May 10, 2003

Becky Needlehands.

Dear Santa,

Can I have an extra pair of hands for Christmas? Yeah. And I want them with knitting needles already attached to them, like the way Edward Scissorhands has scissors attached to his hands. That way, I could leisurely knit all my current projects, but still be able to get started on knitting a tweed sweater for my kid using this GGH Sierra yarn Carolyn just sent me. But even though my friend sent me yarn, I think you should send me lots more yarn, too. You know, to go with those extra pair of knitting needle hands. And I also want a little robot named Rosie to seam all my knitted garments for me. I will leave cookies and a jug of spiked Mexican punch out for you.


Progress on the front pieces of my pretty cotton jacket as of yesterday morning:

Knit while watching The English Patient.

And I'm about to start the armhole shaping! Think I should start looking for some hooks and eyes already? That's what the pattern calls for to close the jacket in the front. I have the feeling that's not a very secure way to fasten a jacket knit in worsted cotton, so I'll be sure wear a pretty bra just in case I do an accidental peek-a-boo deal while wearing the jacket. (And it wouldn't be the first time, either. Oh, those wacky bustier days in the 80s!)

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maybe you can knit a little lace-up-the-front number to go with this...but with straps, of course, to prevent that breasts-on-a-shelf feeling. that sierra yarn is super-gorgeous. "Edwina Needlehands"? What happens when circular needles are required?
Okay, I hadn't looked at the title of your post. I always did poorly on those trick quizzes that said "read all of the questions first," and then the last thing was to stand up when you were done reading the questions, but most people didn't read the questions, they just started answering them.
And I thought I was the only one to adopt the Madonna look in the 80's! Did you make your own bustiers or buy them? I added lace and all kinds of trims and even gold(fake) coins to mine!!
Ha! You and my son Jules must have some cosmic connection. This morning at breakfast he was musing that wouldn't it be nice if we had a knitting robot we could just put to work, telling it what we wanted. That was after I had told him that no, I wasn't going to add a pale blue zig-zag to the front of the sweater I'm knitting for him, because it was almost finished and a heck of a lot of work, and no, I wasn't ging to rip it out and knit in an accordeon either.
I bought a cardigan with hook and eye closures. The hooks kepts snagging the sweater. You have to be very care to keep those hooks away from the knitting. I don't know who came up with this idea to use hooks on large-gauge knitted items but it's really a bad one.
But Un My, those hooks and eyes were my idea! And here I was thinking it was so awesome and stuff. Sniff. [Just kidding.] Maureen, a strappy lace thing? Rawr. But I'm really iffy about those hooks and eyes and am considering an alternative means of closure. Or, I'll just put them on and pray they don't decide to pop open unexpectedly. Chris, and I wore banana clips in my hair! Clearly, I didn't care if it looked like my hair was run through a hedge. Marrije, I say go for the accordeon! You will be the Intarsia Queen if you are able to pull it off. (And I only want a robot to seam. Knitting, I like. But seaming...)
only you would already be writing a letter to santa halfway thru the year!!! :)
Can the hooks & eyes...there will be problems. Lightweight zipper (sewn on so the zipper is hidden) or sewn on button band, perhaps?

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