March 16, 2004

A finished poncho! Alert Tita! And clear your cache!

Why, it's a finished poncho. Giddy-ap!
[Click me and I will give you an expanded view.]
[The obligatory stand-still-like mannequin shot is here.]

Finished project! Poncho from Phildar's Spring Tendances 2003. Phil Ruban cotton ribbon yarn, color chocolat. It's definitely the yarn that makes the poncho as it is a simple design. Straight stockinette that only requires gradual increasing on nearly every row. Knit in two pieces joined at the shoulders. [A back view of the poncho is here.] The pattern originally called for 17 skeins of yarn but I used 15, as I felt that having fringe 15 inches in length might be hazardous. 5 inches seemed good, and even at that length look at how fringerrific the poncho is:

All this fringe makes me feel like a desperado.
(I even wore boots.)

This is the first poncho I've ever knit, and I must say: I love it! Before the week is out I'll be sending it to my little sister, but I miss it already and I only wore it for the pictures. What a fun thing it is to wear. If I can muster up the energy to work all that fringe again, I might make one for myself. (I'll think of Tita if I do.) Now, the customary dancing rabbit spycam shots:

P.S. Lovely greenery and western-style pebbled paths provided courtesy of the mini forest belonging to the apartment complex where I live. I think the neighbors have gotten accustomed to catching glimpses of me dancing around while wearing hand-knitted garments.

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Eeee! That has to be the most gorgeous poncho ever. You rock! :0)
I'm 100% with Ms. Amy. And I don't even like fringe! Fabulous Ms. Rabbit. I think you deserve one of your own. ... even if you have to knit it yourself.
What a great poncho. I guess your sister won't ever trade you for another. Love the shot with the faux "I bought them in France" cowboy boots. The pic is slick and the pinch, so clever. ;) bisou.
yee-ha!!! giddyup and get along little doggie! (as I recall, the model from the pattern wasn't wearing pants -- I suppose that would be too much for your apartment neighbors to stand!)
Wow definitely worth the wait for that extra ball! The fringe is amazing, and long enough I reckon. It looks like it has really good drape as well, which is great for swinging around! I bet you'll be sorry to see it go. Lucky sister! Also it looks even better with clothes underneath (haha not like the model), just like I knew it would!
What a gorgous poncho! Now I want one! Again, you've inspired me! Love it! love it!
Spectacular!!!! It’s so beautiful! Your sister is going to love it! I must say it is the prettiest poncho I have ever laid eyes on:) And it looks like you had a fabulous day - sun shining on glistening chocolate yarn!
Wow. It is so shiny and pretty and chocolaty...and how exciting that it is light and airy! You definitely need on for yourself! It looks ultra stylish on you....what a lucky sister! Great job! P.S. The dancing shots look SOOOO fun. Giddyap!!
How yummy are you? Makes we want to reach for my Lindt truffles just behind me. Beautiful.
wow that is gorgeous! I wish I was your sister. Now I want to make one of those too. I am sensing a trend...
How do you do it! The poncho is choclatey-liscious! I'm moving to France and thats final!
I just checked this morning hoping to see poncho pics, but no go. So glad I checked back! It's absolutely fabulous! Your sister is going to love it. That is the coolest poncho and I love that it's light. So many ponchos require so much yarn and end up being heavy, but that one looks really fun to wear! You look mahvelous, dahling!
ooohhhh...very nice! i want one. lucky sister! finished project...i have yet to finish one this year. i think your poncho is just the Rx to get me outta this slump...
Gorgeous. Simply GORGEOUS! Today is officially PONCHO LOVE DAY!
That's one fabby poncho!
Wha-ell pad-ner, that thars a mighty fan poncho yuh got thar. But it don't look lak yer wearin' yer hat. What ear ya, a city slicker?
It was well worth the wait to see those photos! I agree-- the yarn is what makes the poncho. Fringe-tastic! Hope your sister loves it.
Yeah! It's done! How B-U-T-I-FUUUUULLLLLL! What a lucky sister Tita has. I also purchased some yarn for a poncho project, but won't get to it until I've crossed a few other things off my list. Giddyap!
Having heart palpitations! How can you part with it? Send sis a gift certificate :-)
Oh! Oh! It's gorgeous. Jealous of your sister! I wanna be a cowboy.
That's one cool poncho of chocolatey goodness! Yee-har, grandpa!
Ooooo. Fring-a-rific! The fringy-ness is just right...longer would have been over the top, although then maybe you could have skipped the jeans. ;-) I'm especially fond of the toro shot. OLE!
Hi Becky, What a fabulous fringy poncho! That's a lot of knitting love! Give yourself a pat on the back for all that fringe...I think the model just needed longer fringe because she wasn't wearing any pants...I assume your sister will least in public!
Lucky sister! :D
I think that poncho would make Mr. Eastwood (and probably Mr. Wayne, too) blush! And after all this hard work, I believe you deserve one for yourself! Hiiiiiihah!
Absolutely gorgeous. I really, really love that poncho. What a great job you did!!!!
I check your webpage every day hoping for a new posting because I love your style of writing blog and your design sense and pictures. It's like reading a good story that you never want to have end. And I can't leave out that your taste and level of skill in knitting technique inspire me. As everyone else is saying, I think the poncho is absolutely beautiful. The most telling shot that puts the poncho in the best light is the one of you wearing it standing still--even then, the poncho seems to be shimmering and dancing. I also thought the modeled shot in the original _Phildar_ photo with the plastic-looking girl wearing nothing underneath--ill, gross--did nothing to inspire one to knit it. You read its potential, though, and turned it into a wonderful piece of fashion that has everyone coveting it.
Beautiful job, Becky! The chocolate colour is really luscious. The fringe looks longer than 5 cm to me, though -- did you mean 5 inches? In any case, fringeriffic, indeed!
Fantastic poncho. LOVE the boots... they are a sort of chic french version of the classic cowboy boot. I think the TORO shots really show up how much fun you were having wearing the poncho in all it's fringe-a-liscious glory!
Delicious !
Well worth waiting for that !!#$&% skein! Why is it always that last little thing that holds up the show? Bravissimo! You're sister is gonna love it!
Why Miss Becky you finished a poncho! I don't think ponchos are my cup of tea but I have to say it looks fabulous on you. Such a shame you have to ship it away:)
wow that is one mighty big poncho. i love my poncho...but i hardly ever wear it. it's too difficult to work out what to do with the purse situation! do you put it over your shoulder inside the poncho? outside the poncho? carry a "hand" bag instead of a "shoulder" bag? leave all belongings at home? nothing seems to work for me! :)
Your poncho is inspiring--especially all that fringe! It's spectacular. I love the dancing TORO! shots.
WOW! What an amzing gift for your little sis. You must have loads of patience to be able to take that on. Looks like it was heavy on the needles. I'm busy frogging and starting over, till I manage to get the right size for a baby cardigan.
Well, yee-haw!!! I love it, it's so swingy and it drapes nicely too. Beautiful!
What a gorgeous poncho! I cannot believe you made that....but I could say that for most of the stuff on your blog! I would go batty doing all much stockinette!! Thanks for the kind comments on the blog...I do feel much better about law school, life, etc. ;-)
Love it! Don't think I would be able to part with it to give it to my sister :) Lucky for me she would be knitting her own!
In a word--GORGEOUS! You are a mistress of style and good taste my friend.
Love that poncho! And I love dem boots. Wearing olive green (St. Patrick's Day!) suede Tony Llamas today myself.
Wowee! I hated ponchos until I saw this one!
Could that poncho look any better? Absolutely not! It's Goooorgeous. Yummy chocolate poncho! I am not a fan of fringe at least I wasn't a minute ago. I want to knit one. Just like that one with every bit of fringe. Love it!
love it! love it! love it! and I must have some of that yarn..I hope that I can find it in the USA
WOW! The poncho looks beautiful! I already knit a poncho this winter, but I suddenly feel like shopping for some ribbon yarn. Could a girl need 2 ponchos? Great job!
i love the chocolate color! this poncho is very cool and you have one lucky sister. I hope she will appreciate what a splendid gift this is!
OH MY GOD that is SO NEAT!!! Just dying over it. Said well with "yee-HAaaa!! *cracks whip*
Fly me to the moon and let me live among the stars! Wearing that FABULOUS poncho, please?! Just a stupedous job - excellent craftmanship and chic-o-tronic choice - please adopt me as your sister!
Thanks for such kind compliments, everyone! Yeeee-haw! :-) P.S. to Alison: You're right! I work in both metric and imperial, and get them mixed up now and again. The fringe is approx 5 inches in length (12 cm), and the pattern called for it to be approx 15 inches (30 cm) in length. Thanks for pointing that out. Will correct pronto, pardner.
Holy cow!! It's beeee-ooo-feee-ul!! Im gonna send the link to my niece - I have a feeling she will love it! Now I can't get that "Good, Bad and the Ugly" music outta my head, LOL!
Great poncho! Very very pretty....I bet that fringe took forever... I made a little toddler poncho a little while ago and I thought that fringe would never end!
Absolutely gorgeous! The yarn looks delicious! What a kick-ass poncho... the dancing shots where you're about to be airborne are stupendous. ;)
Ohmygawd! That is the most amazing looking poncho. You have a great eye for chic style. I wouldn't have thought of knitting a full poncho (a fringeless mini, yes) but that color, the drape, the fact that it is light weight and the super clean look of your work has inspired me. Your sister is one lucky chica!
This is my first time visiting your site and I love it. Like you, I learned to knit first in a foreign language before I learned in English. I learned in Schweizer-Deutsch - a Swiss form of german. That made for an interesting experience. Anyway, I have not been as prolific as you, but I love the poncho and especially all the cool stuff you have knitt for your son. This site is definitely going in my favorites!

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