May 10, 2005

All Captain, all the time.

Somebody got to wear a new cotton jacket this weekend!

We call this the "Mini GQ" shot.
I couldn't resist including it.
[Wanna see CLOSEUPS?]

Quick project details: Design 11, "gilet asymetrique" (asymmetrical jacket) from Phildar Pitchoun Spring/Summer 2005. The jacket is in 3x1 ribbing and stockinette stitch. I knit the 6 year old size, using size 3.25mm needles (addis, bay-bee!) and 10 skeins of Phildar Coton No. 4 in "JEAN'S". [Note: This color FADES in the manner of jeans after it is washed. It creates a nice faded denim effect which, unfortunately, my camera is refusing to pick up properly and is showing as a striped or variegated effect instead. Grr.] The fabric created has a slight sheen to it that makes the 3x1 rib and double decreases show up really nicely.

This is the TRYING to stand-still-as-a-mannequin shot.
It took me forever to get this shot.

I did not change the sizing on this jacket. My son is four and a half years old (he'll be five in September), but I knit the six year old size in the hopes it would come out a little big so he'd be able to wear it a couple of seasons. However, it's not too large for him to wear now. I think it looks cuter this way, actually. It's the baggy look, dude.

[Footnote: While I didn't change the sizing, I should mention that I did change the pattern a bit in technical terms. Looking at the photo above will show that the ribbing at the hem blends into the ribbing on the side panels of the front pieces, like the way it does in the photo of the pattern book. But if I had blindly followed the pattern instructions the 3x1 ribbing at the hem of both front pieces would NOT have corresponded with the 3x1 ribbing at the side panels because the pattern drafters were being naughty when they wrote the pattern. The pattern instructions for the 6 year old size had the ribbing at the hem and the ribbing at the side panels completely and pitifully off, most likely for purposes of the double decreases at the armhole shaping, which need to begin within a purl stitch of the 3x1 ribbing a few stitches from the edge. I disregarded the pattern instructions and reworked so that the ribbing at the hem would continue into the ribbing at the side panels while still being able to work the decreases where they belonged, but this did not change the size or measurements of the pieces. End of blabby footnote.]

And! The jacket is a hit with Captain Destructo. [BONUS: Silly shots of happy boy dancing in his jacket.] He's really happy with it and could hardly wait to debut it, which he got to do this weekend. One of the first places the jacket got to visit was the AQUARIUM in Lyon:

Sunday afternoon outing at the Aquarium.

Thankfully, the visit to the aquarium was also a hit with him. We went to Sea World when he was a baby, but he was too small to enjoy it. And last year, he got to visit the aquarium at the Beauval Zoo at Saint Aignan, but he was so tired out after walking through the whole zoo (enormous...there are several hectares for the elephants alone) that the aquarium wasn't enjoyed. This time he got a chance to leisurely watch all of the fish and got a kick out of touching live clams and starfish. [BONUS: You knew I was going to include a slideshow too, right?]

The jacket at the turtle tank.
Slideshow! Slideshow!

Final finishing notes on this jacket: I'm really happy with the way the whole jacket turned out, especially the collar and zipper facings. I've sewn zippers [see a zipper slideshow here] into jackets several times, and have covered up the wrong side of the zipper using ribbon or knitted [see hooded vest] facings. This, however, is the first time that I knit double facings separately, sewed the zipper into them and then sewed the facings to the fronts of the jacket. [BONUS: Look at how I sewed the facings onto the jacket. Incidentally, I used the yarn itself, not sewing thread. I simply split the yarn and used a single strand of it to sew on the facings.] HELLO! Not only was it easy and quick, it makes the zipper - from both sides - look neat and polished, which is a plus as my boy likes to constantly open and close zippers on his jackets. If I weren't so tired from snapping all those aquarium shots, I'd be sticking this jacket with its fab zipper facings on a flagpole and waving it around while I run around the block triumphantly.

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What a great entry - a perfect (as usual!) cotton jacket, one extremely cute kid, and aquarium footage. Looks like Capt. Destructo had a great time. He looks fab in his new duds - I love that he's totally into everything you make for him (not that I'm at all surprised...) I love aquariums too, so it was great to see him in action, avec cotton jacket.
YAY! I'm the first one leaving you comments. The jacket and your son is soo cute! He is so adorable! AS usual, great job with the jacket too, I love the assymetrical zipper
i am so going to take the idea for the zipper enclosure for the next zippered cardigan i make. it looks fantastic.
That is one great jacket,love the color! And your son has grown so much, a real mini man! :) Thank you for showing the double facing zipper; it looks like there's less chance of it going wavy than just sewing the zipper to the jacket.
handsome fellow in a handsome jacket.
I just can't get over how kick-you-in-the-pants-cute your kid is. Just adorable. And quite fashionable, too, in his new jacket. I would totally wear that jacket, by the way.
Great job. On the kid and the jacket. Mighty professional.
That kid of yours is TOO CUTE! Jacket looks expected! Loved the entry, looked like so much fun. Great idea on splitting the thread for the zipper.
I've been reading your blog for a while now, and this entry made my day. Your little boy is adorable and so is the jacket! Lovely handiwork.
Now I get it. Thanks for all the closeups and the picture of the zipper being sewn in. It looks great on him. He's such a cutie!
GREAT Jacket! I'm working on a similar one for my boyfriend from the Rowan All Seasons Cotton pattern book. Waves, I think it's called! Anyways, will take note on how you did the zipper. It looks really professional! Wooop! woooop! on a job well done!
Your son is so cute it hurts. The jacket looks wonderful!
Jacket looks great! He's gonna be such a heartbreaker, that Captain.
Those zipper facings look stellar! I'll be looking into that for my next zippered cardigan.
That is one FINE looking jacket. You are so amazing in your detail and quick knitting skills. I loved the slide shows and am amazed at how much the captain has grown since I've started reading your blog. The asymetry of the zipper is sooo cool. Way to go. and Way to get down Captain!
Lovely jacket-- I'm itching to try a denim-type yarn for a project. I love aquariums, too-- looks like you and the Captain had a great time!
That is an extremely nifty zipper trick. CD is looking quite handsome and grown up.
Oh my gosh, he's so cute! That jacket is cute too, I wanna go to the aquarium in a spankin' new cottong jacket! Lovely work, lady!
Thanks for the great slideshows and location shots. Gotta love the Captain -- he takes after his wack-dancin' maman! And the jacket is such a success -- can't wait for my Phildar book to arrive!
He looks adorable in that jacket. He is getting so big and I agree with the earlier comment, he is going to be a heartbreaker!
Oh my, Captain D looks so grown up already! And a lovely jacket too :-)
I see he's got your mad dancing skillz! Aww, I can't stand it...too cute and that jacket is fantastic.
Great jacket. I like the color a lot! It is wonderful your son will wear knitted items. Mine will not unless they are goofy hats! Thanks for all the great zipper instructions. Those are very helpful. I am going to look up those facings since I have that book. What a great idea.
The jacket is perfection. And so is the boy, of course - he's so cute I want to eat him up! When I mention your blog to my fiance, he says, "Oh, you mean the one with the most adorable kid IN THE WORLD?" We're big fans. :) The Queen Trigger was my favorite fish when I lived in the Bahamas - there was this one little lady who could always be found in her particular patch of shallow reef, and I visited her frequently.
Oh, Becky! The jacket is just perfect!
Wow. This one's a masterpiece! And your son is looking awfully cute in it, too. I was thinking about your projects this morning before work. Can't wait to see the Popcorn Jacket, as well!
Wow! what a fun-filled post! I loved the aquarium slideshow, and the photo shoot slideshow was a hoot :). what a cutie! The jacket turned out really great!
What a happy family. (That's what it 's all about.) Keep it up.
Wow, that jacket really looks great. I'm going to try your zipper trick the next time I do anything that requires a zipper. It's so sweet your little guy is so psyched about your knitting. Whatta lucky little dude.....wearing Rowan at the age of 4!! My kids get strictly acrylic! lol
Hi Becky :) Love the pics of little mister--wow, what a cutie (he looks like you!) That cotton jacket looks wonderful on him! Love the slideshows! Hope you have a good evening :)
Whoops! I said Rowan, and I meant Phildar! Must be the sleep caffeine level is dangerously low...
Aw, now that is a great jacket for the Captain. I can't get over what a cutie he is.
becky! he is too cute. and getting taller by the minute. the jacket is lovely. i hope i have a cute boy someday who likes my knits. ;)
Your little boy is just tooooo cute. He gets more and more handsome all the time, and I like the cool spikey haircut. The sweater, of course, is fabulous, and though I have no patience for finishing, I have a feeling I might give this pattern a try.
That is a truimphant post! A finished sweater that the boy LOVES! :) Yay.
He's a charmer. So's the jacket (hooray for asymmetric cardis!).
The jacket looks pretty on him! He is very satisfied! Thanks for sharing the tips on sewing the zip! Very useful!
Capt. Destructo is so handsome in his brand new jacket, which is absolutely lovely, by the way! Great job! And thanks for the slideshows!
Oh Becky, I love love LOVE this entry! The Captain is a bonafide cutie pie! And he dances just like mama.....awwwwwww The jacket turned out great and I will definitely remember your tip about zippers....if I ever have the courage to knit something that requires one!
Sweater is awesome and the Captain is so cute! I especially enjoyed the dancing shots. Lots of mama in that boy! Great job on both the sweater and the child! Cheers!
P.S. Thanks for mentioning me in your sidebar! Talk about being flattered! :) P.P.S. I've never seen Dune, but how about Tremors with Kevin Bacon? hee hee
I can't believe how "big" el Capitan is! I mean, he's almost to the point that we're going to have to start saying "grown up!" Did that just happen??? I've been faithfully reading for a while now... I love all the technical stuff you share with us! That zipper facing is pure genious! Love it!
Looks awesome as usual!! I love the zipper facings and the shot of you sewing it in - it looks deceptively easy. That's how you should do all the zipper facings! When will you start your ribbed cardi? I can't wait to see the popcorn jacket.... C.D. is very handsome - what a little man!
OMG-- He is the cutest little boy EVER! And in that sweater! Oh, thanks for posting so many great pictures!
Cutest. Boy. Ever. Seriously, the Capt'n is quite the model in his new jacket, which is absolutely FAB by the way. But I think one of his most charming features is that he got his mom's fly dancing gene. :) I am in awe at your mad finishing skills. Your my finishing goddess!
What a wonderful jacket for a cute little boy. I really like the way you did the zipper - it's very finished.
Your tellin' me he's GQ. What a cutie in his new cardi!! Great job! I'm lovin' your popcorn jacket also.
I echo what everyone else is commenting... ADORABLE son, AMAZING job on the jacket (definately going to tuse the zipper technique you showed), and those pictures at the aquarium are to die for !!! :)
Looks like the photo shoot was fun for all! You did a great job on this jacket. I'm embarking on my first zipper sewing adventure in the next few days...very scary! But at least I'll have your slideshows to help me. BTW, the capt look sooo grown up! And I see that he's going to be wowing the ladies with his dance moves. :-)
what a great post! love the pics, your son is adorable of course, and goofy too! ;), but i was flabbergasted by the whole idea of facings!! i'm realatively new to knitting and quake in fear at the idea of zippers plus i never much liked how they looked in knitted garments. but with facings.. wow! they look awesome. sigh, i wish we had phildar here in california. ;) great job becky!
Great job on the jacket. Your son looks very stylish!
Oh la la!! Look at the Captain doing his dance!! He is such a handsome boy!! And is he growing fast!! Thank you for the great detailing !!!
An unqualified success. What a cute kid, in a cute jacket! Love the dancing photos.
Your son is beautiful! And, I love his new jacket. You are a wonderful knitter. Thanks for sharing.
He looks absolutely gorgeous - fantastic job!
Gorgeous jacket, gorgeous child :) I agree with many of the other commenters - he looks more grown up every time we see him. We went to Australia's Sea World over christmas, and they have a fairly new exhibit, called Shark Bay. You can go underneath, and watch all the fish - including the big sharks :)
that is one handsome boy in a spiffy cardigan. It looks perfect. I love that Jeans type of yarn...I used rowan's and it's very cool
Amazing kid! And the jacket's not have bad, either ;-)
Perfect jacket and your boy couldn't be cuter - its all been said and its all true! Thanks for so many great pictures.
The sweater is lovely, but wouldn't be nearly as cute on some other kid! Your little man is such a cutie pie! Those dancing shots are too good to be true! I liked the zipper info as well.
That's just an awesome jacket and the stitches are so perfect! Captain looks like a model!
Nice pics and jacket! Capt. Destructo looks handsome in it. BTW, he's grown so much from the hoody vest to now. Time sure does fly!
Your little boy is so handsome! And the jacket is fabulous.
That jacket is awesome, and the Captain looks adorable - you're gonna be fighting the girls off with sticks in a few years! Not to mention his great fashion sense and appreciation for handknits...
I want to finish sweaters like you do! No lumps, no bumps.... Terrific work on the sweater and what a terrific son!
That young man will be a heartbreaker, guaranteed. ;-) He probably already is! Once again, you are the finishing queen. Professional job, for sure. Thanks for taking the time to show all the details - I learn a lot every time!
once again, amazing job!! It's awesome and your son is just SO cutie!
he is so cute that he should be locked up before he starts breaking little girls hearts.
Way way cool jacket. So fabulously neat & stylish (love the closeups). So suits the captain AND he obviously totally loves it. Result! I'm looking forward to the popcorn jacket too! Also check my new email address
The Captain has grown so much since the last time I saw him! He's just too cute! The jacket is beautiful! Fits perfectly even though it's supposed to be a larger size.
Zipper facings! Sewn-in! Don't even know where to begin on I'll just admire the result, which is fabulous as always. The Captain is so adorable -- hold your breath, it's just a few more years until the girls start calling on the phone. (It started in second grade. Second grade! I'm quite sure it would have never occurred to me to call a boy, much less "like" a boy, in second grade.)
Becky, the jacket is great, but your little boy is gorgeous. I'm totally in love. What a great kid! Excellent photos by the way! I'm about to sew my first zipper and your pointers are all so helpful. I've got the Buss book and will pull it out tonight when I start the sewing.
It looks SCHMANTASTIC, Becky - really slick work with the zipper. I'm so tickled with the fact that your son *asks* for and then *adores* the sweaters that you make for him. You're very lucky and I only hope that someday my kids will want me to knit for them, too!
That jacket rules. And he looks so cute in it! I love the aquarium pictures. I tried to take some pictures of the big tank when I went to the aquarium in Boston, but none of them came out right! Maybe because they were American fish... always rushing about.... ;) Looks like you had a blast.
Hi is such a hansom young lad and so tall also. Wonderful work. You really shouldn’t open up a store for hand knitted garments that are PERFECT and dare I say it look like they were store bought…really my knitting is quite amateurish next to yours…but that is partially due to me (slacking ness). I love the slide show of the fishes and yeah that sure does look like the warm from Dune. ps. Phildar sure has AWESOME patterns
FABULOUS! Just amazingly wonderful, Becky - and the charming CD looks smashing!
Nothing to say that hasn't already been said. The jacket: marvelous job, as always. The kid: cute enough to eat with a spoon and yeah, he's going to be a heart-breaker The dancing: wonderfully spazmatic The photos: incredible, and the slideshows are so much fun The fish: Well, they're fish...what are ya gonna say about fish? (We have a big aquarium here in Baltimore...I find I get tired of fish pretty quickly.)
What a lucky guy - COOL new jacket, trip to the aquarium...I love your zipper information too. Thanks for sharing those details!
The Captain is one fine looking young man- so beautiful! The jacket is gorgeous too, of course. :) You are the finishing master.
Wow what a great sweater!! The zipper went in so well. I sew a lot and I know that the zippers are the hardest part. You are truly talented!! Captain Destructo is such a doll and you can tell he has such great personality in the photos :)
Captain Destructo looks so handsome in his new jacket. Perfect for a "cool dude". Loved the fish photos. We have a great aquarium here in Baltimore that we hope to plan a visit to this summer. I'll let you know if they have any "big" sharks!
Oh, how cute it Captain in that jacket? Very nice and it looks like he appreciates all of momma rabbit's hard work.
Becky! It's so perfect! The Cappy looks so happy in it, too! I'm so blown away by the finishing on this one. What a wonderful jacket for a great kid!
that is the cutest EVAR!!
Wow! He looks like he's grown so much! Great jacket.
that is a beautifully made jacket, becky! your son is a very lucky child!
Great cardi! And I love the aquarium picture, but then I'm highly partial to fish. Your boy is so cute.
OK, you are really upping the ante with these entries. Soon I'll be thinking, "What, no music? No motion? And bring on the dancing girls!" I absolutely love the crooked little jacket. And your kid is getting too big and too charming! His lightning fast growth has forced me to do a little stock taking. Since finding your blog, my youngest kid has gone from a 6-month-old on my lap to a 3.5-year-old maniac. Strangely, I have not gotten one bit older and definitely haven't noticed anything getting lower. Nothing whatsoever. But the passage of time has enabled me to calculate an annual average of "way more" Becky fps to "barely any" Diane fps. See? Mind's still sharp as a tack.
Great-looking yarn. Amazing knitting and gorgeous finishing, as usual. But ...those wonderful pictures of the dancing Captain enjoying his jacket! Oh my goodness, he is just adorable. I like the slightly baggy fit, too. Lovely, lovely work. P.S.- The Queen Triggerfish!...!!!!
What everybody else said! Beautiful boy! Beautiful knitting. You have the bestest blog. EVER!!
I love how the jacket turned out. I know what you mean about kids growing fast and trying to make the clothing a size larger so it will have time to be worn. My youngest just turned three and is already getting into size 4/5!
Gorgeous boy and his gorgeous sweater. Thanks for the close-up of sewing the zipper - always wondered how that was done - now I see it - very delicately - the sewing I mean :)
Your son is the Cutest. Thing. Ever. You can tell he's really got a fun personality. :]
I've been reading this blog for a while, but this post moved me to comment. Those facings look AMAZING, and everyone is right, your son is too cute. Well done on both!
Wow! This cotton jacket looks great! And the finishing details are perfect, as usual! Thank you for the picture showing how you sew the facings to the front.
I know over 90 persons have already told you your son is so cute and funny, and the jacket a success, but I have to join the choir. He is adorable, and your finishing of the jacket a masterpiece.
He's getting so BIG! (Make sure you get something from Jackie from me....) :)
That jacket is perfect! It's so nicely finished - dead impressive! And of course the kid looks lovely. I really enjoyed all those photos - congrats on another gorgeous knit!
wow! Cute, cute, cute jacket! And great finishing job! Go Captain Destructo
Becky - you've got a heart-breaker on your hands! Beautiful sweater on a beautiful child. Thank you for a lovely start to my morning.
The jacket looks awesome! I just started knitting my first zippered jacket. Seeing you sew in the zipper makes me re-think my plan to take the finished sweater to a seamstress to have the zipper sewn in. I need to learn to do this myself sometime! Also, I can completely empathize with your son about the sharks. When I was a kid the old aquarium at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha put in a shark exhibit. My brother and I were so excited to go see Jaws. When we got there all we kept thinking was, these sharks are okay, but where are the REAL sharks?
oh my goodness becky he is such a handsome little guy! what a cutie. his amazing personality just shines through those photos. his sweater looks wonderful and its such a snazzy zippy. he definitely inherited your fantastic taste! and those pics are great! thanks for sharing them.
Utterly charming, as always! You've got the snazziest dressed boy in France, I think! (Cutest, too)
oh, your son is totally precious. love the assymetrical zipper -- and the tip for sewing it in!
THANK YOU so much for all the kind words and motivating comments! I'm really enjoying reading them and sharing them with the Captain. (And I've also been discovering some new blogs here through new commenters with blogs. Welcome!)
It was a long scroll to get to the bottom. What a gorgeous sweater and cute kid too. Looks like a fun day. :)
I'm late to comment, but I have to agree - super cute jacket on a super cute kid!!!! I can't believe how much older he looks from just a couple of months ago. Thanks for showing how you sewed in the zipper - I've learned lots of techniques from you - it's wonderful!
You are an amazing knitter!!! And that happy, darling boy shows me that you are an amazing mommy too! Did you sew before you knitted? Your skill at assembling your items is very impressive and professional! Wow!
Captain Destructo is so freaking cute! He's grown up so much in the past year or so!
That jacket is just so adorable (as is the model!) My poor son has only been able to model a poncho for his friend so far.
I just saw that you finished this sweater and I love it! This gives me hope that I can finish the baby cardigan I'm working on. I'm a bit scared, though, of the shoulder decreases as it is my first time to do decreases of any kind. Hopefully I don't have to rip them out too many times.
Thanks for all the useful info. You little son is adorable and makes a great model.

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