March 27, 2006

Why, it's a finished Fluffy Halter!

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[What's that? The "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot? Oh, ALRIGHT.]
[This is a muscle tank with a really funky back. Wanna see?]

Details, details: Fluffy Halter from Phildar's SpecialTwenty 438 using Beaugency in Myrtille, a deep berry color. Summary of project in a few lines: Darn easy, darn quick. Lemme see...size 5.5mm needles, no sleeves, and no major finishing other than the big old turtleneck and the side seams (which were joined using mattress stitch). It was so mindless I should feel guilty! But I don't. Me like mindless knitting. Now how about some gratuitous whack dancing shots, just for the fun of it?

This is, hands down, one of the most frivolous things I've ever knit. Totally unnecessary and pretty trendy. AND I LIKE IT! It gives me a kick to pull these kinds of things off my knitting needles. So go for the frivolous knits if you feel the urge. Because I say so.

On another note, I have a BONUS for you:

One of the trains at the Parc de la TÍte d'Or.
[BONUS: Wanna see the train ride slideshow?]

Yesterday, after the Fluffy Halter photo shoot, we headed to the Parc de la TÍte d'Or so we could enjoy the warm spring weather we're currently having. (The Fluffy Halter stayed behind - the weather was too warm for it.) While at the park we decided to take a train ride and I took pictures like a camera happy tourist. Which means, of course, that there's a SLIDESHOW for you. Enjoy!

P.S. I almost forgot! I also knit the fingerless mitts that go with the Fluffy Halter. But, er....I still haven't seamed them. [Oops!] I'll do that when the cold weather hits again or when I feel like seaming. (Which is, oh, NEVER. Good thing it'll get cold again.)

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naughty! cute! giddy! you look so happy in it!
It's cute! Fluffy yarn definitely makes for a quick knit.
It's so nice to see the captain! He looks like he's growing up way too fast. (-: Great Halter! The undershirt is perfect!
wow - looks great! Cap'n is soooo handsome! PS I love LOVE LOOOOVE those jeans. *le sigh*
I love it! Tres chic!
Wow!! I love it!
So totally awesome! I especially like it over the sheer top! If anyone could convince me to knit a frivolous knit, it is you, dear rabbit! So fun!!
Oh man. Fluffy halter and Mary Poppins and a train and the Captain in sunglasses? What a cheerful post. :)
Very cute. Usually not something I would go for, but it is very cute. I didn't realize what the finished project actually looked like. And you're right, sometimes a frivolous knit is just the ticket! :-)
Very cute and so chic!
You did it again - another absolute beauty! Beautiful knitting! Thanks for sharing the train ride w. us too. Patiently awaiting the next knitted beauty....
Oh my! Very chic! And the Captain is lovely, as always. You are going to have problems with the girls when he grows up. Trust me.
You are too cute for words! I love the color of this one. Rock on, chickie! Tanya
Dude. That is a hot outfit. I'm thinking hubby likes this one.
What an adorable knit! Everyone needs a trendy knit.
Great, great, GREAT!
It's lovely! I love it with that sheer top. Fun stuff :)
Very fun! And excellent choice of shirt to layer under--glad you found something!
I used to have a sheer top like that for just such layering opportunities. I wonder whatever happened to it...hmmmm. Well, it's such a useful garment to have for fluffy halters and other sleeveless chic-ness. Supercool knit and also fun spring train ride! Too bad they couldn't be combined. Ah, well, maybe another time.
I knew you would find the perfect shirt to go underneath the Fluffy Halter! This is very sexy fashionable halter and can I have it now? Haaha You are too damn cute!
It's got the right, fluffy skinnyrabbit look. Great job. Do you plan on wearing it with the fingerless mitts all the time?
The halter looks great! Wouldn't it figure that it would warm up out the moment you finished? At least you can claim responsibility for any warm days now...
Woohoo! Fun, fluffy & Sexaaay - a perfect recipe for fabulousness. Hmmm - this one could be an incentive to lose that baby weight. . . Love the shots of the parc. I looooved the zoo there when I was little & Sunday afternoon picnics - oh the memories. I do recall being on the losing end of a battle for my sandwich with one of those swans. Thanks for the jog through memory lane (I'll have to pull out the photos - ok find them)
I want to knit every single thing you make! If only they would look half as gorgeous as they do on you. So lovely! and the color looks great on you too!
Ooo la la! That is an awesome halter! I was curious to see what you picked up to go under it. It's perfect. Very sexy!
That's such a cute top and I love the way it's paired with that see-thru shirt :)
Looks fantastic! What fun.
The Fluffy Halter is absolutely gorgeous Becky. I really enjoyed the shots of the Parc de la TÍte d'Or. Looks as if Captain Destructo enjoyed himself. The pooch is adorable!
fluffy is faboo - aren't you the daring damsel!
Cute pic's of the cap'n! That halter is fluffalicious!
This is just great! You really did find the perfect top to go under it. And a million thanks for the Parc-de-la-TÍte-d'Or-nostalgia!
I love this halter!! Both front and back are very sexy!!!
I love that! Where did you find the pattern book? I looked online for it and couldn't find it. I am now craving one for myself
Beautiful combination of color and sheer/no sheer! Berry-licious, my dear :)
Finally! Yay for fluffy halters and frivolous knits. And yay for trains and good weather! That park looks lovely. It's been too dreary around here for me to enjoy our local parks much, though I did just enjoy the train--I'm leaving you a note from Chicago right now. =) (Normally I'm in St. Louis, MO.)
Sexy Momma Rabbit! Only YOU could pull that off!! Or cast off? LOVE the sheer shirty thing under it, so v. Rowan!
Hi Becky, Your fluffy tank looks great...and I thing the purple is great on should wear it more often! It's always been my favorite colour, but lately I seem to have been gravitating more towards the earthy tones...why? Is that the trend these days or am I getting older? Perhaps you can find an answer for me in your design class. (I'm sure colour is a big part of that.) What a beautiful park! The train reminds me of the miniature train here in Stanley Park (in Vancouver, if you google it there are some beautiful pictures) but the scenery makes me think of Calgary (probably due to the lack of evergreens!). You should come for a visit!
Fluffy halter is darn cute! It looks cute with that meshy kind of material underneath. You should fine one (if you don't already have one) that are nude background and printed with funky designs over top then wear the halter. Super cute.
Excellent photos and what a cool train.
Love the fact that your always have a dancing moment when your "fini"! :) Nice halter! Very jealous of your spring... we're waiting still. :(
Wish I could pull off wearing something like that! I'm so stuck on seaming a raglan sleeved sweater. If you get a chance to visit my blog and advise me, I'd be forever grateful!
Looks great on you! Very chic with the sheer top - so cute!!
That halter looks like it is SO much fun to wear.
Great choice on the under shirt!! It looks perfect with that sassy halter!
Great fluffy halter for the fluffster herself! Again, you continue to amaze me with your fabulous knits and busy life. You. Complete. Me.
I love it Becky! Lovely color too :o)
Gorgeous!!!!! Is the past tense of knit, 'knit'? Was thinking maybe we could make it 'knat'? I just knat myself a fluffy halter neck shirt? Sounds a little odd but it could catch on? Mia
Thanks everyone for such kind compliments! I admit that I wasn't sure what the response would be because this tank is kinda funky. But it makes me happy to see that others like it as much as I do. Who has the coolest online knit buds? [High fives all around.] P.S. I LOVE those transparent shirts that Sil has mentioned. I think that Galliano for Dior made a see through t-shirt with tattoo-like prints all over it for his spring 2004 (?) collection. Wish I could get a knock-off of one of those! I'd so be wearing it.
It was Galliano for spring 2004: I want one of those shirts :-)
I was wondering what you would pair with this top. How perfect! You are sooooo on the right career path! Fashion is second nature for you! (It helps when you can be your own model too!)
I love it! I know what you mean about mindless knits, and they rule :) What a cool pattern!
very cute, very stylish! great photo shoot -- looks like so much fun,
Yeah! It looks great on you!
I just found your site through an Aundrey link and love it!! Your sense of humor is wonderful and your knitting is amazing! I love the fluffy tank and the Jenny shirt.
ever so stylish! love it with the sheer top underneath. (and what cute pics of the train!)
Awesome train photos! Hope your doing well, miss ya!
that is SO foxy! go becky go!
that is so HOT!! you are on fire!

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