knit it again. Great for a wrap, long cardigan or tunic. Lindsay: I taught myself how to knit by following Phildar's patterns in French and using a basic beginner's manual (also by Phildar) in French. If you have a basic manual you can learn the abbreviations after knitting from one or two patterns. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my 80s hair wackiness. But how could I fail to mention the hair torture devices known as banana clips? My mention of Sun-In sparked a few flashbacks.
I escaped the Sun-In brigade. But I did spiral perm my hair. This definitely counts. I've started working with the Licorne, and its is really fabulous stuff. Thus far, two thumbs up!
Yep, sun-in in dark brown hair = bad orange streaks and dry brittle hair for months. Do they still sell that stuff? It should be outlawed. And, nice yarn haul :)
My hand is raised as well. I continued to use it after I snuck out to have my hair professionally dyed red, so there are several pictures of me circa 1986 with three-tone hair--crispy and puke ornage on the bottom, faded red in the middle, dark brown at the roots. Sexay.
Oh the joy of knitting man sleeves. And the satisfaction of getting them finished. My hubster is into ribbed sweaters as well. In fact, the two in his future both have ribbing. What is it with boys and ribbing? Looks like you had a great yarn shopping trip. I am incredibly jealous of your ability to wear those lovely earthy colors. Pink and brown are everywhere here in Chicago. Have a great victory lap around the block!
*giggle* these sun-in stories are too funny... i've only changed my hair color once, from jet black (i'm indian) to white in an insane, all-day bleach fest at the salon. it was fried & awful, but i felt really chic... :) my cousin, however, *loved* sun-in and would turn his poor head a variety of dreadful tones of orange & grubby yellow. those days are over thank goodness! btw, congrats on the sleeves! :)
Up, Up and away - that's my hand as well as my wedge cut flying nun hairdo I was talked into getting during a trip to California in the 80's to visit a friend. Ah, - how scary! I fell victim to all those fads - the Sun In was the worse! My friend and I did it - she was blond so she was disapointed when she saw little change - I looked like a very scary bonzo the clown on an acid trip! My mum freaked out and I was off to the salon to fix the Do. Let's just say the conservative New England family did not enjoy the 80s fads:) Doesn't it feel like sleeves take forever? So happy to hear you made it out from those sleeves alive! A Kir Royal sounds splendid!
LOL!!! SUN-IN. *I* thankfully never fell prey to it, but OH DO I REMEMBER THE ORANGE!!!!
And I was thinking of using one of those highlightning product! Thanks for warning me ;-)! Congrats on your finished sleeves, and courage for the weaving of the ends!
What lovely yarn! *drool* That Phil Ruban looks so yummy! Congrats on getting the sleeves done! I hate seaming...probably because I'm so bad at it. Next time, I'll have to try a Kir Royale while I seam. Maybe after a few, I won't care that my sleeves are all crooked!
B- Glad you'll be limiting the 80's look to the fabby tennis sweater - I think it's a good move. Re: hair care, yes, I did have a perm in 7th grade (I was very cool - in 8th grade I had a rat tail which I died blue and then yellow), but never did the sun-in thing. Economic circumstances restricted me to natural homey methods. I spent a lot of time in the back yard with things like beer and lemon on my head. Congrats on the sleeves. What a pain. Moxie has one sweater from moi (the wedding sweater). It took me 5 months to make. Now, 6 1/2 years later, I'm considering making him another one in the fall. If he's good. At the very least he'll get a hat for DC.... Okay, enough gabbing. Let's see that Audrey get moving!
*raising my hand* Me here in the back -- the short one with the dark, straight ASIAN hair. Yep. I did that in the 80's. Sun-in and Asian hair do NOT mix.
WOOT!!! Love the color blue in those sleeves. I never did the sun-in thing. My hair was already light in those days and dry from all that Aqua Net hairspray I used to make those big bangs. I figured sun-in would make my hair even worse. Turns out, I was probably right.
Congrats for the sleeves. I whish I could knit that fast (...dreams...) Nice new yarns too. BTW, the Singer store has some Plassard yarns & patterns (avenue de Saxe). I bought a couple of Grand Large to make my mom a Bucket hat.
Oh dear! (Hand raised). I had the spiral perm and then a few years later the dreaded orange streaks too! This was during the 90s but I guess we were a little behind the times in rural Ireland!
I've not done it myself - but lots of my friends did that! I think sun-in only works if you're blonde already! I'll have a Kir please mmmmmm :) I kinda like 80s stuff, it's what all the popstars were wearing when I was little, I missed out. Not sure I'd wear it though!
Yikes! I remember Sun-in...I used it. God, what were we thinking?
Do you know ... I've never wanted to be blonde so I've not experienced the Sun-In effect at first hand. I have, however, experienced the tangerine glow and strange odour of 80's fake tan at the beach. Ah, those were the days ! Anyway, I'm not speaking to you now. I am TOO jealous of your finished sleeves whilst I am about to FROG a sleeve ! HUMPH !
Thanks Becky! A little part of me was hoping that you'd say it was horrid stuff.... but what's life without it's little temptations?
So sad for all the end-weaving to come, I did the same this weekend with Audrey... but think of the following to make you laugh- Oh yes, I did the Sun-in on naturally blonde hair - and got yellow-white streaks! I had the spiral perm and the poofy front bangs AND CRIMPED my hair - anyone remember that unfortunate phase?? Glad all that's over... I still change my hair color all the time though... (smirk) - I guess you can't take the girl out of the salon.
HAND RAISED! I put entirely too much in my hair, was it me or did it seem to continue to get Orangy-er? I got a pixie cut to get rid of it...and later I got the poodle perm that made my head look like a mushroom! I had the cool hairdo's while I was wearing my Jams/Skidz shorts and my Hypercolor teeshirt. Ugh. There are pictures to prove my fashion savvy...
Hi, and thanks for the comment in my blog. I've now translated some from norwegian into english. I'll try to write more english in the future, but I'm not so good at it. :D
Hey, what's wrong with orange hair! Actually I didn't sun in, I just colored! Yup committed to peroxide...well that's what happens when your hair goes gray in high school. IT's begging for Ms Clairol. The reward for those long sleeves is now weaving in ALL those ends...yikes...he must be quite a good guy!
Weaving ends are terrible, but all that 4/2 knitting would drive me right over the deep end, I fear. I just finished a striped throw, knit in panels, and each panel requires weaving in (if I remember correctly) 120 ends! 4 panels times 120 ends = way. too. much. weaving in. I got halfway through and set it aside, where it has remained for over a month now. I justify it by telling myself that it's almost summer, who wants a wool/mohair throw now? Love that new yarn! Rewarding oneself is very important. :)
erm..Sun-In actually worked ok for's already light blonde. However, I did try to go magenta once in the '80's, and because of the lightness of my hair, it came out cotton-candy pink and stayed on the perm-burnt ends far longer than the 12-14 washings. How come everyone in the universe has hair horror stories?
Me! Me! Me! Orangey brown hair... at least I can say that I only did it once. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes :). But I had a rainbow of banana clips. Remember how you had to turn your head upside down and then do the flip to make it all fall into place? And if you were like me, you had to do it about 50 times to get it just "right." But at least then all of your hair was swept back so that your poofy bangs could really stand out... P.S. great sleeves, and nice yarn! I like the fluffa! theory of FO's deserving rewards...
hand raised! 80s was the decade of poor judgement: sun-in, perms (minus the oh-so-straight bangs...why?), banana clip, assymmetrical 'do. it's shameful really. and i raise my hand to each and every one. sigh.
ps- i've noticed some patterns say to avoid steam blocking ribbing. i trust your take on this, though, bc you are goddess of all things the no-steam-blocking-for-ribbing a bunch of hogwash?
I *loved* Sun-In. Couldn't get enough. ::spritz spritz::
LOL. Rasing my hand. I'm evening thinking of trying Sun-In again, in order to save money on highlights. I have light brown hair. I did always want to perm my hair, but never got around to doing it and by now someone in my office has warned me from her sisters expirence that with my fine stright hair, if I perm it I will look like a sheep ={, so I've dropped that idea for now. Will have to find other ways to give it more Oomph! Love the sleeves. Why don't you do a little dance numbre...I must say sleeves are the most borring, though sewing things together aint much better. Oh well, it's the finish product that is worth it.
*Raised hand here* Black curly hair and Sun-in. Not a pretty sight! Of course, I had to try it the day before my high school freshman pictures were taken, therefore the look is forever immortalized in yearbook pictures. Completing the look was a pink collared shirt, with the collar turned UP, naturally. I also learned to do that dance from Thriller in the basement. Not the same effect without the werewolf and by yourself. But man, I was cool in my own eyes. Yessir! Congrats on the sleeve finis. Much cooler than OP shorts... in fact, cooler than anything OP.
Laughing out loud at everyone's comments! I can't raise my hand to Sun-in (never wanted to be blond so did the purple celophane thing instead) BUT you did remind me of my spray bottle of baby oil and water (aka suntan lotion). Picture that....purple hair, red body. Not smart. Congratulations on the rescue of gorilla sleeves from Sleeve Island...dare I ask how the other inhabitants are doing? Yummy stash additions. I did drool over this season's Phildar yarns, including micro cotton while at LYS today. Settled for some falaise out of clearance bin to knit one of the tanks in Drops 77. Yippee! Finally knitting something for ME!
Um. Yes. I did Sun-In too. For about 4 years. It was pretty much bright yellow - and I was COOL - or at least I thought so. My brother used to call it 'slapper-hair'. Looking back, he had a point. I tried to dye it blue once for a party but because of the Sun-In it came out green. Nice. Lovely gorilla arms Becky!
No Sun-In here. My sister was the queen of glamour and watching her blonde/chlorine green Sun-In disaster was enough to frighten me. Besides I wasn't allowed to color my hair till I was 16. I was holding out for a frosting--with that hideous cap--and the evil crochet hook. (Never had it done, btw. At 16, I wanted blue or pink highlights). Definately remember the banana clip but my hair was too short.
Banana clips, big bangs, blonde streaks so thick that they looked grey AND purple eyeliner and mascara. And to think it's all coming back into fashion ;)
Thank you ladies - I've seldom had so much fun at work as now, reading all your comments! (I know that time is safely (?) behind us, seeing as I'm typing an e-mail comment via internet.) Poodle perm - check. It was so awful in fact, that I skipped school next day, trying to somehow wash it out to look more presentable. Unfortunately, Sun-In did not make it to Switzerland, otherwise I might have tried it, as I've always wanted ORANGE hair. Really, I did. Becky - congratulations! I'd love to be present during the sleeve-banner waving defile'! I'd cheer and throw confetti around. You're allowed to go get some more yarn, for enabeling the above soul-baring ;-)
Sleeve Island is vacant now, then? Yay! And great selection of new yarn - I have to go back to France and find a Phildar boutique! I submitted my Asian hair to Sun-In several times when I was in junior high - it looked ridiculous. Curiously, I also paid real salon people to put similarly orange streaks in my hair when I was 18, so I guess I didn't learn anything. :)
I had to chuckle at your comments about 80's hairdo's. I have fairly thick straight hair, and always had a tight perm in the 80's, so you can only imagine how it looked. It ruined my hair at the time, and it took years to grow out the damage. I have sworn off perms for life much to my husband's concernation since he fell in love with me during those crazy, big-hair days and longs for the past. :) He never had much of a sense of style!
I am having so much fun reading everybody's comments. Thanks for sharing your hair horror and other 80s fashion faux pas stories! :-D Julia: I had FORGOTTEN about beer and lemon. How could I forget? I tried that once. Talk about frying one's hair via a super marinade. (P.S. I'm on the second sleeve of Audrey now.) Anne: Thanks for the tip! I'll take a look at the Singer store. But I do like visiting the boutique at Champagne de Mont d'Or even if it is a bit out of my way. It's in a converted house and the lady at the boutique is very nice and charming. Very wide selection of yarns, too. (I'm using Grand Large for my hats. Size 4mm needles.) Heather: I tried the fake tan, too. That coupled with the Sun-In made me look like a great big streaked orange. Kim from Cali: I'm raising my hand at the asymmetrical 'do. I did that for one semester in highschool. I would gel the shorter side and then let my bangs hang over the longer side. I think I was trying to look like the chicks from the Human League, and failing. Hehe. Re the steam blocking: I think that some patterns advise against steam blocking to avoid loosening the ribbing. Doing so might cause the ribbing to lose elasticity, and if a snug fit is desired steam blocking isn't a good idea. That's why I never block ribbing when it's on the neckband, cuffs or hem. But I'm gently blocking this particular sweater (without pinning, and I've covered the pieces with a damp sheer cloth so the steam doesn't hit it directly) because all of it is in ribbing, and the husband wants a relaxed fit. Alissa: I can't believe you learned to dance Thriller! You would have been my idol in highschool ;-) P.S. I went through my OP phase. (Coupled with Vans, of course.)
I never had the money to go for Sun-In, so I tried lemon juice on several occasions before moving along to bleach. Chlorine bleach, that is. I was sitting on the floor watching television with a hunk of my hair resting in a cup of bleach, when I heard a sizzling sound. I looked around for the source only to realize, in horror, that the sound was coming from right over my right ear! The bleach had eaten my hair away! I really really wanted a spiral perm, but my hair was too thick for one, so I settled for an ordinary perm, with my bangs sprayed to within an inch of their life. I had about a million banana clips, which always worked their way out of my hair before second period. Ah, memories....
becky, thanks for the explanation, that helps. i'm planning a sweater for my bf and would actually prefer a more relaxed result, so that's good to know. man o man, i can't stop singing "...i was workin as a waitress at a hotel bar...that much is true...." ah, the role models we had...
I used Sun-In. My hand is raised. Let's never speak of this again.
Hi Becky! I was always v. grumpy that Sun-In didn't seem to do *anything at all* to my brown hair, not even give it the Orange Horrors. The thought now occurs to me: Maybe my mum dumped it out and replaced it with water?!? I didn't go for the asymmetrical haircut. Mine was the short 'do with the "steps" cut into the back of the head. I successfully avoided the long scraggy hair with the "Satellite Dish" bangs: sprayed straight up from the forehead the better to catch a signal (but clearly not a fashion signal). Ahhh, the eighties. Miranda II wishing she had been an English popstar at the time

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