March 22, 2005

Finished Kid Mohair cardi, bagels and a fresque.

Going layered*, bay-bee!

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the BIG "Look, Ma! No hands" shot.]
[Wanna see another view and closeups?]

Project details: Kid Mohair cardi, pattern 4 from Phildar's Kid Mohair pattern leaflet 2005. I knit the 34/36 size, and used less than 5 skeins of Kid Mohair in Amande and 3 skeins of Sunset in Azur. And because the knitting gods are being kind to me after the torturous finishing nightmare I had with this cardi, Saturday was IDEAL Kid Mohair cardi weather so I was able to give the cardi a proper debut! I was planning on wearing the cardi for dinner out, but with perfect daytime cardi weather, my impatient self just couldn't wait until the evening to wear it. I wore it out to lunch, for a visit downtown, grocery shopping and then for a manicure. And here's a photo of the cardi acting like a tourist at la fresque des Lyonnais during its debut (with a BONUS of a mural slideshow!):

Where's Rabbit?

[Zoom in on part of the middle of the fresque!]
[You knew I was going to include a slideshow too, right?]

["I Love Lyon" footnote: La fresque des Lyonnais is found on the corner of quai St-Antoine and rue de la Martinière in the first arrondissement. The mural is on all sides of the building, and the side shown in the photo above has images of luminaries from and around Lyon. The higher you go up the fresque, the further you go back in time. Lyon is a literal gallery of trompe l'oeil murals; another one I've shown previously is le mur des canuts where I debuted my Phil Ruban cardi. End of "I Love Lyon" footnote.]

Things I did when I knit the cardi: Lemme see...tubular cast-on for the hem and cuffs. Shoulders were joined using backstitch. Sleeve and side seams were joined using mattress stitch. Front bands were also sewn using mattress stitch. The buttonhole was easy; while sewing the front band to the neck a space was left open for the button. That's it! But being the anal-retentive perfectionist that I am, I didn't weave in the ends where the buttonhole was located. I got a crochet hook and used the ends to create a slip stitch finish around the free edges of the buttonhole. Oh! And the button. I am so enamored with that button. I ordered it at my local Phildar boutique as it's the one called for in the pattern. It's pearly and shiny and the right shade of green and almost wafer-like in its thinness. And that's the end of my long run-on sentence because it's time for customary whack dance rabbit shots, where I RAWKED OUT with my sparkly cardi that makes me wannabe a rock star:

*I had initially planned on wearing the cardi with high-waisted tweed pants and a tucked-in blouse. But while window shopping a few weeks ago I saw the layered look for spring all over the shop window displays in Lyon: These little-nothing tops and camisoles worn long under short feminine cardis. When I saw this lacy camisole, I just had to get it so I could wear it this way under my Kid Mohair cardi and with what my husband calls my "rock star" jeans. After years of wearing stuffy lawyer attire, it gives me a kick to knit this kind of stuff and wear it any way I please. I love me a good trend.

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I love it!
The mohair cardigan is beautiful on you ! The pics are interesting. Thank you very much for sharing them with us. Happy knitting ! Eva
Ah, to be in France. Someday I'll get there, and now I know to stop in Lyon! That cardigan is fabulous, and I love it in the layered look. Rock on!
It's absolutely beautiful -- and I love the layered look you've got going on!
I like the sweater VERY much as well as the way you have chosen to wear it. How does the under (left?) side fasten?
Hi I love your cardi -looks great. I'm new to knitting myself but absolutely love it!! I have spent hours pouring over your blog marvelling at all your incredible projects. I hope to one day get beyond a scarf and attempt something as radical as a sweater! Thanks for sharing.
Thank you! And welcome to new visitors/commenters :-) I forgot to take and include a photo of the inside of the cardi. The pattern calls for the left side of the cardi to be fastened to the inside with a snap fastener, but I didn't like how it pulled on the cardi when closed so I bought some green fabric ribbon, sewed it to the inside left seam and tied it for closure. I have to admit that I'm loving this current layered look. When I get tired of wearing it like that I'll just wear the cardi with high waisted skirt or pants. Crossover cardis are so versatile!
i would sit up straight at every meal if i could wear a cardi that fab! the sleeve length, neckline and that button are just amazingly stylish and its just the perfect layering piece as you said. your cami is beautiful and i have to say you're rockin' my fav color too. love how those two shades dance together! gaw...geous!
woot! That is gorg. and just how I plan to wear my rebecca cardi over a lace trimmed white cami from the gap and some jeans. Also, you solved my rebecca cardi crisis with the idea to fasten the left side with some ribbon on the inside to stop bagginess.
Absolutely beautiful! Great color, fabulous shaped cardi (love the button too). Your work is always an inspiration (though I will think twice about using mohair after the hassle you had with the finishing). I love the layered look too......
Hey Madame Becky! The cardi is fabulous, and it looks so fresh and springy. I am so happy to hear that the knitting gods smiled down and gave you pretty weather to wear the cardi! The pictures are beautiful--thanks for the photo tour. Glad to hear about the versatility of the wrap cardigans... I just cast on for my Lucky Clover knitalong cardi this weekend :)
Fabulous - simply fabulous!!! I love the pale green tank underneath, the photos are so much fun and all of your hard work and "perfectionism" really paid off. Well done :-)
However you say SASSY in French! A little something green and girlie makes me feel like spring might eventually come to Philadelphia, too.
Trop beau, je ne peux m'empêcher de te féliciter... Tu es vraiment magnifique dans ton cache-coeur!!! Il te va à merveille...j'aime beaucoup la couleur et puis l'agencement avec la petite camisole et la fleur fera un malheur!!! Félicitation! :-)
Looks like it was definitely worth all the effort! Very springlike and fun. Mmmm... bagels....
The layered look with that wrap cardi is very sexy. Fashion tips and great knits from the rabbit. Merci!
Wow, Becky, you've really outdone yourself here. All that hard work totally paid off. That cardi is stunning - and it looks like it'd be equally at home with jeans or in the evening. (hooray for sparkle!) Verrrrrry nice. [I hear you on the layered look. Have been searching for the right thing to complement my rebecca cardi... once it's done, that is.]
Gorgeous! All that work really paid off. Lovely slideshow too!
I love your cardigan, and I love the layered look. I've been wearing layers a lot lately, and have been having fun with it.
Gorgeous! And the button is absolutely perfect. Such a clever rabbit. I love the french for cardigan(?)...cache-coeur...or is that the french for that particular style of cardi?
The finished cardigan is adorable. Turned out great. Lyon looks like a gorgeous city. Those murals are fantastic!
You make me smile! Wonderful knitting, writing, dancing...and sense of humor!
Adorable! That cardi is the perfect way to ring in the spring. Ohhh, la la! And the button - magnifique!
That cardi is gorgeous and you look fabulous in it! I was a little skeptical about the look, don't know if I can pull it off, but now I like it. Well done.
Tres magnifique! I totally love the "rawk out" shot...I howled at that one! hehe. That button looks terrific, it pulls it together very nicely...I really love the cardi...all that work paid off. I totally had this vision of you looking over your shoulder in horror as you tried to unvelcro your lovely cardi from the brick wall...eek! Everyone needs a pair of rock star jeans...pepe jeans? ;) Have a great one..and awesome job!
Oh là là! Plenty of shots from Lyon (with an "I Love Lyon"-comment!!!) AND a beautiful fluffy and sparkly cardi (worn on lovely lacey top), all in one single blog entry... You did it again, Becky!
Love the color! Such a versitile cardi.
Wow, it looks fantastic, Becky! You are so fabulous in that cardi. I love the layered look too -- Jacob's younger sister (she's 22) wears it all the time and she's gotten me into it as well. I'm glad the cardi turned out so well after the finishing nightmare! :) Those murals are freakin' awesome...
WOW! I love the look....and if I can find a fiber other than mohair to work with---I may have to emulate it! Hmm..perhaps angora? Thanks for the inspiration!
oooh... Pretty green sweater! I love how you paired it with the ruffled camisole... it is like a little bit of spring peeking out! That button is AWESOME. :)
Adorable. Be careful I don't steal it, it's just my color.
I love the layered look! I love the cardi! It's so pretty - that shade of green is so springy and happy. You look fabulous!
Oh, I nearly swooned with delight when I saw the closeup of your cardi. Absolutely beautiful and such lovely layering with your green top too :-) And the shots along the fresco were perfect! *end drool*
Well, not like we didn't KNOW it was going to look fabulous, but still nice to see the proof. Layered was definitely the way to go. My fuzzy green thing is layered over an XL t-shirt with an Edward Gorey illustration and the slogan "There's no such thing as too many books..." Funny how the effect is so different! Now, since your fans are not ones to let you rest on your laurels, inquiring minds want to know...what's next?
What a plum she is! Totally perfect for the first days of spring. And you make me want to visit France again, too! Paris in the spring? Bah. Lyon, baby!
Wowza! The cardi looks fantastic, as I knew it would. The headaches were all worth it - the front bands are impeccable. And I love the gauzy shirt you're wearing underneath it, by the way.
Fantabulous!!! Becky you are the GIRL!!! I love the closeup of the yarn, the colors are really gorgeous, and I spotted the little rabbit, could not miss the green cardi on the fresque!! : )
Fabulous, absolutely fabulous! And what a weather you have down there, we are still buroed in snow!
Very cute, Ms. Rabbit -- and an excellent color choice for you. Who can even tell that those front bands caused so many problems. It looks lovely and beautiful for spring!
I love it! And I would totally make it but it seems too difficult after all the trials and tribulations you went through. That cardi is so cute and so is the little number underneath. Very cute. I'm into very feminine clothes lately. The girlier the better.
I am in constant awe of the beautiful garments you make - this one is truly stunning. I am jealous jealous jealous.
hi :-) einfach wunderschön. ich liebe deinen blogg! many greetings from germany
I love the pics of Lyon, the family, and the cardi. And I know exactly what move you were doing from J.Lo's video, lol! Next time get a fan for the more dramatic effect. :)
Not only is the cardigan gorgeous, you look so hip and springy in your long layered tank! I love the mural...soooo cool! And that bread looks very real....makes me hungry just looking at it.
*gorgeous* cardigan! how inspirational! i feel like i should think about your lovely work when i feel lazy on finishing... my temptation is always to say, "oh, it's fine, i don't feel like ripping it out to do it again," and i'm always eager to wear it! then whatever i was shoddy on bugs me forever. :) your cardi is a great example of how taking some time in finishing gets you a garment that you love & looks great! love the layers, too... i need some little nothing floaty tops now. it is, after all, 78 degrees here in louisiana and little floaty tops are in order. :)
What a perfect cardi! It's beautiful and looks great on you. Love the photos.
Agreed with all above--yet another success! I love: 3/4 length sleeves, wafer pearl button, wonderful green color. Marvelous workfemmeship (as ever) and the camisole/layering is inspired! I so enjoy your blog--the beautiful knitting and your writing style and sense of humor!
It is freakin' gorgeous, and you totally look like a rockstar with your lovely celadon camisole!
I love the pictures of Lyon! I'm dreaming of visiting one day...those buildings are amazing! Thanks for sharing! The layering is all good! So cute! [Way to block that mohair into submission!] P.S. J.Lo ain't got nuthin' on the rabbit's whack dancing! Shake what your momma gave you!
Beautiful!! I love it layered w/ the little cami. The murals are breath taking. Love the shot of your pooch! lol The one of your son looking into the "bakery window" is just too sweet. :)
What a hip little sweater! I love those greens together. Great knitting as usual!!
beautiful as usual :). That mural is awesome!
Becky, it's gorgeous! The layered look suits you, and the colours are amazing. and thank you for the wonderful photographs! Definitely had a "you were there" feeling. :-) The Captain is adorable looking in that window, and the father/son pic just tugs at my heart.
Fluffa, once again, I am so amazed at the results of your work! If you hadn't posted previously about those tricky knitted bands, we would certainly never be able to tell by looking that they had ever given you any trouble. And I think that you made a good decision in choosing to order the button from Phildar; it matches perfectly! Thank you, too, for posting the pictures of the murals in Lyon! I hope to see them someday in person, but in the meantime, I can live vicariously through your camera lens! -Kathy- P.S. Call it what you will, but I think a certain "anal-retentive" streak pays off when it comes to the obsessive details of garment finishing--don't you? ;)
Oh. My. God. Beautiful, beautiful cardi.
JLo has nothing on Kid Mohair. It couldn't be any more rawkin' if it were Kid Rawk himself (although he wouldn't stick to a brick wall). Congrats!
Absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE the layered look. It's very hip. I've been looking around for some pretty camisoles to wear under some sweaters with no luck. I love it just as your wearing it!
Fabulous! And I love all the pictures. Good job. I'm glad you're happy with it after all the headache it put you through!
OOOH! I love this look (and the colors!) - the texture of the fur/mohair with the gentle drapey cami! Beautiful! Wonderful finishing!
The cardi looks great. Your attention to detail always pays off. It looks wonderful on you. The La fresque des Lyonnais is so phenomenal! I'll be in Lyon for about 10-14 days in October. Can't wait.
Cardi looks great and I love that top you're wearing underneath it too!
I'm loving the cardi and the fresque-o-rama. xoxo All that anal-ret....perfect finishing paid off. xoxo Kay
WOO HOO! I'm doing a dance for ya here. That cardi is the cutest. CD is cute as ever too. Lucky Rabbit!
Sparkarly-arkarly! Well done, Rabbit. And thanks for the Lygon pics - they are superb!
Bonjour! I'm a new commenter, thought I've been reading your lovely site for quite a while. I'm also a student of French, one who is fortunate enough to be working in Montpellier this summer. So I have a quick question for you: Is there a website (in either French or English) or some other resource, that would have listings of knit shops in France? Thank you so very much, both for the (potential)information, and for the inspiration provided by your amazing projects! Merci encoure une fois, ~Julia
Love the layering look and the cardi! Great job, as usual. Way to be persistent!
oh my. i've been waiting for the finished shots. it is gorgeous!!! thanks to you and your site, i have become a phildar freak. my parent's friends are living in france right now... and when i asked them to pick up some magazines for me... they told me after walking the streets in search of a yarn store they found a phildar store. so, i'm now up to drooling over 7 or 8 magazines, in dutch and french. :D oh, i dont know if you remember me but i was in search of the phil ruban tank and pattern. glad to say that i found the pattern (in dutch) and got the yarn. in the middle of it now, simple enough! i'm no longer allowed to buy any more yarn/mags until ive completed all my projects. *sigh*
I LOVE IT! Gorgeous yarn, awesome color, and a perfect pattern! :)
I wish I could think of another adjective that hasn't already been used by everyone else. Let's see...gorgeous is out, beautiful-out, fabulous, right out... What about resplenent? Yes, that's it. Your mohair cardi is absolutely resplendent. I'm so jealous. I want. By the way, I love that layered look with the long and flowy and the short and croppy. Tres chic.
This mohair cardi is absolutely fabulous and I can imagine the frustration of finishing on this one ;)
Beeooootiful! I do so adore that button. I just recently finished a kid mohair wrap type cardi and I must admit... that kid mohair stuff is so wearable! Yours has sparkle, though. Can you feel the envy? OK it's a bit far for envy to travel but the green is there, it is!
Thank you! I'm so glad that the color is getting some thumbs-up. This is the first green thing I've ever knit for myself! I also love this celadon drapey cami. My pictures don't pick it up but there are a few randomly placed transparent sequins. They're not noticeable but provide occasional sparkles that match with the sparkly in the cardi. Which, of course, adds to the wannabe rock star glamour :-)
Congrats ! It suits so well and it's so fashionable with the cami and "rock star" jeans. Le bleu et le vert sont vraiment tes couleurs. I'm sure you've been drawing looks (and I don't mean weird ones) while wearing it in Presqu'Ile... I'm still sweating on the neverending ribbed edge : maybe mine will be finished for next Christmas ;)
just gorgeous! I love the layered look. The little top you chose to go with the cardi is just perfect.
I do believe we have found a winner of the mommychic sweater!
Hi Becky, I read your blog all the time but don't think I've ever posted. This sweater came out so nicely. All your projects looks so professional. Seeing them always pushes me to learn a new technique and new way of finishing. Thanks!
It's FABOOOO!!! Becky, that cardi is absolutely GAH-geous! Love the color and that cami is divine; and the two together are beautiful. Love all the photos, too. (hello? I need a dictionary with all new superlatives when I come here because everything you make is way the best!) :) wynne
I love the mohair cardi. I love the shots of the fresque. When my friend lived in Lyon, she lived just down the street from it. I'm homesick for France now. Thank you for keeping my memories of Lyon alive. (You're so lucky!)
Gorgeous cardi -- looks great on, too. I too love the layered look. My sister will be visiting Lyon in a month or so - could you possibly e-mail me some reccomendations of where she should go to get me exotic french knitting stuff??? I would be forever grateful! Thanks!
So chic and very up to date - love the cardi. Thanks too for the photo journal of the fresco. How facinating and what fun it must be to see.
oooooooooooooh! looks fantastic! my apologies you had gone through that finishing nightmare.
you look amazing as always - and i love anything green, so of course i love the color! way to go! p.s. i waved at you when we flew over lyon on our way from rome to london. :)
Sooo cute! Love the color. Fabulous as usual!
Wowie! That is an amazing finished piece. I take back what I said about the button, the whole thang looks incredible. Love the dancing shots, Becky!
It's beautiful and looks lovely on you.
I was going to comment yesterday but I was speechless! That close up shot is really really cool. I totally bow down before your expertise. My idea of a pefect finish has just gone up a notch. Also, no less importantly, you look great in it! I'm not surprised you couldn't wait to wear it. Tequila next time!!
Well, that trend loves you back! Cutest you....
Hello! I love your cardi and your pictures of the fresque are gorgeous! Your so lucky to get to live in France!
It is a thing of beauty! And you know what they say about that... A thing of beauty is joy forever... too bad because I want the cardi when you're over it! =)
Wow! I just stumbled upon your blog and there, smack in the middle of it, is this gorgeous cardigan. You've quickly become one of my knitting heroes. I can't wait for what's next!
How cute are you in that cardi??? You are always so stylish. Great pics, fun to see some of France for us far away. The cardi was well worth the pain it put you through. ;-)
Beautiful cardi! I love it.
Once again you have made my day. We have just had a 12 inch snow storm and more is coming. You bring spring to me in the greatest way. Enjoying yourself. Thanks for the lastest fashion tips also. Seriously, I'm going to get looking for some new tops and a cropped cardi pattern to welcome in my spring. (It will arrive in another month or so!)
Well worth the aggravation you went through! You look adorable in that litle cardi!
Well, I just returned from holidays in Hawaii and couldn't wait to see the finished product when I got back! It is great, as usual! Though after so much sunshine, I can' believe I am knitting SWEATERS..!
I accidently put another email address than you usually see in the last comment... I have to start consolidating!
To be honest, it didn't really attract me on the pattern. But it looks great on you! I always want to do simple things like this!
Love that cardi on you! I saw the pattern, and thought, looks cute, but no inspiration as to what to wear it with came to me. However, I love love love the layered look you've put together. It's great! You just might motivate me out of my boxy, shapeless slump yet!
Just found your blog and love all the styles you choose to knit, especially this one. Do you think it would lose all its charm in a non-fluffly yarn? Thanks for sharing!

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