March 23, 2006

Well, at least I finished it.

This morning I decided I wanted to debut my Fluffy Halter, so about 20 minutes before I was supposed to leave for school I picked it up, closed its remaining seam, weaved in all the ends in record time, and then thought, "YEAH! Now I can wear it today!". Which, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to do because all of the shirts I tried on with it looked weird; none of the colors I currently have work with it as I never wear purple. (I'm not wearing this halter unless it's layered, and that's that.) So! Looks like I'll be doing some clothes shopping this Saturday. I can't dawdle because the weather is improving and I don't want to stuff this in the closet until next fall. I'm gonna wear it this season, oh yes I am, even if it's just once. In the meantime, here's a picture of the Fluffy Halter still looking all lonely with no Rabbit to wear it:

I'm all finished! But where's the love? Wear me, already.

Dinner's a-calllin' so I have to call this entry. But I leave you with a picture of my mannequin Gigi wearing what I now call the "Jenny Shirt" in its less than half-finished, wrinkled state.

[Wanna zoom out on this shot? Sure you do.]

I'll be sewing the rest of the shirt* in school and turning it in immediately afterward, and tonight I'm working on the technical report that goes with it, complete with detailed step by step construction and scaled drawings of all pattern pieces. Fun, eh? No worries: I've got sugar to get me going. Thanks to a trade with thoughtful Chris I've got GIRL SCOUT cookies - 5 or 6 boxes of them - and I'm trying to exercise self control not to eat them all at once. Peanut butter sandwiches and thin mints! Be still, my cookie-loving heart.

*I will show photos of the finished shirt when I get it back in a few weeks. And I promise I won't forget.

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Clothes shopping is always welcome in my book. I can't wait to see the lovely fluffy halter. And the shirt looks great!
Your Jenny Shirt looks great, and I love the name you picked for your mannequin. Hooray for Girl Scout cookie season!
And the halter! Don't forget to show us the halter. With the new clothes! Never mind, can we all just come a live with you? Shopping, and knitting, and clothing design in France? Sounds like a book title to me...
Love the fluffy...and I hear you on the layering midriff of mine will show. hehe. love the Jenny shirt...sigh. how cool it is to make your own!
If the mannequin weren't currently being used, you could've done another stand-still like a mannequin shot like before, only finished. Poor lonely fluffy halter. The shirt is looking great! Mmm, Girl Scout cookies. You'd think with all the girls running around here selling them I would've gotten some already. Hmmph.
I haven't seen a Girl Scout yet. The usually hang out by the doors of store and this time of year they run wild on the street. Sigh... The shirt looks great, can't wait to see it all done!
Aw, gee, clothes shopping? How dreadful! (And yes, this should be read as dripping with sarcasm.) The Jenny shirt DOES look great. Making clothing--other than knitwear--has never been one of my strong points. And, Thin Mints? Excellent cookies--especially when their frozen!
The shirt is stunning, the detail perfect! I am looking forward to the finished piece.
I wonder what it's the fuss about those Girl Scout cookies... :)
What a lovely fabric for this shirt. So spring timie..... and we want the manequin shot with the halter, oh yes, and don't forget what you bought to go with it!
The Jenny shirt is looking quite smashing! Gigi is looking tres chic sporting her. Girl Scout cookies make a great school fuel. I find that Thin Mints are quite refreshing.
I forgot to ask if the Captain liked the candy. I am just glad they made it there without any theft along the way.
I was so afraid that I was going to miss out on Girl Scout cookies this year, but then I found some! I think I frightened the poor girl scout with my vehement YES!!! when she asked if I wanted to buy cookies. I also stock up on thin mints and tagalongs. This year I decided to try out the lemon ones though and woo, baby! I have a holy cookie trinity now! That fabric really compliments the design of that shirt. Can't wait to see the finished product!
The shirt looks beautiful in the muslin, it'll be fun to see it all finished :)the fluffy halter, too! A rabbit needs fluff. ;)
note to self: must track down and attach Girl Scout for SAMOAS... that shirt looks fabulous already. and i can't wait to see the fluffy halter with a new ensemble!
I've been away for spring break, and look what I've come back to!! My goodness, you busy rabbit, you! I can't wait to see the halter. If Gigi wasn't already modeling that fab shirt, she'd need to be modelling the halter. Enjoy the girl scout cookies! I like them frozen, myself. Have you ever tried TimTams?? MMmmmmmmmm............ BTW, remember that Phildar Ete I de-stashed from you last summer??? Well, I FINALLY cast on last nite...only did the ribbing, but considering how little knitting time I've had lately, that's huge.
I had a box of Samoa's here that only lasted 2 days. Ugh. I felt sick after eating them all but I couldn't help it. No self control here for cookies I only get once a year. I am glad I only had one box of them! The Jenny shirt looks good wrinkles and all!
Please keep showing us what you are doing at fashion school. It is absolutely amazing, YOu are a very talented lady. Mia
Oooh, Girl Scout Cookies....mmmmmmmm. I hope you got some Samoas! Your Jenny shirt is fab- the muslin was really nice and all, but your it looks much nicer in fabric with actual colors on it!
Your design is adorable - I love the tuck action going on - very sophisticated shaping...
A Jenny shirt?! Oh. my. goodness. I can't handle the publicity. ;-) Report writing = thin mints for sure. Ooh, my head hurts when I write a report...
I came across your site a few months ago and thought it was great. When the computer crashed, I lost the bookmark but now have found you again, thanks to Grumperina. :-) (and thanks to technology, it it saved somewhere more reliable than my hard drive) Really, I think your knits are great. I admire your ability to just design and knit, especially the Titania sweater. I have to get me some mohair...
The Jenny shirt is absolutely gorgeous!! I can't wait to see it finished. Mmmmmmm - Girl Scout cookies - must have thin mints. . .
Good to hear that you got yourself some GS cookie goodness! Your Jenny shirt is so pretty. I can't wait to see her done!
Fluffy halter looks like it's going to be gorgeous, based upon the shot of it sitting in a heap upon the table...maybe some light turquoise to go underneath? The blouse is adorable and I love that you put a pretty silk camisole underneath your dressform so she wouldn't be self conscious.
love the blouse! the fabric and the pattern are divine. and for those times when you don't have a cookie connection, here's a link to the most delicious thin mint recipe, enjoy.
I can't wait to see the fluffly halter on you with the proper layers. I love the color. I've been wanting to ask you something. Do you sew labels into your knitwear identifying you as the knitter?
The print on your shirt is really cute. Where do you find these things?! I vote with Leah above - I want to come live with you too!
Fabric unique et magnifique! (Excuse my frenlish:) The thin-mint recipe recommended by Jennifer previously IS SO TASTY. So refreshing and energized- like the latest 'Fluffa Fashion'! As chocolate is to mint, so is Fluffa's attractive blouse design to her fresh choice in fabric! Mmm...mmm...deee-licious;)
Can't wait to see the halter on you. Hope you find a shirt to go under it so that we can see it soon. The Jenny shirt is made with some lovely material!
love that halter color! and can't wait to see your finished top. you do everything so wonderfully!
I am LOVING Jenny shirt, how fantastic is that. I wish I could sew but alas that is something that just won't be happening!
That you are showing the shirt over a cami on a *mannequin* just makes me smile.
I love how Claudia and Sil noticed that I put a frou-frou cami on my mannequin :-) P.S. I'm bookmarking that thin mint recipe for when my GS cookie stock runs out!
You continue to amaze me. You are still my daily dose of fun. Good job on the shirt. (in my past life I used to teach sewing at the 9-12 levels) So, I'd give you an A!!!! Have a good day and happy sewing.
Becky, your shirt is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colors and the design. Ooo, I can tell you that a box of Thin Mints is 17 Weightwatcher points . . . a day for me. . . .or was that a roll of Thin Mints??
Long time lurker...I love this blog! You've been busy! I love the shirt so far. I thought I was a rare nerd for naming my mannequin! (Isabelle) And I am totally envious of your girl scout cookies.
So fabulous! I love the fabric. Thanks for remembering to post a pic later. :-)
That shirt is going to get a lot of wear, 'cause it's so funky!
Yum, those are my favourite the shirt...
I would order that shirt if I could. It is perfect! Aara

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