May 06, 2005

Popcorn Jacket, revisited.

Before anyone thinks that I've forgotten about my Popcorn Jacket...

We got front!, look at the whole thing.

With all the work I've been doing on my son's cotton jacket, I've still managed to tuck in a few rows on the pieces of my Popcorn Jacket here and there. I'm moving along much more quickly than I thought I would so I figured I'd better show some progress before it's all finished! The back is completed, and I've completed the right front piece (see that, too). Boy, knitting wool on 4.5mm's has been a BREAK from the ribbing and detailed finishing on the cotton jacket. Plus, I'm still getting a kick from the popcorn-like tufts created by the Phil Pompom. Looking at the knitted pieces from the side is a riot:

Knitted relief map.

Remember when you were a kid in school and would mix detergent and water to make relief maps? I get nostalgic for relief maps when I view the pieces of my Popcorn Jacket from the side. Thankfully, the Popcorn Jacket doesn't feel like a relief map or I'd be in trouble when wearing it.

And since I'm close to finishing current projects, I might as well 'fess up about swatching for a new project, already. Such an eager knitter:

GGH Scarlett in shade 015.

This, my friends, is the swatch for the Rebecca cardi (Pattern 38) in Rebecca 29. Sometimes I like to start with sleeves instead of swatching but this time I decided to be a good girl and swatch for this one because i) the cardi is knit in one piece from the bottom up so starting with a sleeve is kinda hard; ii) I've never worked with this cotton before; and iii) it's a cable pattern with about 20 cm of ribbing before the cable pattern even starts, and do we really want to frog a cable pattern and 20 cm of ribbing if it turns out that I'm off gauge? And it's a good thing I swatched because I didn't get lucky with the gauge this time. My tension was too loose according to the gauge set in the pattern, so I'll be going down to size 3.25mm needles. (Incidentally, I'm using bamboo needles for this one. Addis are usually my needle of choice but Inox bamboo circs are my fave for slippery cottons: The yarn doesn't snag on the join [coughCRYSTALPALACEcough] and the points are sharper than addis, which makes knitting up finer gauge cottons a breeze for me.)

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loving the way the popcorn jacket is looking...and that's a great cardi pattern! does that shade have a little blue in it? it does on my monitor, and it's so pretty.
No wonder you are such a skinny rabbit. No one can keep up this pace of knitting!!! Oh the popcorn is going to look beautiful, I'm thinking of ordering the kit for myself!! The new Rebecca cardi is also a hit!! Can't wait to see you and Captain Destructo doing a dance!!!
No wonder you are such a skinny rabbit. No one can keep up this pace of knitting!!! Oh the popcorn is going to look beautiful, I'm thinking of ordering the kit for myself!! The new Rebecca cardi is also a hit!! Can't wait to see you and Captain Destructo doing a dance!!!
Thanks! I'm really looking forward to finishing the Popcorn Jacket; I've already bought myself a top to wear with it. How wacky am I? (Plus, it'll motivate me with the seaming.) This shade of GGH Scarlett is a very light blue with the teensiest hint of green. It is beautiful in person!
What are the odds...that cardigan is my favorite item in the latest Rebecca and the first thing on my list to knit from it. I love the color you chose. Also, I find it satisfying to know there is another knitter out there (and such an accomplished one at that) that seems to avoid swatching like I do.
Wow! That's a crazy popcorn jacket! I love it! But I really REALLY love the Rebecca cardi. that will be lovely. And at your current pace, I guess we'll get to see what it looks like by...oh, this time next week!
I'm glad you are back to your popcorn jacket. I have toyed wtih making it since I ordered the booklet months ago. You've helped me make up my mind. Bravo!
OH MY GOD! I love that cardigan and have been planning to make it for ages. The cables! the adorable ribbing! I can't wait to see yours. Are you using the yarn that it called for?
I'm glad to see you're getting going on the Rebecca cardi - I just bought some Cotton Glace to make that pattern, but I probably won't get started until a few months from now. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress and of course the bound-to-be-lovely finished product. Have fun!
The popcorn jacket is SO COOL. It's fun to get "different" yarns to play with! And the new project will be very pretty :)
Oooh, pretty new cardigan! I'm a sucker for cables. Apparently I am also a sucker for Rebecca - I was just looking back at your Jacke Apricot with unabashed lust. I might be ordering me a Rebecca 27 pretty soon! Can't wait to see the fab, fab Popcorn Jacket all seamed up and gracing your dancin' bod.
Yep, my relief map I made was of Sweden. Love that Rebecca cardi, and your progress on all these projects is amazing. I love it, it is so inspiring to see you whip through them. When you are done knitting your swatch do you wash or block it to see if your gauge changes? I don't, but read that some people do. ??
Popcorn jacket makes me want to defuzz it. The new swatch makes me want to knit along. Too bad I have too many other "knit alongs" I am currently doing. Besides, it would look better on a Skinny Rabbit than on my more "mature" figure. I switched from bamboo to Addis on my wool knitting last night, and before I knew it, I was done with the first skein. OK, 110 yds isn't that much, but leave me my fantasy.
That cardi pattern is too cute! And I love the popcorn jacket too. Fabulous fabulous fabulous! Have a good weekend, Becky!
Beautiful work, Becky! Can't wait to see the finished Popcorn Jacket!
you are zipping away on that popcorn jacket..Can't wait to see it!
i've been wanted to make the same cardi - now i'll get to see how it looks knit up on a proper person instead of an airbrushed model :-)
The popcorn jacket is very cute. I can't wait to see how it looks when it's finished. I really like the Rebecca cardigan, but think it's a bit out of my skill level for now. Maybe someday. Have a nice weekend.
That is a gorgeous cardi!! And I'm loving your popcorn jacket. Cannot wait to see that little project do some specialised rabbit dance moves.
Gosh I love that cardi. It will look great on you. Yes, do you wash your swatches? I know we *should* but I never have.... Have a great Mother's day weekend!
Wow, that sweater that you're planning to make is really lovely! I've wanted to knit some designs from Rebecca, but GGH seems to make it impossible to substitute their yarns.
You're knitting up quite the collection of Chanel-inspired jackets! This one promises to be another success. The Rebecca cardi looks lovely too--the color reminds me of my favorite color of DB Cathay.
I don't know; wearing a relief map cardi could be kinda fun... hee hee!!
Wow! Such wonderful progress on your popcorn jacket! I love it! I'll have to check out pictures of that cardi. Good for you to swatch (I have zero patience with that, so I respect you for doing it!). Oh, and I definitely want to see pictures of your dog sleeping in your knitting bag! I think you should post that! My kitties LOVE to sleep in or atop any bag... The problem is they will dig deep inside, so you have to watch what you leave around and make sure its nothing you want them laying on! Happy knitting!
The popcorn jacket looks like so much fun. You are the knittiest rabbit in the world.
I just found Rebecca 27 at my LYS and was all excited because I want the Apricot jacket so bad I can taste it. This cardi was one of my other favorites in the mag. I can't wait to see what it looks like once you've completed it, before I dive in myself.
Inox bamboo circs? Haven't tried them, but had given up on the (ahem) Crystal Palace circs I was given because the yarn always snags.......Thanks for the tip! :))
I have to confess that I never make swatches (I know I am a bad girl). Maybe that's why some of my works don't fit well... I am looking forward to see your popcorn Jacket! I have a similar yarn in orange and white ( not as nice as your black and white) and couldn't find anything appropriate for it. Maybe I should give it a try...
I smell popcorn now! You have such a fun and diverse range of yarn colors and textures.
I'm just finishing up the maroon backless halter top in the Scarlett. I never knit with cotton, but the Scarlett is fabulous. Enjoy!
Teehee! That knitted relief map made me giggle. I do remember those! The popcorn sweater is looking fab.
Way to go rabbit!! I'm cheerin' because I seem to be moving in your wake. Finished a reknit navy cardie from...2003? Whew! Blocking a cotton cap sleeve sweater from VK Spring/Summer 2005 (keeping fingers crossed on this one). Can't wait for that Popcorn Jacket though, hopefully the weather will hold for that one to debut. The Rebecca cardie, another cotton project? Oh, yeah it's spring now ain't it? I still say cotton it w-a-y hard on the fingers.
Yay! Love the popcorn, and I am soooo excited you are kniting that Rebecca cardigan. I can'wait to see how that progresses. I'm looking to start a different sweater from that booklet.....have fun, and a great weekend!
Aren't big needles a hoot? It seems like everything on the needles is DK weight, so I finally started a project in Rowan's Cotton Rope just for some gauge variety. (Besides. I really couldn't justify buying yet another pair of size 6 needles...) It's whipping along so fast it almost feels like I'm cheating. Cables and lace, so pretty! ( more new spring/summer projects for me!!)
I love the yarn you use for the popcorn jacket. As I said before, you are very good in picking the best designs! As for the cotton jacket, I have the same feeling too. I am working on Agnes (Rowan Mag 35) using cotton glace. If I didn't do the swatch, I would have ended up with a tiny jacket. To be honest, I never did swatch before I read your tips. Thanks Becky!
Looks great! I know you'll have it all done in no time. I love that Rebecca sweater too, but I'm convinced it's wrong for my body type. It's okay since there are so many other sweaters I loooove in that book. Happy knitting!
that relief map view is too cool and that rebecca cardi is a sure winner. i love one piece knit action. you'll have to give us an aerial view of that one being blocked. can't wait to see it.
Hee. I have to say that popcorn sweater makes me giggle. Which isn't a bad thing in a sweater. Can't wait to see it finished. The Rebecca cardi looks like it'll be perfect for you. It's very pretty. I am currently doing a cotton sweater in Katia's Ancla in Strawberry Coral and Papaya Coral for the new baby of a co-worker. I'm making a size four for her. The yarn's very thick and somewhat stringlike, but the resuling fabric is very soft and's seed-stitch. The sweater should be rather sweatshirt-like and nice to wear. I am hoping this sighting of the two Rabbit-projects means that there are dancing Captain Destructo pictures in the offing.
That cardi will be uber-great in that color!! And good girl for swatching! ;-)
The Rebecca cardi is among the designs in the mag that really jumped out at me. There are other ones I had considered doing but the construction of this one is what convinced me. Nothing like some different construction to make knitting more interesting :-) And yes! I definitely wash all my swatches just like I would the finished garment. I measure my swatch both before and after, so that I can take that into account while knitting.
Let the spring knitting begin!
WOW! I need this popcorn jacket! The Rebecca cardi is a beautiful pattern too but such a small gauge! Mais plus c'est fin, plus c'est joli!
Captain Destructo looks like he grew up about 4 years since the last jacket -- just something in the face... What a cutie!

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