May 08, 2006

Bring on the cottons! Right now!

Purdy, eh?

This, my friends, is the beginnings of a buttoned camisole [pattern from Phildar ETE 2006 in French] using Tahki Cotton Classic [gifted to me by Miss HEK Jenny, Most Thoughtful Blog Pal Ever] and some Inox bamboo circs, size 4mm. I do have some sleeved cardigans and tops slotted for spring that I should start now if I want to wear them before summer comes, but first I want to knit myself something that will fly off the know, something that will give me that happy little knitter's buzz I get when I knit myself something cute rather quickly. And HELLO! This little camisole is so enjoyable to knit with its peek-a-boo eyelet pattern that I feel like going atop a green mountain, twirling around, and singing like Julie Andrews (but tone deaf): "The hills are aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive...with the sound of mercerised cotton gliding on bamboo circulaaaaaaaaaaaaars..."

Wool Time is over. I hereby declare the Season of Cottons, Linens, and other Warm-Weather Yarns OPEN chez Bring 'em on.

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thats a super cute cami. Can't wait to see it done!
I like the color. Reminds me of raspberries! How summery is that?
A very nice model! And the colour you (or Jenny)have chosen is lovely.
WHAT? No brown? An actual COLOUR.... what happened??
Oh, I looove the color. Love cotton classic....quick and satisfying! You will be adorable, I know!
Here, here! Ooo, I think this implies summer seaming drinks as well. Strawberry margarita for me and a blackberry one for your cami! (Not that it's going to need much seaming, but you can help it out.)
I so wish I spoke (or at least read) French! I yearn for a cotton cami, but the Vogue patterns just don't quite have the pizzazz of the Phildar! Me likely sooooooo much!
Yes, Miss Rabbit has decided Spring is for Color! I can tell it will look lovely on you, but am wondering if you will be modifying the pattern at all?
Oh, pretty color! Pretty stitch pattern. Can't wait to see the finished pretty cami. (Note to self: Perhaps one could use the ability to wear pretty little camisoles as an incentive to lose weight.) I was at the MD Sheep and Wool show Sunday, reveling in the fibery goodness. Wish you could have been there with us.
Beautiful, love that camisole. And you're knitting with a color! Ye gads! I know what you mean about just finishing something. I'm ready to get a couple of knits wrapped up!
Bring on the cottons! It is starting to get warm around here. I don't have my head wrapped around summer knits yet. A fun summer cardi would be great.
I love the color and the pattern! And seeing the new project makes me want to either rush out and buy yarn for some kind of summery garment or finish the one I started in January...
purdy, indeed. love the color!
That'll be great on you! Especially that lovely cranberry color - nice.
Hey! That looks like something I was dreaming up as I fell asleep last night! I want a red cardi and was thinking about a rib 'n' lace pattern. Now I really really want it! Yours is so pretty.
You always find the most adorable patterns Becky! That camisole is dead gorgeous and as usual, I love the color you've chosen!!
I LOVE that color. It looks raspberry on my monitor. Tres mode!
Very purdy indeed! This one will fly off your needles! I am itching to try a linen yarn soon. Of course I don't have any linen yarn in the ol' stash, so I would have to go buy some and I'm really trying not to do that right now. We'll see... :)
I agree! Bring on the cotton! It's summer time and the knitting is fine.
I love knitting with cotton too, although I do hear of a few knitters disliking it quite a bit. I cannot wait to see what it looks like.
Hey, I've got my Rowan Calmer on the needles--in a similar colorway as yours. We do have good taste. That is a pretty pattern, too. Woo Hoo De Doo!
Love the colour. Dahling, do you ever stop? I just talk about doing all this stuff and never really get around to it - but YOU actually do it. Have fun creating another masterpiece. Mia
That is so cute. So so cute. And the color rocks!
I'm beginning to think I'm rewriting the same comment to you all the time but no, it's that you always! have such gorgeous projects going on! This one, yup is darn lovely. Yes, whip it up fast and do ya dance. (Funny, must be my age? I know exactly! what song you are thinking of.)
I'm really glad that this little cami and the color are getting some thumbs up! This color is a very deep cranberry, and the other day I was thinking that it almost was the same color as a KIR, one of my favorite cocktails. How appropos! I'll make it a point to drink a kir when I hold a seaming party for the cami.
The kir cami. How perfect is that? Wool knitting is alive and well here, but I keep waiting for a cotton/silk/linen drive to kick in. Although, given how low my husband sets the AC in the summer, knitting wool blankets is a good choice!
what a cwazy wabbit!!! I am really thinking cotton, too. It is already too warm for my somewhat cowl!!! Thanks for your comment...I am going to see what I think of the highlights once I get my hair cut again....
I clicked over to check out the cami you are knitting up in that nice cotton yarn!! What a sexy cami and it's about time you have some cotton yarn running through your fingers. Such a happy color!
OOH! I'd forgotten I sent that. FUN color. My my I have good taste. ;-) ;-) ;-)
I love this strawberry colour. And the holey sweater suits you very well!
What a great cami!
Great color Becky, and a great pattern too! I so need to finish making something for me too!
Yeah, babe bring them on!! I can safely say the we here on the West Coast have already begun ze summer. Sometimes I would wish for a longer spring so that I could at least get the spring knitting done! Argh! You may just have a chance. Let's see summer is what about another month....
Purdy, indeed. And the colour is just yummy. That pattern caught my eye too, but I've put a big red cross over (hand)knitting with cotton yarn. Crochet, on the other hand, is a different affair...
super cute pattern! are you gonna pose like the girl in the pic? hehe... just so you know, at my house you're referred to as "the superhero"....if I ever say "fluffa" or "becky" outloud (like, as I'm reading your blog), sean corrects me and says..."you mean superhero?"
Ohhhh now that is pretty! Both the pattern and the color.
I've been reading the posts of this sweater for a really long time now! i love it! i'm glad that you finished it! Now i need to finish my own sweater. :D:D
woops! that was meant for the holey sweater post! :)
What a great cami! It's going to look fabulous! PS... did I miss the whack dancing mannequin shots?? I was soooooo waiting for them!
Very cute....Another nice stitch pattern. I'm sure you'll be finished in no time. Jenny chose a great colour for you!
Hey- what cast-on did you use? It looks great and I don't think it's a long-tail--maybe a cable?
Yummy colour. I want to be skinny so I can wear these little tops too! Interweave has had some cute cami patterns in the past (I know, because my girls keep asking me to knit for them). Season of Cotton sounds good. I am knitting myself the new chicknits top from some Sirdar Breeze (nice cotton/acrylic). Let the warm weather begin!

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