March 19, 2003

Blue on blue raglan, 2x2 ribbing and tubular cast-on. Oh my.

I haven't been able to dedicate as much time to knitting as I usual do, but over the last few evenings I've made nice progress with my son's raglan sweater, and have completed the back piece and am about to start armhole shaping on the front piece. I'm really enjoying knitting something on smaller needles again, even though the ribbing for the hem is done using 2.5mm needles. To add to the fun [as Gwen noticed] I did a tubular cast-on for double rib on this sweater, which is time-consuming. I don't always mention it, but I do a tubular cast-on for all garment pieces that begin with double or single rib, and do a matching bind-off for collars. I don't mind the extra effort as the edge looks neat, is elastic and doesn't become stretched out with use. There are several methods to do the tubular cast-on for double rib, and so far my favorite is the one described on page 79 of the Knitter's Handbook as the "stockinette stitch tubular cast-on". Most tubular cast-on methods for double rib show a slant, but of all the methods I've tried this one shows less of a slant, I think. And don't I sound fancy with all my knitting lingo?

In other (somewhat sad for me) knitting news, who wants the Muppet Pimp Coat? It's one of the nicest things I've made and I do love it, but today when I put it on I feared for the mohair trim on the sleeves and hem as my son ran up to me and tried to climb up into my lap several times. So it looks like this sweater is destined for the drawer of never worn garments, unless someone else who would be able to wear more often than I can would like to own it. I wish I could send it to my sister, but with the year round hot weather where she lives it would be almost cruel to send her such a warm fluffy sweater. It's size small, and fits 32/34 inch chest circumference. If you're interested, send me an e-mail and we'll discuss a trade.

Update: Wow! Thanks to all who showed an interest in my Muppet Pimp Coat. I've decided to send it to Alison Gresik, who will not only give it a good home, but is including an autographed copy of her book among the wonderful things she's sending me in return. [Thank you, Alison!]

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Oh Becky! My condolences on the loss of your Muppet Pimp Coat to the ravages of toddlerhood. I hereby instruct you to make something else for yourself asap. Me, I have to plan my wardrobe around my cat [more specifically, her abundant fluffy fur]. Samantha the cat is fawn-coloured, and her light hair shows up on anything dark and wooly. So I've pretty much dropped black and navy from my closet, unless the material is shiny like leather. Lord help me if I have to factor kids into the equation--I imagine light colours and kids don't mix too well. I'll be reduced to wearing dirt brown or wipeable vinyl.
I'm a small! And a 34! But you look waaaayyyyy smaller. I'm kind of concerned about the 32" end of it. I have broad shoulders and I don't feel comfortable if the seams aren't right at the shoulder or a little over. But, boy, it sure is tempting. I have a red and pink striped lambswool sweater that's been getting a lot of compliments this year. So I know I can wear the color. Hmmmmmmm. How SMALL are you? (lol) BTW, could you check your pattern stash (oh pretty please) for that Phildar pattern I posted today? I'm still droolin' over that one. There could be a lot of trading going on here . . . :)
i've been wondering which one of the tubular cast-ons you use!! i'm going to have to do some practicing on that one before i do the VK ribbed sweater!! :)
Oh my, giving away the muppet coat. Say it ain't so! The idea seems so sad to me (and it's not even my sweater/hard work!). Is there no time when you could wear it?
Oh I'd love that gorgeous pink jumper - how yummy....but alas...I am not the required shape! I would love to know what pattern it is? And the exact wool you've used? Fingers crossed that I can find the same stuff here in Australia!
Oh - how sad that you have to give up your Muppet coat. :( And it looked so snug in the photos. Make sure you get something equally fab in excahnge. (not that you wouldn't anyway!) And I love the Raglan sweater, its a great shade of blue. The decreases do just zoom by don't they, very satisfying to knit...
I cannot believe you are giving up that sweater! It looks absolutely fabulous on you. It would be worth it even if you could only wear it once or twice a year. But I guess you are a generous soul.
You -are- the knitting Queen.
I just adore the raglan sweater you knit for your son. I am in the process of knitting the 'Harry' turtleneck from Rowan's Pipsqueaks and was just lamenting all the stockinette st I've done (I'm 1/2 way through the back piece) and having second thoughts about my ability to follow through to the end of this project. Since I've started in a baby blue in Cascade 220, I think I'll do my sleeves in navy for contrast and also change the neck to a crew. Don't know if I can handle the side-to-side knitting for the striping, so maybe I'll just add some horizontal stripes near the shoulders for a more sport-ish, preppy, letterman sweater look. What do you think? Thanks for the idea! Now I'm excited to finish this piece and get on with the sleeves.

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