May 02, 2007

Finally! I got some lace to show you today.

She never calls, she never writes...

Dear Silk Top with Lacey Center Panel and Frilly Edges (that look like pie crust, a.k.a. picot),

I hereby promise to knit at least one round on you every single evening before I go to bed. Maybe two or three rounds. Okay, we'll settle at three. Because if I continue at the rate I've been going, you're not going to be ready until, like, 2008 and that would be pretty crappy.

See you this evening during cocktail hour,

P.S. Give my love to the Cabled Jacket!

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Every time you post about picots, I get an intense craving for pie. Today it's really bad!
Yay, I squealed with excitement when I saw your post. Yup, I said the word squealed....the lace piecrust looks delicious, and it's great to get an update from you!
Ah! Lace! Picot! Piecrust...a logical progression , especially given that it is my lunchtime now.
Becky, you're too kind. Thanks for the b-day wish!!
I hear you! I haven't touched my frilly top since I finished the stockinette. I fell victim to the siren call of the MDK nightie, and I also have several designs on the needles that are calling to me. This will be a slow knit. But that's okay - it's a long summer and in LA summer lasts through fall....
Ooh, the lace is looking purdy!
You'll make it. Eventually!
Very pretty!
that is some damn fine lace. three rounds a night seems perfectly reasonable, right? :)
i think that's how my knits in progress feel about me too! here is to you finishing before 2008!!
yay! that's a great idea, promising to do a few rows before bedtime. although if it were me, a few would turn into "i just knitted half the night and i have to get up in 4 hours". pretty dangerous stuff, knitting....
I love it! All this talk about picots and lace...makes me want to try some...
You've gotten farther than I ever have on any lace project, LOL!
Oooh - lace and pie crust and picots, oh my!
I like the lace a lot, and I'm looking forward to see more of it.
It's looking good Becky! I hope you and the family are well!
Yeah, the bunny comes up for air! I love your sweater. Most cute...I hope school isn't too crazy and term will be done soon.
Ya know what? Despite the fact that it's mostly stockinette on wee-little-needles, the fact that that little bit of lace exists will make the knitting exciting. I know that when I have pieces like that, I can't stop for the day until I finish an entire repeat. Hopefully it'll work out for you that way as well! Good luch!
Simply love the lace.
It is such a pleasure to see your stitchwork. Gorgeous! Hope all is well.
One round at a time.
How many more weeks till school ends? Are you existing on caffeine? FIT is showcasing the 4th semester students' final designs. It's very exciting to look at the knit-wear projects - any chance of taking a peeps at your final works? Very much hope so!
I love it! You are so inspiring to me. That's the same way I get my reading in- 10 pages a night before bed- otherwise I get too busy, don't read, and forget what the book was about.
I can feel your pain (I think)...I don't knit monotonous rounds eagerly, either. That top is really gorgeous, though, and you know you'll be so proud when it's finally finished!
twitch twitch..picots hate me. I'll have to live through yours. gah..that black is so very. I need to knit me somthing in black soon. Love it! and the secret decoder stuff too...temptress
It is looking wonderful, I am excited to see the finished product!

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