March 21, 2002

A crochet hook is your pal!

After knitting half the back of the sweater, I've got the diagram of the pattern memorized. Which is very good, because I can tell when I've mucked up. A crochet hook is your friend! When you realize that the stitch in which you're about to knit should be a purl one, but is actually a knit one because that's the way you [incorrectly] knit it in a previous row, there's no need to unravel the whole row to correct the mistake. Why lie? When I first started knitting that's what I'd do to fix a stitch that had been knit the wrong way because I didn't know any better. Instead of unraveling it all, simply pull the stitch off the needle, pull on it slightly so that it comes undone, use the crochet hook to redo the stitch as it should have been done and then place the stitch back on the left needle. Yay!

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All right!! Someone else who uses a crochet hook to 'fix' errant stitches rather than rip out whole rows! : )
As Mother says, when in doubt, crochet!
Since I knit and crochet I have a little list of pros and cons in my head...this little trick is definately a huge knitting can even go back several rows if you have to!...If you were crocheting, you would have to pull out the whole row (con!)!

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