March 29, 2004

Hippity Hop!

Just how cool are these glasses???
Thank you, Silvia!

More surprise goodies in the mail: The lovely Silvia thoughtfully sent over some fun glasses with sheep and rabbits on them. They're so excellent I can hardly stand it, and I'm keeping them out on permanent display because they make me smile. Hippity Hop!

Knitting news: I finished the berry hat! Knit following Fiber Trends Berry Cute Hat pattern and using Cotton Fleece and Arabella Zodiac.

[Click me and I will give you another view.]

I gave this hat to my son's teacher for her one-year-old toddler to wear, but before I sent it to her I enlisted the help of my neighbor's baby to model it. The decreases for the crown are well-planned and do not interrupt the berry pattern in the slightest, so shaping remains neat all the way up to the top of the hat. The Cotton Fleece is a great yarn, to boot. All in all, a fun knit and even more fun to give as a gift. I've already cast on for a pumpkin hat with a stem, using the Fiber Trends Pumpkin Hat pattern [thanks, Patricia!] and some Cotton Fleece in orange [thanks Carolyn!]:

(This one will go to my neighbor's baby.)

On another note, there was some good knitting television on last night: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford ["No. Wire. Haaaangeeeeers!!!*"] The first time I saw that film I was about 11 or 12 and some of the scenes had such an impact on me I was able to re-enact them practically verbatim while watching the movie for the second time last night. But I had forgotten one scene that I couldn't help noting this particular time: Joan Crawford's character, Blanche, knitting while waiting for her crackpot sister Baby Jane to bring her meal. Ms. Crawford was knitting using straight metal needles and her right hand to hold the working yarn. Yep, Joan Crawford was a right-hand thrower. ["No. Continental. Kniiiittiiiiing!!!*"]

*Picture Faye Dunaway wearing white face cream and a totally over-the-top enraged expression as she screeches that phrase. And if you haven't a clue as to what I'm writing about, rent Mommy Dearest.

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Awwww!! That berry hat came out so cute!! I agree with you - little pumpkin of a neighbor deserves a cute hat all his own!! I used to have a roomate who would freak out if you hung any thing of hers on wire hangers - we would respond "Ok, Joan, calm down there". She preferred plastic - we prayed she'd leave us soon.
Becky, that hat is ADORABLE! Makes me wish I knew a little person I could knit for. Can't wait to see the pumpkin hat.
I really love these hats. They're so cute...Lucky babies!
Heh, every time I put our clothes away, I think "No. Wire. Haaanngers! No wire hangers EVER!" My husband does not find this nearly as amusing as I do!
What a cute hat!
That kid sure is a cutie patootie in the beautiful berry cap. I think I need to rent out that movie - I hate wire hangers (especially the cheap and nasty ones that come back with your drycleaning - ew!)
Those baby hats are great! What was Joan knitting? I'm a Joan and Bette fan, but I'm too much of a chicken to watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?!
If you like "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," try "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" - another v. creepy and well-done movie with an ageing Bette Davis.
Love the berry hat so much, I'm inspired to knit one for my nephew. I bought some Cotton Fleece in green and berry. So excited to knit it up, now I need the pattern. But, alas, I cannot start anything until the shawl is blocked.
Oooooooh, I love the berry hat! Even more on the kid than off, it makes me smile. Super job ;)
While looking at for some photographs of knitting I found several of Bette Davis knitting. The funniest is one where she is sitting next to her stand in, in matching outfits, and they are both knitting.
What a pretty berry hat! Lovely.
Very sweet hats, that baby looks adorable in the Berry hat! I've seen that film but AGES ago, too long ago to remember lines and knitting! I'll have to hire it someday and look out for the knitting.
Cute hat!! Gee, and I thought nothing could beat the strawberry hat. I loove knitting hats, they come off so quick and there are so many cute patterns - will have to try this one now. Not that I'm at all disappointed at the thought of buying more yarn *grin* Hope your weather is as nice as ours!
That berry hat is too cute. I don't think I have ever seen those little berry hats in such a deep and yummy purple. The color is great! That cotton fleece is wonderful! Those little berries are perfect for pickiní! And what cute glasses! Now I can't wait to see the pumpkin hat.
Awwww, what a cute baby! makes me miss my son who's at day care whilst I read your blog at work ;-) You do lovely knitting! Kewl, I'm a right had knitter my self, couldn't have it any other way. I didn't see Mummy Dearest, but this was mentioned on E! the other day, as one of the shocking moments in history when Joan Crawford addopted daughter came out with a book called "Mummy Dearest", turns out she wasn't...
Such pretty hats. They're so fun and bright. Can't help but love making little kids' heads look like fruit! :) You've got some lovely projects on the needles now. I keep coming back here just to look at the pictures again and again. It's better than browsing through my catalogs!
Fantastic hat! "Baby Jane" is coming up on my Netflix list, and I can't wait to see it. Saw "Mommy Dearest" in 7th grade at a slumber party (huh?). I use wire hangers. I use 'em all the time. 'Cept for really nice clothes.
I love, love, love the hats. Too bad they would looks SILLY on me, otherwise I would make one for myself. Wire hangers...hmmm, sorry Joan, I don't mind them so much.!! Go figure.
That hat is adorable. I can't wait to see the pumpkin hat when you are finished. Those glasses are the coolest. I would put them on display to if I was you. Way to cool.
I have those glasses, too! Actually, I have the entire set - bunny, cat, dog, cow, sheep, baby chick and something else, I can find them at World Market.
I have actually knitted a raspberry hat and the pumpkin hat. The later was given to my then two year old nephew, Riley. It has been his favorite and always reaches for it. Awww...that just warms my heart. His older brother,Grady, received a more grown up hat with a fair isle band and his choice of colors...royal blue (main color), rainbow variegated and silver. Out of desperation to get those colors to work with each other I added a little vanilla. It all worked somehow and both boys received lots of compliments where ever they went. People would ask the parents where they bought those hats. I always get a kick out of hearing that. :)
These hats are gorgeous! And, I also love the Easter sweater... Now, you have me looking at the sweater bumps trying to figure out if my tension if ok!
The berry hat is adorable! And talk about a blast from the past!! Whatever Happened to Baby Jane was probably the first really scary movie I ever saw; and who could forget about "NO WIRE HANGARS!" Too funny!!
Love the berrylicious hat. That yarn looks fabulous!! And the pumpkin, I'm sure, will be just as delectable. I love the hippity hop rabbit glass! Glasses with fun bright pics are just so much more fun than a plain glass any day. I've never seen any of these movies...I can't do scary or violent or disturbing. I'm just a wimp that way. But hey, I like wire hangers! Don't tell!
the berry hats are v. cute. but i always wonder whether kids think so as much as we do. you know -- like how my mom thought it was so cute to make me dress as a pumpkin for halloween when i was four. or as a tomato i think the year before or after there. "oh how cute" to her. "oh how annoying" to me. I feel the I of my adulthood would be far more likely to wear a berry hat than the I of my childhood.
Awwwww, what a cute berry baby neighbour!! Certainly deserves a widdle pumpkin hat of his own. You are sooooo nice, lol! I'm lucky enough to have a one-year old baby cousin, and now I know what else I am giving her for her birthday next month, since I did (of course) keep a copy, heehee.
Carolyn, dear. Perhaps we all should make adult size berry hats, then. For wear on days when we need cheering up. I am lusting after the sheepie glass. Baaaa.
How cute is that hat!!! A great gift! I can't wait to see the pumpkin...a picture of the two together would be adorable. I read Mommy Dearest when it first came out and to this day I think about the "no wire hangers" everytime I hang something in the closet (not on a wire hanger of course)!
Thanks, everyone! The berry hat was a success with my son's teacher. It fit her daughter perfectly and she said that her daughter likes to wear it even inside the house. (The baby who modeled it for me in the photo grinned at his reflection when he saw himself in the hat. Obviously, there are kids who love these kinds of things.) I agree with Claudia. I think everyone should knit a berry hat as a pick-me-up. I'm chuckling at your responses to my reference to Mommy Dearest. I remember watching Mommy Dearest in the theaters when it came out [my age is showing ;-)] and to this day, I cannot help doing an outrageous imitation of Faye Dunaway screeching "No Wire Haaaaaaaangeeers" whenever I see a wire hanger. It's one of those types of things that really stick on ya.
Inspired by you, I ordered and received my berry cute hat pattern in the mail a couple of days ago. Now, I'm waiting for the yarn. I can't wait to start. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll be able start it at Knit New York when I see Carolyn this weekend.
Your neighbor's baby in that hat is SO cute (shriek)!!! I just saw "Mommie Dearest" a few weeks ago and couldn't help but think that Faye Dunaway must have had great fun portraying such an over the top psychotic character!
Your neighbor's baby in that hat is SO cute (shriek)!!! I just saw "Mommie Dearest" a few weeks ago and couldn't help but think that Faye Dunaway must have had great fun portraying such an over the top psychotic character!
That hat is so cute, I think I might have to have a baby now, just so that I can knit one. :)
How funny! I just watched Straight Jacket with Joan Crawford, and she knits in that one, too. I also took note of the fact that she knits the way I do, and furiously (at least in that movie she does).
Where can I get a pattern for the berry hat? It is adorable, as is the pumpkin hat. I especially liked the picture of your neighbor's baby modelling it - he looked so happy!

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