May 09, 2002

Minty fresh.

I'm halfway through the back of the sweater (check the pictures for the latest), and have decided that:

1) Knitting "freestyle" is as fun as knitting from a pattern.

2) I kind of like pink.

3) Knitting with cotton and sparkly thread is my new favorite thing.

4) My stripey sweater reminds me of peppermint candy.

The first rows of the sweater are in double ribbing, and I decided to use a different cast-on method this time: the cable cast-on. Before I tried it, my cast-on method of choice for ribbing used to be the slingshot, or double cast-on. But after trying out the cable cast-on I think I'll use it all the time for ribbing, as I find it to be just as elastic, and more decorative than the slingshot method.

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8 comments to this entry:

Ooh, how nifty! I LOVE it! I love peppermint too. :-)
The peppermint candy sweater looks fantastic!
fun! reminds me vaguely of the sweater i made on a complete whim (stripey, not quite so pink) that started me blogging! (check out my first post ever.) knitting stripes of different yarns is so fun... this makes me want to do more! Burning question: will the front, back, and sleeves "match" or all be their own things?
I love it. Pinks are my favorite - your color choices are fabulous. The glittery stuff, ah yes!!
Thanks! Actually, the sleeves are raglan, and are going to be knit in a solid color.
the sweater is quite lovely. I have a bit of a fondness for pink shades myself :)
Damn you are fast. It's looking fabulous.
Thanks! I'm having fun knitting it, and I'm able to work fast because it's the stockinette stitch.

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