March 16, 2003

Finished fuzzy!

As it is Sunday and I know that all the cool people visit my site after a busy weekend, I hereby present you with [drumroll, please] the screaming pink Muppet Pimp Coat! And can I add that even though this sweater isn't really my style I just love the way it came out? Wearing it makes me want to put on some high heeled boots and kick around like Natalie Cook of Charlie's Angels.

(It took three attempts to bind off the collar till I got it to a comfortable size, by the way. Yes, three attempts using three different-sized needles. Did I ever mention that the collar is 100% mohair? Ripping it out and redoing it was so fun and not at all time-consuming. Ahem.)

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Oooooooooooo. A coat that would make Miss Piggy proud. It looks like a lot of fun to wear. Have you walked the streets in it yet? Too bad you lost your head in that last snowboarding incident. ;)
very cool - i never used to think that red and pink looked good together until i had brooke and realised how cute the combination was. Now I know it looks just as good on adults clothes!
Lovely!!! It is you! Or at least it fits the headless body I see. BTW, postal service to France is soooo much better than to America! I still haven't got my package. Wah! Someone mentioned the increase time spent in customs as a possibility.
Wow ! Too,too cool ! It's turned wanderfully [o.k. ,I confess that I wasn't exactly sure...].I love the colour .I love the sleeves . Fabo !
I love how that sweater turned out! Can I ask what yarn you used? Was it Berocco Plush? I am working on a blanket made from it right now that looks very similar to that texture!
About time you finished a garment for yourself, don't you think?? Neat how the lust for a particular pattern or yarn [or an opinionated blog audience!] can lure you out of your clothing comfort zone. The sweater looks fantastic and I'm sure the mood lift is much appreciated!
it may not be your normal style...but i LOVE it. so fun. (and dude did you cut your hair?) it is definitely got both a muppet and a pimp aspect to it, but still looks very cheery and fun and just the thing to liven up a dull cold day (as i'm assuming it's also very warm). OK i've got to get my clothes out and lined up for the early morning rush. i really only have one more thing to say: where's your list?? :) hee hee hee....
Thanks for the PINK! So spring-y. The sweater looks fabulous will start a pink stampede now, just you watch.
hot DAMN that's cute! i'm back from austin now, but still no yarn package! boo! stoopid customs. hope you haven't started knitting without me!
Hi Becky! WOW! The fuzzy wuzzy sweater turned out great! Good job! Love that colour combination!
Wow! It looks wonderful on you. Did you decide to leave off the flower? I really like it the way it is. The flower would perhaps be too much. Brava! Another impeccable job!
Yay! Take that, winter blahs! I purged most of the pink from my wardrobe a few years ago, but I think it's time to start bringing it back.
Very beautiful!! I must confess I didn't know what to think of the yarn, because all I could imagine was that it would be hell to figure out a gauge, and block. But stitched together, it's very snazzy!!
Well, the collar sounds like TONS of fun and NOT AT ALL time-consuming or annoying, but I assure you it was worth it. It looks fabulous!!!!
Great sweater! I love the fit - especially the sleeves.
i love the colors! it looks fabulous!
it's absolutely lovely! makes me want to make mine already (however, by the time I finish this shirt for my sis, it's going to be way too hot for such a thing, so I guess it'll have to wait until we're closer to autumn).
Thanks for such kind comments! Your feedback never fails to encourage me :-) Jenn, I used Phildar Neige and Aurore, both yarns held together. It is very soft but Patricia is right - measuring for gauge purposes was a nightmare as stitch definition is nil. Alison, I wanted to try out the instructions you sent me and add the flower (at least to make the photos more amusing) but I ran out of the mohair. Besides, after having ripped out and bound off that collar three times I wasn't too eager to see any more mohair on the needles :-)
Love the fuzziness, although so much pink makes my teeth hurt! I hear you re: ripping out mohair.... I once ripped out an entire sweater knit in mohair with TWO strands of yarn.... ugh. Had to rip it all out and then separate both strands. Possibly one of the worst knitting experiences of my life, but then, the sweater looked awful on me and I'd spent $150 on the yarn (shudder)
I feel you on the stitch definition! It is hard enough with one fuzzy yarn, but with two fuzzy yarns...both the same colour family....PITA!:) It looks lovely nonetheless, and it is a great colour :)
Oh, and something someone from Knitlist told me once - to rip mohair, put it in the freezer for a few hours must stiffin it up? Sounds insane, but people say it works!
you will be the envy of every single member of code pink! but will you be allowed to wear it in france? i thought any color but black was against the law ;) can't wait to start mine. (haven't yet chosen a 2nd translation from all the spectacular pattern possibilities). losing the flower, i think, was a good route, as it was already femme enough w/ the color choice. cheers!
I loved this sweater so much that I got the Phildar catalog w/English translation for this pattern from a store in Canada. I live in the US. How can I get the yarn? I've looked everywhere online and can't find it. ~Thanks.

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