May 07, 2004

Every little breeze...

"Bob Hat" styles, 1924
From Everyday Styles of the 1920s as Pictured in Sears Catalogs

Springtime is here, so it's time to lop off my hair back into a BOB hairdo. Oh, bob hairdos, how I love thee! So easy to maintain and keeps the hair off my neck during the warm season. Rendezvous next Thursday, 10:00 a.m., with my fabulous coiffeuse and the many piercings on her face. She does a mean choppy bob haircut. [Sidenote: She was wearing knitted LEGWARMERS over some striped Pippi stockings the last time I saw her. How cool is she?]

Bob hairdos, besides being easy for me to style on my head of straight hair, look cute under a bucket hat. Most of the bucket hats I am knitting this season are gifts for other people, but I may just knit one for myself in a larger size, work the brim in a single strand so it flops down and hello! 1920s-inspired bob hat, version 2004.

Bucket hat knitalong news: More finished buckets! Alison of everyone's favorite blue blog knit double bucket hats for her twin boys, Donna and her magically fast knitting hands whipped together a hat in Flash cotton for her little girl, Marlena models her happy bucket in Daisy Ombre Peaches 'n' Cream, Carrie knit a snappy purple bucket (with the plus of her "schmoo" modeling it for us), Wendy models yet another fab Bottom's Up bucket, a tanned Miss Nikay shows us the hat she knit while in Florida [envy, envy], Rachel E. celebrates [I like her style!] a bucket hat knit in Cascade Sierra, and Dawn models her sunshiney Bottom's Up bucket for us. So many talented knitters! I can't begin to describe how much fun I have looking at everyone's photos and seeing all these stylish hats.

Now, how are you other knitalongers coming along? Any questions, tips, ideas or anything else you want to share? And let's play "search for the photo on another blog" game: Have you spied the photo of Bonne Marie, our bucket hat creatrice extraordinaire, wearing a spring bucket with a green flower on it at the MS&W festival? It's worth looking for :-)

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I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!!! I got tired of fiddling around with the 22st/10cm white cotton booooorrring yarn and picked up some Coats & Clark Anchor Magicline at 18st/10cm - cast-on four stitches and knit the cutest little bucket hat you ever did see - top down baby!! I stayed up until 1:30 until the last cast-off and then decided I didn't like the way the increases looked and ripped out the brim. The Irishman couldn't bear to watch. I'll re-knit today and hopefully have pictures soon. The colourway is great - it looks like I'm wearing rainbow sherbert on my head!! Yea me :D
I love bob hats ! Are you going to show us your new haircut, or will we have to wait until you have knitted a new hat ?
Love those buckets! And can't wait to see your new cut.
That's IT, you eveeel temptress. I'm giving in, and knitting a bucket hat. I can't stand it anymore, the pressure!! When I leave work this a.m. I will go dutifully to my LYS! Hooray, new project!!!! (p.s. becky - thanks for commenting on my site ;-) it's nice to be visited!)
The bucket hats I can resist - I have a huuuge head which looks dramatically huuger when wearing hats, but I'm afraid my resolve concerning Audrey is crumbling. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I'm looking forward to pictures of your new 'do! And French hairstylists sporting piercings - sweet lord, what is the world coming to?
Gonna start my bucket hat soon, just as soon as I get really really bored with the strappy tank (projection: 3pm this afternoon). Can't wait to see your new do!
Started my bucket for my daughter this week. Only been able to do a row of the brim at a time, though, it's rough keeping all of those stitches on the needles! So my hands are a bit sore (which is unusual for me...I love cotton yarn!). I hope to have the brim done this weekend.
I finished my bucket! I solved my brim problem by very lightly starting the entire hat. I wore it to the grocery store yesterday and the brim stayed nicely off my forehead the entire time. I am also almost finished with a second bucket for my mom for mother's day, I left if off of my website because she reads it, but hopefully there will be another photo of it after she gets it. Don't know how she'll feel about modeling it though...
I love the way Rachel E showed her hat. I have been having a blast reading and seeing pictures of everyone that went to the MS&WF. I am starting on a little yellow hat for my niece.
Hey, I just got bobbed!!! Unfortunately, my hat is a tad big & floppy so when I put it on over my oh-so-fashionable bob, it pretty much looks like I've got a doily on my head! I'm bringing it over to my friend tonight to see if it fits better on her head. Those "bob hats" are pretty cool! Very flapper girl...also kinda reminds me of a bobbie (British slang for police officers?). Anyway, I'm going to start on my 2nd and smaller bucket this weekend. Hopefully, this one will stand up on its own.
My first hat turned out a bit big and a bit floppy, but it still works. I'm going to do a blue one next (seriously, all I want to knit are these bottoms-up hats! So fast, so easy, and so cute!), and I think I'll take it down a size to see what happens. My sunshiney hat will make its public debut tomorrow when I wear it to a baseball game. It will protect me from the sun, in addition to being cute and stylish!
I am with you on the bobs. Silky straight hair does better. I love the ad - very vintage!! Enjoy the beautiful spring! But you do need a bucket to show off the bob and bebop around in! What are you knitting for the little one now?
Love that ad "And those wanting small headsizes" Hee Hee. I would love a bob... my hair is rather wavy and curley and thick. I wonder if it would make the bucket hats look better....
A Little tip for knitting the bucket brim....well maybe. Sit upright (think "Victorian lady")! and let your shoulders do some of the work. Hunch over the work if needs be, and keep the needle tips fairly close together. The brim is soon done and what a relief to drop down to a single strand!
Does knitting up the brim flat help any with the waviness? I didn't mind garter stitch in the round too much, but wondered if doing it flat would tighten things up a bit. I'm tempted to try another bucket and play a bit, trying the brim flat or maybe starting off with fewer stitches.
My second bucket hat ended up pointy :o( last time I try to finish something without the pattern right in front of me. Hopefully i will get to post pictures of me wearing it (and looking quite dorky) when I get my computer fixed. It does make a great car hat, though :o)
Looks like we're going to have some more finished hat photos to enjoy soon. I'm looking forward to it! Kathleen: I knew you'd get it figured out. Can't wait to see your sherbet-topped head :-) Linda: Nothing on the needles for my Captain Destructo right now, but I am considering a few cotton things for him soon. Heck, maybe even a bucket hat (even though he prefers his Mickey baseball cap!). Linda W.: That is an excellent tip. I think that knitting double strands of cotton is the toughest part of this project, and we tend to concentrate most of the knitting work on our hands and wrists. Good idea to put the rest of our arms into it! Kathy: I think that knitting the brim flat might tighten up the stitches for some knitters, especially those who purl loosely. I myself tend to purl cottons loosely, especially when I'm working on a short 14 inch circular needle. But I haven't had problems with wavy brims, maybe because of the yarns I've used. Casting on fewer stitches might help in that area.
Becky, color me DONE! Posted pix on my blog today (a day when it's too hot to actually wear a hat of fulled wool, but I love it anyway). I hope to knit a cotton one later on as well. Have a happy Mother's Day!
Yay! I managed all of the main body of my bucket hat while watching Rumsfeld's Senate testimony. Thank you so much for the constructive knit-a-long. I fear my hands may have been defenestrated something or other had they not been busy with the yarn. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the weekend. Looking forward to pictures of the bob!
WOW, are you a Gemini like me? or is it because we spoke about this the other day. On Thursday I was fed up with my layerd locks that didn't look too good anyway and I went and got my self a bob also. I tried out a new hair dresser, I'm quite happy. I'll post a picture on my blog shortly. I love the hats Allison made her twin boys, they look so cute in them, I think I will need to join this knit along, perhaps next month after pay day and make my son one. I know I will have lot's of cotton tots left over from my current project so I'll just use that.
Well, I've finished two hats this week. :) I'm having fun with this pattern! The first one I finished was for my daughter, in pink sugar babies, kindly sent to me by a friend in the US, and today I finished one for myself in Cottontots, which I really liked! The Sugar Babies one went a bit pointy for me too, but it blocked out fine. Now I'm going to start another one for my daughter in Cottontots :)
Lots of great bucket hats! I've had my eye on a felted cloche from Knit One, Felt Two. It's really cute! I bet you'd look wonderful in it :)
Everywhere I go, people agree: You rock, and we love your child so much. I've had multiple conversations over beer with knit-bloggers about your and your son's beauty. Were your ears burning? Missed you on this trip. Maybe the next one? :)
I HATE my bucket! It is so floppy that it looks ridiculous, and I must have frogged it 8 million times: too big, too small...I will try the starch--blocking didn't help at all. :(
Back in my day...our bobs were pixie's :o) I love a cloche, don't you?
Thanks for visiting me! I am a regular here...I love the occasional pictures from France, and of course! the occasional pink knit! :) Can't wait to see the new do! Bobs are great and easy to maintain! I personally am sporting a "layered bob" Love it! :) Heather
Ah, another Bob Girl! I have worn a bob for about the last I-dunno-how-many years, in different lengths . . . occasionally I stray from the style, but I almost always go back to it. Went to my Hair Guy on Friday, and he said "Let's give you your chin-length bob back, I really like that on you". Yay! I don't know why, but a chin-length bob just feels SASSY!
I have finished 2 hats so far, just need to load up the pictures from one and get a picture of the 2nd hat on it's as to stay to comply with the rules and all :-D I won't use Kitchen Cotton ever again though...I blistered myself doing the top decreases the yarn was so stiff. Jumped right in and started the little hat with a different yarn and WOWZA! LOVE IT! Gonna need to make at least 4 more of these.
Woohoo! Done knitting my bottom's up. The fact that it's rather floppy makes me want to try it again, and to try the felted version for winter. To detract from the floopiness of the brim, I'm going to add some extra detail. Hopefully it will be done in time to get a picture of mom modeling it this weekend, but, if you read my blog, you KNOW how I am with deadlines.
one thing that i noticed regarding floppy brims & aching hands... when i did the brim i didn't have any dpns of the smaller size needle, so i knit the whole hat on the same needle (#6)... this might have eased up the hand pain? and the brim wasn't floppy, i don't think. this yarn (cottonease from lion brand) also claims to be 17 st/inch on the label, so maybe that has something to do with it, since it was already being knit pretty tight. i am very excited to make another one after being inspired by everyone! :)