March 28, 2007


On the shexy bustier.

Block my picots, ALREADY.

I don't usually like crochet edgings on knits, not at all. If an armhole or neck needs to be finished with an edging, I'd rather pick up and knit something on it, even if I just pick up one single row and then bind it off. But my one exception is the picot edging. Love that, love any excuse to use it. Probably because it reminds me of a pie crust.

I like pie. Cherry pie, or apple pie. A la mode. Vanilla ice cream.

Find your picot edgings here:

Crochet picot: Vogue Knitting. Picot cast-on: Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook.

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I love a picot edging myself! I've only done it once, but it was by far the most satisfying stitch I've knit in a while. I think LIFE should have a picot edging, in fact. Might make those dr's visits better, for instance, if we could give 'em a little picot trim.
You're almost there! I hope you have time to finish and block this shexyness soon!
Yup. Pie crust. Cute.
I love, love, love picot. I usually knit it by doing yarnovers on a turned hem (which obviously would not work here!), but I like the crochet picot edges as well. Yummy! (I think I'll go bake a pie...)
Looks great :) Can't wait to see the FO.
That picot edging is wonderful! Keep on going girl.
Pie crust? You are too funny!
I love picot edging too, and yours looks really neat! I wonder... is there a lot of difference between picot edging made by crochet and by knitting (picot bind-off)?
You know, before I discovered skinnyrabbit, I had never heard of Montse. And when you started quoting MS, I thought MS was a man. I do own my own copy now,thank you. ====================================== Note by Becky: The first time I heard of Montse Stanley I knew that she was a woman. Montse is short for Montserrat, which is a Catalan name. As a matter of fact, one of my best friends in highschool (whose parents were Catalan) is named Montserrat, and we used to call her Montse.
Yumm.... pie...
Ooooh! It's almost done. Can't wait to see the lovely shexiness....
i've never done a picot edging... and now, just because you've said pie (the magic word!) i need to try it :)
Hmm hmm! Looks good. Rather like a pie crust. More photos please!
mmmmmmm. Pie... I love pie. Interestingly, I love picot edges, too. They always seem to look great.
I have the same feelings about picot edging! I avoid crochet like the plague, but picot is so darn lovely!
I like picots, too, but I can never get them to lay properly. They always end up looking like bobbles.
I love this! Will definitely come back to see the finished thing! Nice colour too.
Wow, you should have heard the sound my jaw made when it hit the floor... Girl, you commented on my blog. You, my knitting and blogging idol! Thank you!!! One fine day I'll do a whole series of "wacky dance" FO shots, just for you. Picots look yummy! How does one block picots??? ===================================== Note by Becky: Hee hee! Your comment made me laugh. I'm holding you to the wacky dance shots! How do I block my picots? I tend to be a let's-make-it-quick blocker; no gazillion pins for me. For the picots I just placed on my ironing board and steamed using the iron. I never touch the iron to the fabric...just steam on a medium temperature setting. That's it!
Picot edging is my new fave thing too! i can't wait to see the finished bustier in some rabbit dancing action!
Pretty, pretty picots. I've never been all that good at picots, myself. But yours are perfect, of course. Looking forward to seeing the shexy bustier done!
The picot edge looks so pretty, just the thing to add a little spice to the bustier.
I can't be friends with people who prefer filling to the crust. More crusts, all the time! I figure they must have never had a good, homemade piecrust. ====================================== Note by Becky: LOL! So, so true!
The bustier looks good! I miss the cabled jacket though - are you still working on it? ======================================= Note by Becky: I've put it aside for now. I will pick it up again in the summer, though. I'm looking forward to my vacay then. I'll be catching up with lots of knits in progress!
I like the comparison of picot to pie crust. Personally, I like a little crochet now and again. I'm about to attempt seam-by-crochet on a baby blanket--I'll let you know how that goes.
I am excited to see the finished product! I knit a similar tank top (with picot edging and all) last summer, and enjoy it.
I thought Montse Stanley was a man, too! Like, a really uptight and prim, tall and thin guy with tiny little spectacles who was totally compulsive and spoke in a whiny, permanently annoyed voice. How surprised was I to see he was a she? Wot a relief! The shexiness is fab. Way to beat the odds--I think it's hard to be shexy in this particular craft. I find any sort of allure just about impossible when it comes to a handknit. All those naughty needles and saucy skeins usually amount to a big embarrassing ol' nonstarter. Ooky!
Boy, sounds like you have a lot coming up! Can't wait to see what designs you come up with!! yay!
the picot is gorgeous, and now i am totally thinking PIE.there is absolutely nothing like a good pie crust. hmmmmmm.....methinks this Easter weekend will have to include some. Happy Happy Easter!

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