March 20, 2006

Ah! My knitting so lonely!

I have been so busy with school work that my knitting has gone untouched FOR A WEEK. I'm surprised I didn't get all twitchy from the knitting withdrawal. But I do get twitchy when I see my poor, neglected Fluffy Halter with its pathetic half-finished seam:

This picture is to be viewed while listening to the song "I'm So Lonely."

I kid you not when I tell you that it's been sitting like that since last week. It's gathered dust, even. Yikes. I never feel guilty about my knitting projects, but this project is getting such second-rate quality time from me that I'm tempted to appease the finishing gods by laying out chocolate. (Which I'd eat, of course.) After this week things should calm down a bit, but right now I'm dedicating my time to school projects that are almost due, one of which is a big fashion illustration project that's keeping me up working late. Another big project that's keeping me busy is for pattern-drafting:

Hello! My name is Cruella Chemise en Toile.
I like to hog up Skinny Rabbit's Knitting Time.

It's a pleated shirt worked in MUSLIN and is the prototype of a pattern I made from draping on the dress form. I don't plan on showing my school projects here, but I'm showing this one because I just started construction of the actual shirt and for that I'm using this fabulous fashion fabric that my friend Jenny from High Energy Knits sent to me as a back-to-school gift last August. (And that is why Jenny is a golden goddess.) I can't wait to see how this shirt is going to look worked up in that snazzy material!

On another note, thanks to those who played my "Who Skinny Rabbit Thinks is Hunky Game". For the record, I've mentioned previously on this site that I've got crushes on [heart flutters madly] Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Josh Lucas (especially in Sweet Home Alabama, oh yeah), Alan Rickman, and Lex Luther from Smallville [!]. I've also given Owen Wilson and Ken Watanabe "rawr" shout outs. But double points go to those who said Keanu Reeves, because he's the "rawrest" of them all and is the one whose photos I'm using to stylize my fashion illustrations of men. I've never knit a pair of adult socks in my life, but I'd knit a pair of socks for Keanu anyday. On size 00mms. In ribbing, to boot. "And you can take that to the bank." [Which of my crushes said that line? In what movie? Come on, that's an easy one!]

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umm...johnny depp, right? i was just thinking 'what happened to fluffa? must be a busy week in fashion land' and then you posted!
I'm amazed that I don't know that one! No gold star for me... D:
I'm still here! Thanks for dropping in. Even when I've got no free time to go online or knit, I like keeping in touch with my online knit buds :-)
The pleated shirt is fantastic, Becky! And, BTW, I'll have to join you in your crush on Josh Lucas =)
G-d I love Johnny Depp...I remember getting a full color poster in my first ever Sassy Magazine...21 Jump Street He's delish...and now I must go google image him. argh! I love me a pirate! :) oh and the knitting looks great too...neglected but still fabby. ;)
Oh oh oh! I had to google image Keanu when I searched for photos of him, and I discovered that writing "keanu reeves wallpapers" gives renders big honkin' images in the search results. Must do that for Johnny. And Josh, too. Hubba hubba.
I'm completely with you on the crush on Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama. I couldn't take my eyes off him!! He reminded me so much of Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. SEXAY!
I love those pleats! But better you than me, my dear.
Oh, how I appreciate the fact that you noticed those pleats (called "plis nervurés" - and they are, let me tell you). They are! To drape on the mannequin using a gazillion pins. To measure and draw out on the muslin, and then flat on a pattern. TO SEW...oh gawd...the sewing. Sure you don't want to? :-)
That shirt is going to be so awesome! The pleating is so flattering (of course you already know that!). I don't know about you, but I am getting really sick of working with muslin! Something for me to get over :) I think this might have been a neglect your knitting week. Perhaps the knitting inspiration Gods went on vacation and took our free time with them!
Super pretty blouse! I kept looking to see if it was indeed muslin because it was so lovely. Nice work. Do they make you make the whole garment for all projects or did you just make the whole one to check your work?
Oooh, pintucks- you totally have mad sewing skillz! Too bad Cruella has to be a muslin (she is lovely!), but such is life, I guess. My fashion drawing man would be Jude Law... but I would never knit him socks since he cheated with the nanny. (Ok, maybe I'd knit him itchy ones, but that's it!)
Merci Sil! We don't have to make the whole garment in muslin for all projects. I'm glad I did it for this one, though, because I made modifications to the sleeve and pleat placement after I saw how they looked in muslin.
How super impressive you are with your new skilz!! Won't be long before we will all be googleing 'SkinnyRabbit Designs'. And please do share! I for one love to be inspired by your design work!
I'm glad to see why my favorite knitting Diva has not posted for so tortureously long! Beautiful blouse; you are truly gifted and stylin'. Personally I would love it if you posted pics of your school projects. What girl wouldn't wanna see your creativity and fashion sense? Thats why I peak at your site almost every day! Even if you don't post all of your school projects it would be neat to see your favorites. Also curious to see the skirt you made thats on display in your school. Yay to knitting, yay to sewing and yay to Fluffa! (...and yay for Johnny Depp!) he he..
You know, every post I read about your school projects makes me want to sign up for the fashion program at the art school near me. It looks so inspiring and that shirt is amazing. I hear so much about draping and I just can't figure, in my head, how the final piece works out with all the fabric grains going in the right direction and everything looking so nice and neat. All the good books on the topic seem to run around $90. Sheesh, might as well sign up for class. Anyway, really great stuff. I hope you DO post more pics from school projects.
I know I've heard that quote but I can't remember which movie it came from. Something tells me Alan Rickman said it, but I'm not positive. Oh, yeah and Ken Watanabe... Hot! The shirt you are designing looks fab, but I can imagine how much time all that pleating is going to take. Yikes!
This shirt will be so pretty in that fabric. Pity you won't or can't show more of your school projects, they are fascinating (for novices like me...)
What a fabulous shirt-even in plain muslin! Makes me want to learn to sew.
Hmm, I don't know who said that line either. I would enjoy seeing more pictures of your school projects too. Really pretty shirt. You are a talented lady!
Becky, Becky, Becky, you must stop! Living in Paris.... creative and fun studies... beautiful clothes...I can't stand it, I feel so dull and so green!
That is going to be a lovely blouse, although I personally would never have the patience for all those pleats! Will you post a picture of the finished blouse?
Whoa. That is a seriously awesome shirt. And Keanu sounds like a fabulous muse. :)
I'd like to second or third or fourth seeing more of your school projects if you don't mind showing them to us. The blouse looks lovely. Personally, I'm scared of anything that involves irrevokable shaping, like cutting into fabric, so it's a blast to see what you're up to.
No idea about the quote but the tucks are suppppperb!
Love the top. I fully expect to see your designs in the stores someday. By the by, I've met young Keanu, I was an extra in a movie he's got coming out in June w/ Sandra Bullock, and he is more gorgeous in person. Yummy good choice.
I like your shirt very much. I have never done any own pattern, but sewn a lot (when the kids were smaller I made almost all of their cloths, sewn and knitted) so I know about those pleats.
I love your site soooo much; it inspires me every time you post *anything*. I would like to vote for you posting your homework if you have the inclination. : )
if you're willing i'd love to see that shirt in that fabric. i think it's going to look lovely and have a fabulous flow to it. on a side note: i've heard some terrible stories about keanu. he was filming a movie several years back at my university. a couple of grad students were in the building so that they could answer any questions about either the building or physics should any of the actors or production crew have them. apparently keanu came up to one of them and asked, 'uh, where do you guys keep all your stuff? i don't see any lockers here.' remember, this is college. we have dorm rooms. (now sadly most of us did have lockers in the library, but not in the physics building or anything other than the one library.) --lindsey
Well that quote would be Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Right? Anyway, love the shirt (really really really), and think it'll look rad in that fabric. I kinda like the plain-ness of the muslin one too.
sob, no mention of Orlando Bloom...okay, I'll keep him ;-)Josh Lucas was scrumptious in that movie.
Beautiful shirt! I have a pleated shirt and I wear it all the time. It's very flattering. Funny how I find a pleated shirt so nice, but run and hide from pleated pants. I almost went with Keanu when I was deciding between Johnny and Keanu. Now that you say he was your choice, I can totally see it. Those hunky shoulders, that terrific height... I bet he looks good in everything. Don't wake me... I'm on Keanu-time....
Thanks for your interest! I won't show all of my school projects, but I will show one every once in a while. And if I sew something from a commercial pattern (although I don't have as much time for that as I'd like), I'll show it for fun. But it's still just about the knitting here :-) And Mags got the answer right. "You can take that to the bank" is Johnny Depp's line in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. P.S. How could I forget! I also think that Viggo and Orlando are very "rawr". Viggo probably more than Orlando, although Orlando does get extra points for making a blond wig look good in LOTR. Rawr! P.P.S. I'm so envious of honeylove for seeing Keanu in person. Wish he'd make a movie over here. Hee hee!
What a nicely tailored shirt! I can't believe Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson are brothers. They seem so different! I don't get the Keanu thing...Viggo is sooo sexy. Who's Alan Rickman?
Hi! I never post because, well, I'm not worthy, but I just wanted to let you know that Keanu is my secret boyfriend. I'm sorry, but it's true. Even though we have the same name and you are the better knitter, he has chosen me. =P
love le chemise. happy seaming :)
I have no idea about the movie quote, but then I'm always so bad about those things anyway. Keanu is definitely "rawr" material. The fabric looks great and I think your shirt will look wonderful in it. I would love to see your designs from fashion school, but understand you not showing them here. Good luck with your deadline!
Welcome back Fluffa! Beautiful job on the shirt you made while in school, kudos on the pintucks. You'll be styling with the white shirt underneath many of your knits you made too!
OMG, that shirt is fabulous. I adore it - those pleats. So cute. And the Fluffy Cardigan will have her day. Soon.
You're back! I hope we get to see what your shirt looks like as a finished project. I think it would be great to see your knitting and sewing projects. Keanu is in a new movie coming out, "A Scanner Darkly."
Josh LUCAS. I KNEW that. Shoot. ;-) So glad the fabric is coming in handy. I'm going to call you Fancy McCrazypleats from now on. You are the Master of your Sewing Universe!
Dear Becky, I am a patternmaker (& knitter) in NYC. I am fascinated with your schoolwork and would love to see more. I have been fortunate to work for some of NY's top designers, and of course have wondered what it would be like to work in Paris, or if it would even be a possibilty. If you would like to exchange information about training and job experiences in patternmaking, I would love to do so. Your talent with knitting, website design, and graphics is very impressive. I can't wait ot see what you do with your growing patternmaking knowledge. Thank you for a wonderful blog! Best regards, Gail
I know that this is an old post but I though I'd throw another hat into the ring (even though the Hunkiest Guy game is over). Working as an extra (3/30), I recently worked on ER and who do you think was playing a paramedic that day? John Stamos. It was a stormy night at ER and his hair was wet.... Let me tell you wet or dry he looked good (and tall). In case you don't know who he is (or maybe you do) he was a teen on Full House. Now full grown and handsome as ever (the women playing nurses went gaga over him that day). By the way this was their season finale episode. Love what you're doing with the shirt! Sew on! Whoops, knit on, too!

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