May 07, 2003

Send aspirin.

Ah, nothing like going to a playground packed full of screaming kids to get one's adrenaline pumping and a stress headache to end all stress headaches. Really, I have nothing against kids, but I don't like them when they're in groups of what seems like 2,000 and they're all yelling into my ear at about 150 decibels. So, I did a loser Mommy thing. I wimped out, left my husband to watch over my son while my son played, and sat in the car for ten minutes where I happily pulled some 5mm's out of my handbag and swatched some Rowan Calmer. (Think I was going to swatch at a crowded playground with a bunch of kids looking on? No, thank you.) And there is no air conditioning in the car! But I have one headache less and one swatch more.

As for my pretty cotton jacket, I had a slight episode of knitting madness when I decided to, oh, rip out all that I had done on the right front piece so I could start it over. Simply because I didn't like how my tension looked! (It's madness, I tell you.) As I was starting over anyway, I thought I'd just start the left front piece as well and do them both at the same time on the same circular needle. They're mirror images of each other and match the back, so doing them at the same time is just like doing the back piece split in half with two extra selvedges in the middle. I don't think I'm working faster but at least I can feel confident that these pieces will match up as my tension will be the same on both of them.

Don't you love my patriotic markers?

In other news, I'd like to give a public thank you to Robin S., who now has star status around here as she sent yours truly a glowing box of Girl Scout Thin Mints [!]. Really, cookies from home are just the motivation I need to get cracking with seaming Carolyn's sweater this weekend. And yes, I will eat them all my lonesome, greedy-gut self. Notify my dentist.

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I know exactly what you mean about the kids in the playground thing and I agree - its a dad thing. I mean what else would he have done with his time? If you had said to him "darling why dont I stay here while you go do something else for 10 mins" would he have managed anything so productive? No offence to dear hubby but I think the answer is probably no. (can you guess I'm trying to justify to myself why I persuaded Wayne to walk to the shop on his own with Brooke tonight instead of all 3 of us going? Small birthday bag, you will be seamed!!)
I don't think it is the loser-mommy-thing so much as mommy-needs-some-personal-time-to-center-herself... and it doesn't take two of you to watch your son... so why not? Every minute of personal time is worth a minute of packed-playground ten-fold! I love how the right and left panels look together! Ha cha cha!
we knitters need sanity, too. good for you for claiming some personal time for yourself (and your knitting!)
i have a headache too! but it's due to the two cokes, bag of cheetos, and mcdonald's i have had today while stressing over my french final and my global project at work! BLECH!! if only i were wearing a nice pink mohair sweater.... hee hee!! :) you rock girlfriend. and that white jacket is coming out so so lovely.
Don't say dentist! :) Enjoy the thin mints (somehow I missed the girl scout season this year). I hope they help you get through seaming. I should find me a little treat to help me seam up my husband's vest. Hmmm.... I mean, mmmm.....
Ah, just what I needed to read. Thanks for the words of support. Me? Feel guilty? Nah. Carolyn, your diet is a nutritionist's nightmare. McDo's will burn a hole in your stomach. Promise. (Good luck with your French final! Or, "merde pour l'examen", as they like to say here.) Alison, you have my sympathies. As cookies are probably something you don't want to eat right now, have a kir. Two, maybe. And happy seaming!
had a wonderful feel of the soft soft soft calmer at lys this week. mmmmmm
I couldn't part with my ONE box of thin mints this year. (We usually get three, what was hubby thinking?) Don't blame you on the playground scene at all. I'm particularly pathetic with the third child. I sit on a bench and say "go have fun." It's made her independent, which is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, didn't our mothers throw us out of the house for the ENTIRE day 30 years ago? That new sweater is to drool over. You ripped out? I've been contemplating ripping back 15 or so rows on Pearl. Seems I didn't do my purl increases the right way and I'm left with a couple of "decorative" holes. Woe.
I understand the whole Mint Thins thing. We can only get them in Canada at Christmas time. Seriously if I was not concerned about fitting in my pants I wold hoover them down by the caseload!

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