May 04, 2002


I'm almost through knitting my ostrich! All that's lacking are his legs and eyes. But! He's got his wings and beak, at least (check the pictures to see how he looks right now as I peck this out).

Important thing I learned: When sewing a toy it's always better to stuff as you sew the seams. Not afterwards, otherwise the stuffing appears uneven and a bit lumpy. I also learned that one should never, ever overstuff because, well, it looks like crap. There's nothing more unattractive than being able to spot stuffing through big stitches (the ostrich was knit on size 5mm's) that are getting stretched even wider from too much stuffing.

If I can find some black felt this afternoon for his eyes, Ollie should be well on his way to full stuffed toydom by tonight.

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Cute! It's so cool to see this all getting put together.
Thanks, Nikki. It really was fun to make, in spite of all the assembly and sewing of seams involved. Argh.
I love projects like this - you are doing a really great job. I made a baby pig from Debbie Bliss' Toy Knits book years ago, and felt like it would never look like a pig. I was as excited as a little pig when I finished it and it did. Have you thought of embroidering the eyes on your ostrich, instead of sewing on pieces of felt?
Ooh, thanks for the advice! I hope to knit some toys soon.
Actually, I wanted to embroider the eyes initially, and the pattern does call for it. But on closer inspection of the photo, I noticed that the eyes were pasted on felt ones.'ve got me thinking, though. Embroidered eyes might look nicer. I think I'll try it.

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