March 29, 2003

Look, Ma! I did a swatch!

In one of my previous jobs, a great part of what I did consisted of negotiating transactions. Now I do it with my knitting as a (somewhat lame) means of remaining focused on certain projects. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Regardless, it's made knitting more fun for me. Recent thing I negotiated with myself? If I finished the sleeves of my son's raglan sweater in a timely and satisfactory fashion, I could swatch for a new project and begin work on one of the pieces. I did finish both sleeves in a satisfactory fashion - but only after I frogged part of the second sleeve a total of three times for no reason other than my gauge looked shot. And it was just straight stockinette stitch, which was a little discouraging. But eventually I finished, which means that I got to do this:

Cream-colored cotton yarn in a worsted weight, bamboo 5mm circs, and one of the busiest pattern charts I've ever followed. The above swatch shows only a portion of the entire stitch pattern, so I'm sure I'll be knitting this pretty jacket through May. Happy Spring!

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Oooh, it looks lovely! Looks like a pattern you have to pay close attention to though. But perhaps a load texture and cabling will keep you from obsessing about stockinette! ;)
Oh, oh, oh!! Love that texture. Suppose you won't be giving this one away? White?!? Are you SURE? *teehee*
so pretty! i love it! and seems that it would make a lovely scarf as well :)
*Very* pretty jacket. I'm jealous that you can wear cream....white-ish anything looks quite nasty on moi.
You make bargains with yourself, too? I thought I was the only one who did that... Let's see... "I can knit two rows on my socks if I get the outline done on the second chapter of my thesis..." that's the bargain I'm making with myself today! Of course, two rows will probably turn into 4, but who's counting! Since this is my first time commenting, I'd just like to say that I really enjoy reading your blog both for it's content and for your web-style, which I like very much.
I just read the Charlotte Observer article (on your right banner) and got so steaming mad! I wrote the author an email (her address is at the end of the article) to share with her my outrage and to politely request that she show more respect to the women who fought to give us choice about how we spend our time. Wow. (PS-that sweater you've started rocks!)
*Very* chic! What is the pattern? Laurel
Your swatch is looking good! It's nice to see the clear stitch definition that isn't really visible in the Phildar picture. Right now, this is my dream sweater!
This is a belated comment about the pimp sweater. I have some yarn nearly identical to the muppet pimp yarn, and after have read the saga, I can see this yarn as nothing else. Where can I get the pattern?
yay, you've decided! I really need to pick up the pace on my sis' top. I'm itching to make something new for myself!

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