March 25, 2005

What's this? Another finishing party?

This morning was a foggy, misty, chilly morning so I got to wear my PULL PONCHO. It was all about Ponchos in the Mist, my friends! I felt the need to share because it gives me a kick when an ideal weather moment occurs for wearing my knits.

And that is all.

Just kidding. There's more. I've been finishing up my Salina! Thankfully, without incident. I sincerely thought that after my severe case of bonehead-itis with my Kid Mohair cardi I'd have a couple of bonehead moments or, at least, a finishing stumbling block with Salina. Alas, Salina is a good girl. And that's why I am showing her moss stitch neckband bathing in its own ray of sunshine:

I'm a good girl.
And that's why I won't be pinned to the blocking board.

And because I'm on a roll, I knit the moss stitch cuffs and am on my way to sewing them:

Sunshine! 'Cause we behave, too.

Take note, Salina knitters! If you want to wear the sleeves the way the model wears them in Vintage Style, you will need to fold them up. Otherwise, they will reach slightly past your wrists. Which is a good length, but not the length shown as photographed. I like the way the model is wearing them so I am REVERSING the cuff seam so I can fold them up. And that's the end of my two cents re the Salina cuffs.

In other news, I've got a knitting confession: I am disappointed that I did not finish my son's ribbed jacket by Easter. Unfortunately, my finishing nightmare with my mohair cardi and the birth of all these babies in the family (yep, knitting some baby things - will show later) really slowed my knitting schedule down. So, my son will probably wear the Boyish Jacket I knit for him in fall or his store bought [GASP!] raincoat. Although, to be honest, I would have preferred that he wear the cotton ribbed jacket I'm knitting now. 'Tis okay. I will console myself by eating all these candies my Dad sent me. [Now he REALLY deserves a knitted vest.] Next year I will start my son's Easter knit earlier and I will try to avoid boneheaded moments with knits that might possibly cause my scheduled knitting time to slow up.

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Salina's such a beauty - I'm not usually a purple person, but I do love that tweedy goodness! Can't wait to see her on!
Nice! To Salina and the mohair cardi. I was looking forward seeing a real person wearing that cardi (as opposed the Phildar model) to get a real idea what it looks like on. It's all that and a bag of chips on you, but for me the trouble is, I had more of those chips than I should have ;-)
Salina is looking so good! How do you finish so many projects? I'm jealous!!
Ponchos in the mist *hehe* Oh my, I am totally hearing the Salina siren song... I love that yarn, I love that book, I love this pattern. Perhaps a Salina is in my future? I love the moss stitch! You are quite the finisher lately :) Have a good Easter weekend, Becky!
Go Becky! I can't wait to see the modelled shots of Salina. You seem to live such an ideal european life over there in France...*sigh*.... Can't wait for law school to end! Keep up the awesome knits and good luck with the easter sweater/jacket
That Salina is truly a lovely color. Thanks for reminder to buy Easter candy today...amazingly that had fallen off the shopping list...(I know, I must be ill!)
Love that poncho...makes me want to get on the poncho bandwagon, too. Can't wait to see the finished Salina!
Okay...Salina looks marvelous that I have ordered Rowan vintage style so that i can make one for myself!
It seems like a lot of the patterns you knit require separate knitted cuffs and bands-- what's the advantage? My knitterly curiosity is aroused. Your finishing work is always beautiful, so there must be a good reason for designing things this way! Thanks for sharing.
ag! such gorgeousness is to be expected of you...but each finished piece is always nice to look at. i love purple. i love moss stitch. i love salina! beautiful.
You know the picture of the Pulled Poncho in the pattern book wouldn't have attracted me to it, but your pics of the one knit by you look fabulous. It really turned out great.
ooo, I can't wait to see Salina when she's finished! I just got that book and love soooo many things in it! Happy Easter!
I really like the yarn you are using for Salina..I haven't seen the pattern, yet. I've been meaning to buy that book, though. Can't wait to see it done!
Can't wait for the Salina FO pictures! Maybe she'll have her debut on Easter??? BTW, do you each chocolate bunnies? You must have a long list of knits for you and your family since you're parting with the tweedy pink jacket yarns! I'm a sloooow knitter so family cannot ask me to knit for them if they have a deadline. Happy Easter!
Salina is coming out beautifully! I'm looking forward to see you modelling her. And the colour looks so beautiful in the sunshine. Remeber you wondered why the sweater was named Salina? There are surely a lot of other Salinas, but one Salina is a volcanic island north of Sicily (Thank yo Donna Leon for the tip in Wilful behaviour). Have you already decided on what pattern to use for your Dad's vest? I like the colour of the yarn. How is quiétude to knit with?
oooh...sunshiney knitting photos...Thanks! Ahhh, I needed that..we're going to have had 6 days of rain by sunday...I'm basking in Salina's light :) One more week...and I ordered the needles for may. hooohooohooo! happy easter, rabbit x/o
I have a question: why knit the cuffs seperately instead of knitting them with the sleeves? Seems it would be much easier
I'm really looking forward to seeing a finished Salina. She's looking so purty! I love that color. The best part of Easter...the CANDY & Chocolate!!!
Happy Easter Becky! I just love that purple tweed. I'm looking forward to seeing your 'stand still like a maniquin shot' because they always look better than the pictures in the Rowan books! I'm curious about how you decide on a pattern. You have such a good eye. What do you look for? I look at a lot of pictures with the patterns and don't see anything special that I'd want to make. Then I see your you make alterations to most patterns so they fit you better? It's too bad you've decided not to make The Chanel-inspired jacket. I think it's gorgeous and I would have loved to see it on you.
I'm such a sucker for tweed and of course LAPELS. Salina is going to be another great sweater! And what a nice dad to understand and feed a daughter's sweet tooth - I have one of those too.
Your knitting has slowed down? ;) Happy Easter to you and yours!
thanks for the tip re salina. i have clicked onto the fact that the cuffs had to be folded back and to compensate i am knitting my sleeves a tad longer. having long arms as a kid meant constant short sleeves - hence 3/4 length is something i avoid like the plague happy easter
Happy Easter Knitting Rabbit!! Aaah I'm sorry you are losing the Phildar, I was anxious to see the debut but alas!!! Salina is looking beautiful!!!
Happy Easter to my favorite rabbit! You just keep on finishing stuff 'cause I'm not. BTW, Sent you an email at mybluehouse about HBomb's package. Thanks so much
ponchos in the mist is cracking me up. salina is looking very, very good. so elegant. after fighting and fussing with phil eponge these last few days, i have even more respect for your careful, patient finishing. love, love, love the cuffs and neckband. happy Easter! p.s. your dad=very cool. a man of good taste, indeed!
Hooray for perfect sweater weather! I also meant to finish Easter sweaters for myself and my son. Just plain didn't happen this year. Maybe I can wear mine next year...
Does he still fit in to last year's Easter sweater? I loved that one! Looks like you have been quite productive in the knitting category - I'm jealous!
Hi Becky...Happy Easter! All your recent projects are really great! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I appreciate it!
STORE BOUGHT RAINCOAT!! (Say it ain't so!)
I have been lurking for a couple of months, drooling over all the loverly knits you make! I am just beginning but am learning so much from reading your adventures. You have excellente taste and, if I had more time, I'd just knit along with you...but I cannot keep up! The Kid Mohair was to die for...looked awesome!! I can't believe all the work you put into it. I would have tossed it back in the knit pile. Salina looks scrummy already. Can't wait to see it finished!! Christine
salina looks great and i have to say that IS a nice color (hee, hee) as always, i try to refrain from adding to my ever growing knit list, but watching this beauty come to life won't let me. maybe next fall/winter i'll have to give it a go. i too didn't make all of my easter knits. i was one bunny shy, but i hope to finish soon. must start seasonal knits earlier next time.
Gorgeous mulberry colour Becky, I like it a lot. Happy Easter to you and the boys and thank you for being the best hostess a gal could wish for :0)
I have knit for years now and my little sister has always given me the "Why knit when there are perfectly good sweaters in the store," line. Well, I actually think I convinced her to pick up needles after showing her your blog. . . specifically the fabulous fluffy fringy sweater you did around Christmas. My sis is quite the fashonsta, and she was really impressed. Thanks! We may have a convert!
Hi Becky, This is my first visit to your blog. Your Selina looks gorgeous! I love Rowan designs. I have the Calmer collection book on order and can't wait until it comes in. Can't wait to see the FO! atouria
What a beautiful colour! Heather, isn't it? I'm sure it will look good on you! Yeees, chocolat is a nice colour! ;) And a veeeery nice candy... Indeed!! I have a piece waiting for me right now... Byebye!
Salina is lookin' good! Can't wait to see her all finished up. I love when something just fits together perfectly...pain free finishing - who ever heard of such a thing? :-)
I didn't finish my child's Easter sweater either. :( I can't wait to Salina all finished. I considered knitting this sweater but thought the yarn felt too scratchy. How does the Felted Tweed feel after it's knitted up?
Thanks for the tip on the Salina cuff! The yarn and pattern are ready for whenever I am. It's either start that or the Rebecca Apricot Jacket! But first, I must finish the lacy "no ribbon-tie" cardi for my friend (who's currently at 33.5 hours in labor).
Salina looks fabulous. I have the yarn in that exact color to make Salina in my stash. You're making me antsy to get started! Thanks for the tip about the cuffs :)

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