March 25, 2010

One thing leads to another.

I don't know about you, but when I look at this box I think "DONUTS!" That's all that ran through my mind as I snapped the shot. My sweet tooth rules over my yarn fetishes.

[Plain are my favorite. No chocolate, no sprinkles, no glaze EVER...just plain. Followed by powdered. Mmmm, boy.]


Anyway, I'll be swatching one of these donuts tonight.

P.S. In other crafty news, those who follow me on twitter may have seen my tweet with a link to photos of Captain Destructo in his Mardi Gras costume that I made on the day before the carnival. For those who missed it, here's one of the photos.

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6 comments to this entry:

oh, man! i do follow you on twitter (as you know), but i did miss it. awesome!
Wow! He's grown so much. That costume is amazing :) Now...I can't wait to see what these donut-like skeins turn out to be.
Oooh! That yarn looks yummy! Can't wait to see what you are swatching for! The Captain is so handsome!
If you ever are in the Boston area, you will need to come to Donut King. I walk by their shop at night and can see them making donuts through the windows.
Why do no one else know the joy of a plain donut! BEST!
I LOVE the yarn, just found your site! I am off to look some more :)

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