March 30, 2005

I hereby present to you...

...the little number that's been occupying my knitting time.

A teeny sleeve. [Awwwwww!]
Slideshow! Slideshow!

A striped pullover with buttons on the shoulders and a matching hat using fingering wool and 3mm needles. This will be a gift for a baby boy born into the family last month. Even though he's a newborn, I decided to knit the sweater and hat in the 12-18 month size so he can wear them next winter. Don't you just love it when a baby grows into knits? Yeah. Me, too.

[Free French yarn plug: Both the sweater and hat are Tiboodoo kits, which are by the makers of Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or yarns. I bought these kits at my local Tiboodoo's boutique located on rue Paul Chevanard near Place des Terreaux. It used to be the dusty Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or yarn boutique I often visited, but they closed it down, renovated it and turned it into a posh Tiboodoo's boutique, where one can find classic layette pret-a-porter and knitting kits. End of free French yarn plug.]

There's not much I can say about this little pullover except:

1) It's knit on 3mm bamboos, which I enjoy. But did I really teach myself how to knit on 2.5mm-3mm needles? My second project was knit on 2.5mm and 3mm needles. How in the world I managed to finish it without accumulating cobwebs, I'll never know.

2) The stripes are fun until you do about 6 of them, and then you start to wish that the needles weren't so small.

3) The stripes are only 2 rows long. Cut and weave the ends? No thanks. Carry the yarns up the sides, please.

4) I've finished the back piece, the front piece, one sleeve (shown in the photo above) and began the second sleeve last night. If all continues to go smoothly I may just finish this by Friday, which is what I hope. We'll be heading to Vienne on Sunday to see the baby and, of course, give his parents the gift so Friday would be a good day to have everything finished. Say it with me now, friends: NO BONEHEAD KNITTING MOMENTS FROM HERE TO FRIDAY, SLAPPY.

I show you all my progress in a slideshow, of course. Pictures are fun.

In non-knitting news, I cannot resist sharing the peeps that landed in Lyon!

Peep peep!
Enjoying the view of la cité internationale.
(Long building in the background. Interpol is there, btw.)

A big thank you to my pal Mrs. Pilkington for making sure that yours truly would not be without peeps (and a whole lotta other goodies, including Reese's Eggs and the Knit to Fit book!) this Easter. Doesn't Mrs. Pilkington rock? Yeah. I think so, too.

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Funny Easter coincidence, a friend from Albuquerque sent me some peeps and I've spent the last few days taking photos of peeps in Grenoble (peep at the bookshop, peep in the mountains, peep at the theatre ...) Rhône-Alpes peep invasion ?
La layette c'est très mignon mais c'est vrai que ça peut être emm... en tout cas ça a permis de revoir une photo du capitaine quand il était encore moussaillon. Trop chou! friggin' CUTE! Unfortunately, the next round of babies in my family is arriving right when I'm getting married, and I'm afraid wedding knits have to take priority. Maybe I'll have time to catch up with the 12-18 month sizes. I'm loving those little stripes, even if they are a pain after a while!
I like small needles ... I like small needles and fine yarns ... yay!
I have to admit that when I first started reading your blog I thought you were bonkers for loving small needles. Now, I'm turning into somewhat of a convert! And by the way, I am blaming you and your cute Salina for my recent purchase of Felted Tweed! :)
What a cute little layette kit! Sure looks deceiving though...tiny baby stuff, tiny needles, super thin yarn= long hours! I love the stripes. I hate weaving in ends so I usually stay away from stripes. Is seaming a problem when you carry yarn up the sides? Sacre bleu, peeps in France!!!! Personally, I think they're scarry because I've seen them blown up in the microwave and sucked paper thin in a vaccuum. Traumatic childhood, I tell ya! DH just got me some of those pucker jelly beans. I'm disappointed to say they're not very sour. Pretty good, just not sour as in your face gets sucked in sour.
The Peep-in-France picture is a day-brightner. No, no, NO Slappy. No bonehead crap before Friday. The Rabbit has places to go, people to see.
I never knew that Peeps were migratory birds!
Wait ! Did you say that there was something new rue Paul Chenavard ? I really need to out more. It's spring : babies are popping everywhere ! I have to finish my third pair of baby booties and a cardigan (God bless cashmere and alpaga), but I may buy one of those kits : yours looks really cute
Becky - love the post! My cousin is making the same sweater for her son - it's just been taking her a bit one can kint as fast as you! (Yee haw!)
such a cute little layette kit, complete with buttons and all -- i gotta find me a similar one here in the u.s.. good point about knitting the bigger size. though it'd be so satisfying to give the gift and see the baby wear it that day, i'd much prefer knowing the baby can wear it for much longer by growing into it. i can't believe how fast babies grow! ;)
Oh! I love the baby stripes. Baby garments are the best place for getting to love intricate details you'd never attempt on a full-size garment. And for me, there about the only place I'll consider a cable. Mmmm, now off to drool over the Tiboodoo kits!
The peep looks very happy in the French sunshine! Adorable stripey sweater! :)
Tiny knitted items are so freakin' cute. Especially that striped piece you've got going on. And I might have to start calling my dogs Slappy because it makes me giggle.
It must be the season - I've been wanting to knit baby clothes, but my family is babied out, I'm afraid. I did knit a similar sweater (in 2 row blue and white stripes! :) around 2 months ago for DH's workmates new baby boy. I lurve babywear!
my peeps would be sooooo jealous if they hadn't been already eaten. that is an adorable little sweater! thanks for the tiboodoo tip.
I love your baby stripes. I think stripes are really, really nice (I'd probably knit stripes exclusively if I didn't go mad weaving in the ends). Of course, stripes where you can carry the yarn up the sides are the best kind of all!
In reading your post, I just realized something important and very startling. I forgot to get Peeps this year! I haven't had a single Peep!!!! Peepless!! Oh man, THIS is a true bonehead moment if ever there was one. Now your gift looks extra good to me...The baby sweater looks sweet too!
Aawww!! I'm doing baby knits too - for a new niece or nephew arriving soon in London. So fun!
Oh, gosh yes, the baby express. I sort of feel like anyone who has a baby in the second half of the year gets the "before the first birthday" rule of knitted gift delivery. Kind of like wedding gifts. Now, how this rule would affect the '06 babies...well, best not to go there. It makes my needles hurt. Something about those teeny knits though, isn't there? They suck you in, and then they just never end. Or almost never. (Yours will end on Friday. I'm sure of it.) Then the funny part is when you turn back to your size 5's (US) and feel like they're enormous, unwieldy things!
Baby stuff and peeps! I can't decide which one is sweeter.
NO BONEHEAD KNITTING MOMENTS FROM HERE TO FRIDAY, SLAPPY. (Well you did ask!) In a happy moment of skinny rabbit-sarah knitting karma I am also knitting stripey baby clothes. Nice! I'm knitting a pink/ecru hooded top which is at the finishing stages and will be followed by exactly the same garment in blue/ecru. 2 x 2 stripes with the yarn carried up the side... fabby! Good luck with yours!
Oh the cuteness that is a baby sweater! The kit looks adoreable too! I hope it goes quickly on those teeny needles :)
Someday you will have to send me a tutorial or post one here about carrying yarn up the side. I love the stripe, but hate the weaving. :) love stripes! I, myself with a bit of help from the Pixie, put down a peeps rebellion in my house, only they were innocent pink peeps bunnies...We lined them up and ate their ears first! Muhahahah! Glad to see you are showing your peep a nice view before you eat em!
I just cast off the second sleeve! I hope to block everything tonight when I get back from the gym so I can start sewing tomorrow afternoon. Saturday is going to be very busy so it's gotta be tomorrow. Thanks for the good vibes :-) I find carrying up the sides is easier than cutting and weaving. When it's a small gauge yarn like this, I don't mind the seam because the yarn is so fine it doesn't cause any bulk. I've never tried this with larger gauge yarns, though. One tip for those who've never carried yarn up the sides before: Don't pull the yarns tightly when you carry them up the side. It may cause the edge to pucker. P.S. I love Chicago Evelyn's "before the first birthday" rule of knitted gift delivery. I'm definitely adopting that rule permanently, especially since I've been waiting until the baby is born before even picking out a project. Works for me! Thanks, E.
Hi there! Wow, Salina looks great! And the baby sweater looks cute. I love knitting with 2,5 and 3mm needles for babies, it goes fast, and the fabric is so soft and delicate (and I'm doing lots of it this year, my two sisters and two of my cousins are having babies! so that adds up to four 2005 babies!) I love your pictures of Lyon. It's a city I really like (but I don't get to visit very often :-( ) And I was very interested about the american food store you mentioned in one of your previous entries. I must note down the adress somewhere! Hmmmm root beer, french mustard, hellmann's mayonaise, plain cheerios!!!
In theory, I like fine yarns and small needles. And I much prefer knitted items that have been made with above-described materials. But I'm just not sure I'd have the patience to work with them, myself. Someday, maybe. Plus, I suppose there is a vast difference between baby-sized clothes and clothes to fit a 6'1" chic... I think fine yarns and tiny needles would be ideal, however, for making little Peep accessories...Peep hats, Peep scarves, tiny little Peep boleros...
Peep peep! My CoPilot missed out on both those and the little marshmallow chocolate bunnies this year. I'll have to remember to have some shipped over next year -- Peeps in Copenhagen?! Ja! Jeg tror sa!
Is the sweater done in reverse stockinette, or is that just how you are showing all of the pieces? They are great colors, I'm a fan of not putting babies exclusively in "baby colors".
I've never had a peep - now I'll have to go see if I can find them after seeing them on so many blogs! Love the layette, it's adorable! I've got a few babies to knit for, and have gathered the neccessary supplies. Brittany Birch needles in short lengths and small sizes are proving to be perfect!
I'm new to your blog and am totally loving it (got here from Great site, and great knits! I just don't understand: small needles + fine yarns = many completed projects? And yet I've been reading the blog and not knitting this evening. Sigh. And are there pix of the Salina in its entirety or are my allergy meds kicking in?
You can do it. No bonehead bits. You are the master. It will be fabbo! I was contemplating a striped sweater on little needles with narrow stripes soon... hmmm, maybe now will change my mind!
I have yet to knit a baby sweater or anything babyfied. Now if someone I know would just get pregnant! That is going to be adorable!
I can't resist sharing this hilarious link about Peeps:
*puts drawing of fish on rabbit's back* Poisson d'Avril! Poisson d'Avril!
what a cute little stripey sweater. i'll have to try that carrying the yarn up the sides. ends just tire me out.
Awwwww and yeah people don't seem to stop having babies...check out my finished project gallery and you'll see what I mean, sheesh.

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